This is what police in NJ consider distracted driving

Being 'distracted' is so much more than just texting while driving. These days, when you think 'distracted driving', you probably think that means texting while driving, or talking with your phone in your hand while driving. But, police in New Jersey consider a bunch of other activities being distractions behind the wheel.
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Nikola Recalls Tre BEV Electric Trucks: 93 Units

Nikola Corporation has to recall 2022 Nikola Tre electric semi trucks because the seat belt shoulder anchorage assembly may have been improperly installed. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a total of 93 vehicles, produced between November 5, 2021 and June 30, 2022, have been affected. All...
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Water Leak Could Cause The Mercedes-Benz C-Class To Catch Fire

Recent filings with the NHTSA indicate that Mercedes has a smoky new problem with the 2022 C-Class. In total, a recall has been issued for 6,700 C-Class models across the United States. The notice states that water can enter a section of the C's trunk in 2022 Mercedes models. From there, the moisture could enter into the "signal acquisition and actuation module," thus triggering a short circuit.
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Tesla says it will preempt "recall" with a software update pushed to affected vehicles

Tesla is not recalling almost 1.1 million vehicles because windows may close with excessive force and pinch a driver or passenger, according to a Tesla filing, which says the windows' automatic reversal system may not react correctly after detecting an obstruction. The Austin company's internal testing revealed the issue in August. Tesla filed a "Part 573 Safety Recall Report" with the NHTSA identifying the issues, outlining a "recall plan," and listing affected models and years, including "certain vehicles": Owner notification letters are expected to be mailed Nov. 15.

Was There Really a Huge Tesla Recall?

Was there a huge Tesla recall recently? What does this mean for Tesla? Is the word recall even correct? We'll cover all this now. There was recently news of 1.1 million Tesla's being recalled for a Window defect that would cause a Tesla window to put too much pressure on an obstructed finger or anything in the way of the window while it is going up.

50 Years Ago The NHTSA Tried To Make America’s Cars Ugly, But Cars Fought Back

Governments and their agencies love making life hard for automakers in the name of supposedly making life better for the rest of us. There are rules about sound and exhaust emissions, and, of course, laws about safety. And to keep engineers on their toes, those regulations are constantly changing. From...

Traffic Fatalities Drop Slightly in Q2 of 2022, First Reduction in Two Years

Government figures for traffic fatalities show a higher number in the first half of 2022 than in 2021, but that’s not the whole story. After seven quarters of continued growth, traffic fatalities dropped in the second quarter of 2022. To bring about Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s call to prevent...