8-Bit Christmas

The parents' guide to what's in this movie. This '80s nostalgia tour might appeal more to parents than kids, but its goofy tale of childhood shenanigans is fun for most ages. Anyone with a connection to the 1980s will appreciate the references in 8-Bit Christmas, from first-generation video games to the Cabbage Patch Kid craze, slideshows, roller rinks, leg warmers, baseball cards, triumphant Footloose music, and teachers insisting the Dewey Decimal System will always be vital for finding information. A boy's ADD diagnosis is described as "extremely rare" and parents protest the dangers of video games. Younger viewers will probably enjoy the sarcastic tone a present-day kid takes about the past, but the naivete of the '80s scenes and the way the kids roam freely in packs and hatch wild plots completely out of view of adults could leave a lasting impression.

Nightbooks is a lesson in self-acceptance disguised as an adventure

“Nightbooks,” a novel written by J.A White, is a fairy tale thriller released in 2018 that is targeted towards children ages 8 to 12. The story has its fair share of suspense, mystery and themes that scarily reflect reality through believable characters. “Nightbooks” follows 12-year-old Alex Mosher, a boy with...
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Here's The First Trailer For HBO Max Holiday Comedy 8-Bit Christmas

With a never-ending stream of schmaltzy and endlessly watchable Hallmark-style holiday films becoming a staple in many a household in recent years, streamers and studios alike are responding with a fresh run of holiday movies of their own. Many of these releases have more or less followed the Hallmark template of fronting tales of holiday romance. Take, for example, the popular Netflix features "Holidate" and "The Princess Switch." Other entries have sought to put a fresh spin on the holiday film formula, like the "A Very Murray Christmas" special, Hulu's "Happiest Season," and "The Christmas Chronicles" duology starring Kurt Russell.
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Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry: “The dark forces have blessed this album.”

CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry on Lost Boys, John Carpenter, & The Cure’s Robert Smith. Lauren Mayberry catches up with Kyle Meredith to talk about Screen Violence, the new CHVRCHES album that finds the synthpop band using horror movies as a parallel to what was happening in their lives over the past few years. The Scottish artist discusses the darker side of fame that comes from the internet, explains the “kill your idols” lyric on Good Girls, and working with The Cure’s Robert Smith and director/musician John Carpenter. Mayberry also details their latest release, a cover of Cry Little Sister that originally came from the Lost Boys soundtrack, and recently released with the Netflix film Nightbooks.

Neil Patrick Harris Just Wants an NES for Christmas in ‘8-Bit Christmas’ Trailer

While Harris narrates the story in the present-day, Winslow Fegley (Nightbooks) plays the younger version of Jake back in 1987 (or 1988, Jake is an unreliable narrator). From the looks of things, it looks like it’s total anarchy amongst his friends as they all try to get the coveted Nintendo Entertainment System. There are even some quieter moments where Jake joins a contest where the first prize is an NES, tries to (unsuccessfully) sell Christmas wreaths to the locals, and even volunteers at a retirement home to feed the elderly. It kind of reminds me of a modern-day version of A Christmas Story, which isn’t a bad thing.

Neil Patrick Harris narrates a 1980s adventure for a NES in first trailer for HBO Max's '8-Bit Christmas'

If you’re a fan of 1983’s A Christmas Story, you’ll probably be down for 8-Bit Christmas, a Ralphie Parker-type film tailor made for the Stranger Things era. The movie, whose first trailer dropped online Thursday, stars Neil Patrick Harris as Jake Doyle, a grown man recounting his epic boyhood quest to become the owner of a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back in the late 1980s at the dawn of home gaming.
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What Jessica Jones Taught Krysten Ritter About Production And Preparing For Girl In the Woods

More and more these days, we’re seeing our favorite actors turn to behind-the-scenes roles and pick up producing and directing credits rather than solely sticking to being the star in front of the camera. Regina King, John Krasinski, Jordan Peele, and Brie Larson are just a few actors-turned-directors that come to mind. Jessica Jones’ Krysten Ritter joined that club in 2019 when she directed an episode of the Netflix series, and now she’s doing it on a larger scale with The Girl In The Woods.

Nightbooks (2021)

Alex, a boy obsessed with scary stories, is trapped by a witch in her modern, magical New York City apartment. His original hair-raising tales are the only thing keeping him safe as he desperately tries to find a way out of this twisted place. posted by brook horse (1 comment...

Bringing the beauty of Netflix’s Nightbooks to life with Leslie Sebert

Have you watched the new Halloween movie, Nightbooks, on Netflix yet? If you have, then you have seen the work of Leslie Sebert. Sebert was the Makeup Department Head for the movie and we had the opportunity to chat with her about her work on the project and how we can take inspiration from Nightbooks for our last-minute Halloween looks. And honestly, for many of us, it is as easy as using what we already have on hand.