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New York Subliners add Crimsix to finalize CDL 2022 roster

The New York Subliners have cemented their roster for the Call of Duty League 2022 season. The final piece to the concrete jungle’s puzzle is Crimsix, who reunites with Clayster and joins two talented sophomore SMGs. It was clear that the Subliners would be shaking up their roster for CDL...
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New York Subliners officially signs Neptune to Call of Duty League roster

The New York Subliners added former Florida Mutineers player Neptune to its starting roster for the 2022 Call of Duty League season today. Neptune is a former Halo pro who’s made the switch to Call of Duty. He competed alongside Parasite, Decemate, and Blazt early in the 2021 Challengers season before joining the Florida Mutineers as a substitute player in January. He eventually replaced Havok in the starting roster before the 2021 CDL season began, proving himself as a strong player and rising star.
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Subliners sign ex-Mutineers player Neptune

Travis "Neptune" McCloud has a new Call of Duty League team, as the former Florida Mutineers player joined the New York Subliners on Thursday. The Subliners tweeted, "By land or sea, victory will be ours. Please welcome @NNeptuunE, our newest addition for the 2022 season." Neptune added, "Excited to announce...

Crimsix Signs For New York Subliners, Reuniting With Clayster

New York Subliners have reunited Beauty and the Beast (although we don't know which is which), after capturing the signature of Ian "Crimsix" Porter, the long-time duo of NYSL star James "Clayster" Eubanks. Crimsix departed Dallas Empire following their third-place finish at the CDL 2021 World Championships, as a pending...

CoD: New York Subliners Sign Neptune Ahead Of 2022 CDL Season

The Subliners acquire Neptune ahead of the 2022 CDL Season. The New York Subliners is an organization that has consistently brought in new talent since the beginning of the Call of Duty League. With the likes of Paco "HyDra" Rusiewiez, Makenzie "Mack" Kelley and Obaid "Asim" Asim playing for the Subliners, they’re a great showcase of the talent available in young players. Today, they announce the signing of Travis “Neptune” McCloud, who will be HyDra’s SMG duo for the upcoming season.

CoD: New York Subliners Sign Crimsix To Complete 2022 Roster

NYSL rounds out their starting roster with three-time world champion Crimsix. The New York Subliners appear to be heading into the 2022 Vanguard CDL season with a team destined to win, having multiple World Championships and two young guns behind them. Today, the Subliners completed their roster with the signing of Ian “Crimsix” Porter, three-time World Champion and most winningest player in Call of Duty history.

ZooMaa parts ways with New York Subliners

ZooMaa has officially parted ways with the New York Subliners after spending the majority of the year as a content creator for the Call of Duty League franchise. ZooMaa is a Call of Duty veteran with almost 10 years of competitive experience. He most notably played for FaZe Clan for several years before joining the New York Subliners for the Modern Warfare season.

3 Possible Landing Spots for Crimsix

There are many possible landing spots for the 3-time world champion, Crimsix. Ian Porter, better known as Crimbot or the “goat”, is still yet to be confirmed to be on a team in the Call of Duty League. Right now, there is the frontrunner in the New York Subliners, along with oddballs in the Paris Legion and London Royal Ravens.