Faisalabad Incident Videos – Full Details

Another instance of citizens taking the law into their own hands has gone viral on the Internet, causing widespread consternation. The so-called Faisalabad incident involves four women who were assaulted as a result of their involvement in the robbery. According to the Tribune, one of the ladies filed an FIR...
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Tragedy at Travis Scott’s party. Families are asking for $10 billion

A concert was held on November 5 Travsa ScottWhich gathered in the presence of 50 thousand. Persons. True horror unfolded among the audience – dozens of people were run over by the pressing crowd, killing ten of them. The youngest victim was nine years old, and the oldest was 27. More than 140 lawsuits have been filed with the courts, CNN reported, alleging numerous negligence lawsuits against regulators.

Rihanna, the first reaction after it was rumored that she was pregnant with her first child. The answer he gave to a fan

More than a week has passed since Rihanna attended the inauguration ceremony of the first president of the island of Barbados, which has now become a republic, after the removal of the Queen of Great Britain from power. The singer was called a “national hero”, and her appearance at the event caused a lot of controversy, many believing that she is pregnant.

New ‘elevated’ toilet seat design causes social media stir

Perhaps to take advantage of the situation of snakes showing up in toilets, a man has come up with a restroom innovation. A video demonstration of the weird toilet innovation was shared on Instagram by @funny_african_pics. Described as a very easy-to-use innovation, the toilet comes with an extra seat for...

Top chef’s Tom Colicchio is releasing a food-themed NFT collection

Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio has just announced a collection of food NFTs via Twitter. 8,888 NFTs make up the collection, which Colicchio and co-founder Spike Mendelsohn named CHFTYPizzas. According to Mendelsohn, the food and beverage industry needs to modernise. Another key point is that it also needs to become...

Winwyn Marquez’s ‘Nelia’ set for nationwide release

The official movie trailer of Nelia, starring Winwyn Marquez, has reached nearly 2.5 million views so far. The trailer was released on December 1, in the film’s official Facebook page, and has immediately garnered more than 1,000,000 views in its first 36 hours. Netizens are now talking about Nelia...

Internet users unhappy with FAS because they had to sit on the floor, not empty VIP seats, say “Football is now about making a profit, not for the sake of sport” – TBEN Singapore News

Singapore – In a recent post (December 6) on Reddit, a community social network, netizens expressed dissatisfaction with the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) over its ticketing system and awarding. seats. Various concerns were raised while expressing their feelings of unhappiness in the forum discussion. The main complaints were...

Twitter divided over Rohit Sharma’s appointment as Team India’s ODI skipper

Ahead of India's upcoming tour of South Africa, BCCI's selection committee decided to appoint Rohit Sharma as the captain of the national team in the ODI format. The apex cricket body of India announced the news via a release on Wednesday, while it also informed that Rohit will continue leading the team in the shortest format as well.

Carrol Sonie Confirms Mulamwah Dumped Her For New Girlfriend

Mulamwah seems to be enjoying his new love life with Ruth after he allegedly dumped Carrol Sonie for her. After introducing her to the public a day ago, netizens remained bamboozled by how fast the jester replaced Sonie even after they had sired a daughter together. However, Mulamwah’s post on their break-up stated that their separation happened long time ago; but they weren’t ready to divulge the same until recently.

Fans and netizens are mesmerized by Miyeon's compelling beauty

(G)I-DLE's Miyeon has always garnered attention for her exceptional beauty. She has been recognized for her alluring visuals even before she made her debut and further gained recognition after debuting with the girl group (G)I-DLE. Recently, fans and netizens alike have gathered in an online community to marvel at Miyeon's...

A mask company releases a spoiler about next year's 'SMTOWN Live' online concert

On December 7, netizens came across a spoiler regarding the return of the online concert, 'SMTOWN Live'. Back on January 1, 2021, SM Entertainment held its first ever 'SMTOWN Live' online concert, 'Culture Humanity'. The show was free to fans all around the globe and featured performances by TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, EXO, Red Velvet, NCT, WayV, SuperM, aespa, and more.

Chanel’s US$825 Advent Calendar Contains Items Like Stickers & Mini Dustbags — And Netizens Are Not Pleased About It

Some TikTokers who purchased Chanel’s first-ever advent calendar got surprises that they weren’t quite expecting from a luxury collector’s item. The advent calendar, which retails for $1,150 in Singapore and is reportedly sold out, is shaped like a ginormous bottle of its best-selling N°5 fragrance, and contains 27 boxes, “each of which contains a full-size fragrance or makeup product, miniature, or other surprise”, according to its website. However, some customers took to social media to express their disappointment that the boxes contained many low value items, albeit those that are not typically sold in stores, some of which are given out free with purchases.