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Producer joins USMEF on a promotional trip in Latin America

Producer joins USMEF on a promotional trip in Latin America. US beef, pork and mutton producers have recently connected with Latin American meat buyers and consumers. Joe Schuele of the US Meat Export Council told Brownfield that the Latin American Product Showcase will connect buyers, sellers and consumers at a two-day event. “We had the opportunity to attend a producer who helped fund the event. This year, cattle producers from Nebraska, Wisconsin, and (and) Idaho attended the event and their check-off dollars I had the opportunity to see it in action. “
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VPR seeks a creative, enterprising and thoughtful journalist to produce our successful local news shows. We’re looking for someone who is excited about new ways to engage our audience on air, digitally and through live events. A producer should have a passion for conversations that deepen Vermonters’ understanding of their...

Short Takes: News Producer Ivana Hrynkiw

Short Takes with managing news producer, journalist, and reporter Ivana Hrynkiw. The tables have turned! For this week’s Short Takes guest, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ve seen her in your Facebook or Twitter newsfeed even if you’re not sure who she is. Ivana Hrynkiw is the managing news producer for and she conducts an interview per day, which is streamed on Facebook. However, there’s a lot more to Ivana than the news! In this insightful conversation, Ivana sits in the guest chair instead of the other way around and she lets viewers know about her football fandom, more about her last name, her love of the MCU, what she’s come to understand about humanity from her job, her personal fashion and beauty writing from her website, the hardest people to interview, and what’s done up real good for her.

ABC News producer sues former 'GMA' boss

Joe Flint discusses his report about a new lawsuit against Michael Corn, the former producer of “Good Morning America.” Corn denies the allegations. Flint says ABC’s parent company Disney “hasn’t said” whether it will launch an independent investigation.

GMA producer accused of sexually assaulting ABC News staffer

A sexual assault lawsuit was filed against former ABC and ‘Good Morning America’ producer Michael Corn on Monday. Kirstyn Crawford, an ABC News staffer, filed the lawsuit claiming Corn sexually assaulted her on a business trip to Los Angeles in 2015 and created a toxic work environment, according to the complaint.