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The Eagles are going to win this terrible NFC East, aren’t they?

The Philadelphia Eagles are 1-4-1. They’re a bad and very injured football team. And yet they’re totally going win the NFC East. It sure feels that way after watching the Dallas Cowboys get blown out by the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football. A look at the updated division standings:
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The Giants’ sudden turnaround has changed everything

Jabrill Peppers has experienced both the agonizing slog toward a winless season and the juice created by big games. It’s the short four-day turnaround between the two ends of the spectrum that’s new. Had Peppers not helped break up a pass on a two-point conversion attempt in the final minute...
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Cowboys players anonymously rip Mike McCarthy’s coaching staff

The Mike McCarthy era is off to a great start in Dallas. Great if you’re not a Cowboys fan, that is. Otherwise, kinda bad!. The Cowboys’ defense is allowing the most points in the NFL. The offensive outlook is troubled with Dak Prescott out for the year. The Cowboys are 2-4 after getting blown out on Monday Night Football.
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Jerry Jones: NFC East is “manna from heaven,” but we have to get better

The Cowboys lost in ugly fashion to the Cardinals on Monday night and are now 2-4 on the season as a result. It’s not the record anyone is striving for, but there is a silver lining. They are the only two-win team in the NFC East and the other three teams haven’t shown many signs of being on the verge of extended winning streaks.
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The NFC East Is Officially a Master Class in Football Ineptitude

It turns out a quarterback who was on pace to shatter the NFL’s passing yards record was not the problem in Dallas. A week after Dak Prescott lost his season due to a compound ankle fracture, the Cowboys put up a truly putrid performance against the Cardinals on Monday Night Football. Dallas lost 38-10, but not solely due to the play under center from backup quarterback Andy Dalton. Rather, virtually every aspect of the team broke down against Arizona. It was an embarrassing performance for an embarrassing team in an embarrassing division.
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NFC East highlights, once again, the flaws in the NFL’s playoff seeding

On paper, the NFL’s current arrangement of teams looks good, symmetrical. Two conferences. Four divisions per conference. Four teams per division. But there’s a problem with this structure. The NFL guarantees the best of every quartet of predetermined teams a playoff spot and, even worse, a home game. From time...

Jerry Jones Reacts To The State Of The NFC East

Many people expected the Dallas Cowboys to be in first place in the NFC East after six games, but not in the way things have unfolded. The division is awful, and so are the Cowboys. Still, despite being 2-4, Dallas sits in first place, one-half game ahead of 1-4-1 Philadelphia. New York and Washington are both 1-5 and one game out of first.

The NFC East Is Historically Bad. How Much Worse Can It Get?

The most tragic injury of the NFL season — so far — had to be the one Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott suffered Sunday against the New York Giants. Prescott, who leads the league in passing yards, fractured and dislocated his right ankle scrambling past cornerback Logan Ryan and is expected to miss the rest of the season, according to Dallas head coach Mike McCarthy. Although the Cowboys won the game, the loss of Prescott is a major setback for Dallas’s chances to make something out of their 2020 season.

Even With a Loss, Cowboys Could Still be NFC East Leaders After Week 6

The Dallas Cowboys have had a lot of misfortune so far in 2020, mostly in the way of injuries. But they’re also lucky to be playing in the putrid NFC East, where having just two wins is currently good enough to be the division leader. And given the Week 6 schedule, the Cowboys could still be in the top spot even if they lose on Monday night to the Arizona Cardinals.
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The NFC East is so bad that Washington still has a chance

Typically, a 1-4 start from the Washington Football Team would eliminate almost any consideration of a run at the NFC East title. All eyes would turn to marginal improvement and the NFL Draft. 2020 is not a typical season, at least in terms of the play in Washington's division. The...
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Opinion: Now NFL's laughingstock, NFC East facing perfect storm of challenges in 2020

For decades, the NFC East commanded respect throughout the NFL. Many regarded the division as one of the best in football as the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Football Team and New York Giants regularly boasted masterful coaching, a physical brand of football, impressive quarterback play and hotly contested playoff races.

How Eagles could go on another miracle run to win NFC East

NFL: Baltimore Ravens vs. Philadelphia Eagles, Oct. 18, 2020. A nearly-fulfilled comeback effort against one of the best teams in the league has the Eagles' organization clinging to hope following a 1-4-1 start to the season. The Eagles scored 22 points in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 30-28 loss to...
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In Week 5, the Rams have already swept the NFC East

How bad is the NFC East? Well, the now 1-4 Washington Football Team lost on Sunday to the Rams, and the now 1-3-1 Eagles lost to on Sunday to the Steelers . The Giants and Cowboys are currently playing a game we suppose one team has to win, though given the status of Dallas’ historically bad defense and Big Blue’s historically bad offense, this is a case of the eminently moveable object vs. the entirely stoppable force. No matter what happens in that game, the division will come out of Week 5 with a record of 4-15-1, which is not optimal.

GameNight Podcast: Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, 2020 NFC East

(October 20, 2020): On Tuesday's episode of GameNight, Josh Hennig talks about the dumpster fire otherwise known as the NFC East and why Eagles fans need to be more appreciative of what they have compared to their division rivals. Plus, New York Times Best Selling Author and Pro Football Hall of Fame Voter Gary Myers joins the show.

The NFC East Is the Worst Division in the NFL, But Just How Bad Is it?

The NFC East has been the worst division in football through the first four weeks of 2020. By most measures, it's been a disappointment for much longer than that. Over the last few days, the NFC East has inspired endless memes, Twitter jokes and hand-wringing. The settling in of that familiar resignation regarding the NFL’s most confounding division now feels like an annual event, though this year the early returns are bad enough to be almost historic. The four teams’ composite record so far this season is 3–12–1, just one tie with the Bengals away from matching the AFC Central’s 3–13 start to the 1984 season—which Pro Football Reference asserts is the worst W–L record by a division through four games apiece since the merger.