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Amazon Game Studios releases long-awaited "New World"

Amazon Game Studios' MMO "New World" was finally released Tuesday, following a bumpy development cycle from the embattled game maker. The details: "New World," available for PC, strands players on an island called Aeternum where "the fundamental laws of life and death are broken." The game allows for solo adventuring...
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When are mounts coming to New World?

Whether you’re an experienced player after extensive beta play or starting new on launch day, you’re going to be doing a lot of running around in Amazon Studios’ new MMO New World. The first thing you’ll notice after the initial few hours, at least compared to other popular MMOs, is...
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How to reduce lag in New World

New World is finally out. Though the developers planned for an earlier release, it was delayed by a month to ensure a smoother release period. With beta players returning alongside many other new fans looking to try out New World for the first time, the player numbers may increase exponentially.
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How many characters can you have per server in New World?

When you first log into New World, players will get a glimpse of all the realms hidden inside the game. These servers will be the home to your character and picking one can prove itself to be a difficult task. Most players will often opt in for the players with higher populations since more players will mean more competition.

What New World server is Shroud playing on?

Shroud is one of the most popular content creators in the history of streaming. And while he might be known more for his prowess in first-person shooters, he’s also an avid fan of MMOs. With Amazon’s highly-anticipated MMO New World finally available, there are many people looking to find and...

How to fix the ‘stuck in queue’ error in New World

New World finally released after a long wait, and countless fans are flooding into the servers to start their journey. When the demand exceeds the expectation, though, servers may start crumbling under pressure, preventing players from logging into the game. If you’ve been experiencing connectivity issues, it’s likely to be...

Players reporting 7-day respawn bug in New World

All of the servers for Amazon’s newest MMO New World are up and running, but the bug reports are coming in droves. The biggest and most obtrusive bug to be found so far is when players get a seven-day respawn time after dying. The bug is related to a different...

How to claim a settlement in New World

When you first load into a New World server, you’ll realize that each of them will differ from each other when it comes to controlling the map. The Territory and Settlement system allows players to claim land and assert their dominance on the map. When a company, the clan equivalent of New World, claims a settlement, players will receive buffs or other minor bonuses which can help them while they’re out in the world.

How to equip and change a title in New World

Amazon Games’ new MMORPG, New World, launched earlier today and players are already finding countless ways to customize their characters. From intricate armor sets to a myriad of weapon combinations, New World presents players with many chances to create their character from the ground up. One of the easiest, yet...

How to track resources in New World

Gathering resources is perhaps the most crucial element of Amazon’s MMO New World, and early on in the game’s life, there is going to be massive competition for things like herbing and mining nodes. While it’s going to be difficult to get everything that you need no matter what, being...

Tweak these settings to make New World run more smoothly

New World is the latest MMO on the block, and having the best possible experience is largely going to be down to how it performs on your system. The good news is that it should hit decent frame rates on reasonable, i.e. not cutting-edge, hardware. Having canvased the team using...

Can you change factions in New World?

Factions are one of the most important mechanics in New World. They allow players from all over Aeternum to connect with each other through meaningful in-game experiences such as faction missions and wars over the game’s territories. If you have a friend group or specific company you want to join...

New World starter guide: What to do first

After years of development and multiple extended beta periods, New World has finally launched. The huge MMO project from Amazon Studios has rocketed to the top of the charts on its first day, dominating the rankings on both Steam and Twitch. If you’ve made it past the queues and into...

How to fix New World’s ‘Lag Detected’ error

The launch of Amazon Games’ new MMORPG, New World, has run relatively smoothly. But that’s not to say that the experience hasn’t been without a few kinks. Notably, players are experiencing some heavy pockets of lag in settlements and highly-populated areas in the open world. These areas where many players...