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4 cybersecurity predictions for 2023 — SANS analysts look ahead

After a year of cyber war, geopolitical conflict and unrelenting social engineering campaigns, CISOs and security leaders have been left scrambling trying to prepare their defenses to mitigate the next generation of online (and offline threats). While the threat landscape remains uncertain, SANS Institute recently shared with VentureBeat. some of...
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Holidays And Weekends: Prime Time For Cyberattacks

We’re happy to say that our company survived – but we were attacked over 400 times between shutting the office down on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. All of the attacks originated from IP addresses registered to Microsoft (are you addressing this, Microsoft?). Did we get a good...
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Ericsson Releases Cloud-native 5G Core Network Guides Series

Published on Tuesday, the latest version of Ericsson’s cloud-native 5G Core network guides series holds the collected insights and learnings gained from years of transforming networks, together with the insights from Ericsson customers who have already launched their 5G Core networks for 5G SA services. Originally released in 2020,...
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Tufin R22-2 helps companies consolidate network and cloud connectivity management

Tufin R22-2 release of the Tufin orchestration platform broadens visibility and control across cloud platforms, providing support for Fortinet SD-WAN and delivering access change automation and application connectivity troubleshooting. Companies with large, complex networks are facing a unique set of pressures. Global economic uncertainty is pushing them to do more...

7 Ways to Secure and Manage Your 5G Network

Network security is a key factor when it comes to 5G networks. With the implementation of 5G networks, it is essential to protect them and ensure the security of all users’ data. There are several measures that need to be taken to ensure that the network is secure, including the use of firewalls, encryption, and authentication. Let’s dive into the details of how to secure and manage a 5G network.

How big data analytics offer fast, accurate DDoS detection

The world of DDoS security has changed. For more than two decades, the detection of DDoS attacks was based on using hardware probes or deep packet inspection (DPI) to observe network traffic patterns and protocol anomalies at specific network interfaces, looking for network traffic that exceeds bandwidth and packet intensity thresholds and baselines.

Forrester Study Shows 300% ROI for Fortinet Secure SD-WAN Enterprise Deployments

Digital-first development, the rapid increase in ransomware and cybersecurity attacks, and the expanding work-from-anywhere model is driving the need for Secure SD-WAN. It enables enterprises to rapidly connect and interconnect branch offices to critical business applications and resources, replacing expensive and cumbersome WAN technologies. It’s why, according to Forrester, SD-WAN is now the top organizational priority for 1 in 3 IT decision-makers.
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Security Think Tank: As cyber pros, we need to articulate our needs better

We are coming to the end of the year, Black Friday has been and gone and the shops are full of Christmas offers. And the scammers, of course, are having a field day sending emails offering enticing deals, often with pictures of the items on offer and links to online shops.

Athletic shoe maker Brooks runs down cyberattacks with zero-trust segmentation

Ransomware was again the top attack type in 2021, with manufacturing replacing financial services as the top industry in a. ssailants’ crosshairs—representing 23.2% of the global attacks remediated last year by IBM Security’s X-Force, according to the company’s Threat Intelligence Index 2022 report. With news like...

4 Strategies to Avoid Cybersecurity Burnout

CSOs, CIOs and CISOs have never had it so tough. Alongside their traditional responsibilities, they must now face a cybersecurity threat environment that is growing exponentially, and a growing cyberskills gap. As a result, many of them are reporting burnout. Today, ransomware has become one of the greatest network security threats organisations...

Securing Kubernetes Deployments on AWS – Guide

Kubernetes is open-source software for deploying and managing containerized applications at scale. Kubernetes can manage clusters on Amazon EC2 instances, run containers on those instances, and perform deployment, maintenance, and scaling processes. Kubernetes lets you run containerized applications on-premises and in the cloud using the same set of tools. AWS...

Palo Alto Networks announces medical IoT security

As healthcare providers increasingly use digital devices such as diagnostic and monitoring systems, ambulance equipment, and surgical robots to improve patient care, the security of those devices is as important as their primary function. In response, Palo Alto Networks has announced Medical IoT Security, a new comprehensive Zero Trust security...

Zscaler Study Finds 90% of Global Enterprises are Adopting Zero Trust, Yet Have Not Unlocked the Full Business Potential

More than 90% of organisations migrating to the cloud have implemented, are implementing, or are in the process to implement a zero trust architecture. Only 22% of global IT decision-makers claim to be ‘fully confident’ their organisation is leveraging the potential of their cloud infrastructure, presenting an opportunity for zero trust.

The multi-year switch to IPv6

The move from IPv4 to IPv6 is not a simple changeover but a multi-year process that involves significant time and investment from government bodies and large corporations. This process started as far back as 2003 within the U.S. government and has continued to gain more traction in recent years slowly, says Ralph Wallace, Principal Enterprise Architect (IPv6 Lead) for Verizon Public Sector.

Useful tips for monitoring your network security | Power Tech

Some of the important safety methods at your disposal is monitoring your pc techniques and community. Monitoring lets you regulate your IT infrastructure in actual time and detect and intercept potential threats earlier than they grow to be severe. Listed here are some useful ideas for monitoring your community safety.

Ericsson publishes the cloud-native 5G Core network guide series 2.0

The real winners of the 5G era will be the service providers who can transform their core networks to take full advantage of what 5G Standalone (SA) and cloud-native technologies can offer. While many operators will start their 5G journey with 5G non-Standalone, to fulfill the true promise of 5G, a 5G SA is needed. With many different routes to take when transforming, a trusted source of information and direction is vital for operators. Published today, the latest version of Ericsson’s cloud-native 5G Core network guides series holds the collected insights and learnings gained from years of transforming networks, together with the insights from Ericsson customers who have already launched their 5G Core networks for 5G SA services.