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Scott Disick Shares A Photo Of His ‘Baby’ In 1st Instagram Post Since Kourtney’s Engagement

Scott Disick broke his social media silence after Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement by sharing a picture of a sweet gift to heal his broken heart. What better way to get over heartbreak than with a gift to yourself? Scott Disick, 38, took to Instagram on Oct. 21 to share his first photo since his ex-love Kourtney Kardashian got engaged to Travis Barker, 45.
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Women’s Canvas Sneakers only $14.99 (Reg. $30+)!

I am always looking for cute new shoes, and these are some that I need in my life. These Women’s Canvas Sneakers are too cute. Don’t miss out on the other online deals we have for you, too. Women’s Canvas Sneakers. Run over to Zulily to take advantage of this...
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Zara: a new trendy vintage jacket to shop urgently!

If you are looking for a new vintage jacket, Zara has it all. The Spanish brand is at the top. Once again, Zara is causing a sensation in the fashion world. The Inditex group brand has just unveiled a new vintage jacket essential for the season. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Laguna High students flex new shoes from nonprofit

Some students returned to class with an extra spring in their step on Oct. 21 at Laguna High School after the Shoes 4 Kidz nonprofit visited to match teens with brand new kicks, just in time for the rainy weather. At the Forestville campus, the high schoolers eagerly tried on...
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Scott Disick Shows New Wheels Update on His Ferrari F8 Tributo

Scott Disick surely loves his cars and pays particular attention to them. He doesn't miss an opportunity to display them. In a new Instagram post, Disick bragged about his Ferrari F8 Tributo and shared he’s updated it to some new “shoes.”. The TV star might be going through a difficult...

My white shoes that I can't forget

I like crafts, writing about cooking recipes, nature, travel and much more. Hello my dear friends of, today I want to tell you a very nice story of my childhood, which I remember with much LOVE every time Christmas comes. My family was always large, my mother had 12...
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Being a progressionist versus being a perfectionist

Let’s be honest for a moment: Nothing is ever going to be perfect. That’s just the tough reality we face every day. Those brand new shoes are going to get scuffed. That perfectly drawn-up marketing plan will have unforeseen flaws. That doesn’t mean, however, that you and your team shouldn’t try your absolute best to get as close to perfection as possible. Still, time and time again I meet with an entrepreneur and ask them “How’s that thing going” that they are working on. The answer I often get is something like, “Well, I’m still working on it because…” and then they describe some detail they are trying to get right.

Zoe gets new shoes

Zoe, the e-bike, needed new shoes. We knew this because we received a letter from the adoption agency warning my e-wife not to ride the pedal-assist electric bicycle. Though the notice gave some technical mumbo jumbo about multi-directional torque and such, the bottom line was that if the pedals were not installed correctly, they could fall off Zoe’s crank arm presenting possible injury to the rider which would be the e-wife and we didn’t want that.

Ohio Governor’s Office Partners with Operation Warm

COLUMBUS, OH (STL.News) Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced today that the Ohio Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives is partnering with Operation Warm and other community organizations to distribute brand-new shoes and coats to underserved children living in Ohio. Ohio First Lady Fran DeWine has worked with Operation Warm...

The Diary: I grew up like that

Hello everyone! I am new here in I hope everyone will like my story. Let me tell you about my childhood first. Growing up in a big poor family was not that easy. We are a family of 8. So, struggles were everywhere. My parents don't have much money to give us proper meals(1day 1eat), buy us proper dress, give us proper shoes, slippers and bags. I remembered, we can only have proper dresses if our neighbors gave us their worn out dresses. My parents can't afford buying us brand new shoes and bags. Our school uniforms were all coming from our neighbors. We were like charity case. I even grew up picking up metals and plastics; and sell some vegetables to my neighbors so I can have money to buy some crayons and papers. At the young age, my mind was already opened to the world of being half independent. I grew up with a lot of judgemental and down-looker people. I grew up in a world where myself ask "Why is it life so unfair?" I grew up in a world where your relatives thinks we are their slaves. I grew up where your parents are nowhere to be found during your ceremony days. I grew up where your grandparents neglect your father. I grew up where favoritism is always there.

3 Steps To Your Best Feet Ever

A good self care routine should truly be head to toe, but we often tend to neglect our feet when it comes to pampering. Here are 3 steps and 5 products to help you treat your feet and put your best foot forward—literally!. 1) Moisturize Away. Especially in the winter...