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Train to Busan director has “some ideas” for sequels beyond Peninsula

It turns out that a new zombie movie may be on the undead horizon. Yeon Sang-ho, the director of Train to Busan and the recent popular Netflix TV series Hellbound, has hinted that he has some ideas for his zombie universe. In an interview with Variety, the director shared that fans may see some sequels to his 2020 horror movie Peninsula in the future.
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“Arcane” raises the bar for video game-inspired TV

Most people know “League of Legends” as one of the most popular video games in the world, but that changed with the release of “Arcane,” the Netflix TV adaptation which debuted its first season on Nov. 6. Two sisters, Vi and Powder, also known as Jinx, live in the fantastical...
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NKHANI ZA SAYANSI: Mndandanda watsopano wamagazi wa Netflix ukutchedwa Masewera a Squid otsatira

South Korean content is dominating pop culture around the world right now. One TV show after another from the country has rocketed up the popularity charts pa Netflix in recent weeks. And Korean pop music thanks to groups like BTS — which picked up three AMAs in recent days, as well as a Grammy nomination — has a similarly global army of fans. The current top Netflix TV series globally, Kupita kumoto, is another example of this trend.

Cobra Kai cast thank Andrew Garfield for surprise shout-out

Andrew Garfield, former Spider-Man, is a big fan of Netflix TV series Cobra Kai. To repay him for giving the ’80s movie spin-off a shout-out, many of the main cast put together a thank you montage that brings poor Garfield to tears. In the video, shared by Netflix, Garfield is...

Bitcoin Dominance Lowest Since May, ‘NFT’ chosen word of the year

The estate of JRR Tolkien has successfully blocked a cryptocurrency baring the same name as the legendary author. Collins Dictionary has declared ‘NFT’ as 2021’s word of the year. The price of Bitcoin rebounded overnight, climbing over three percent in the past 24 hours. This comes just a day after...
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New Season 2 clip shows Geralt battling a Myriapod

As we march steadily closer to the Season 2 premiere of The Witcher, fans are eagerly awaiting any form of teaser ahead of time. Luckily, Netflix is happy to oblige and has just released a new clip that shows Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) in battle with a fearsome beast.

HellBound overtakes Squid Game as most popular Netflix series globally –

Another Netflix South Korean fictional horror series has become an overnight global sensation, with Hellbound dethroning Squid Game as one of the most streamed TV shows on the app. Hellbound, according to FlixPatrol analytics, became the most watched Netflix television series in the world on November 20th, leading streaming ratings...

When Actively Managed Funds Are Worth It

It's hard to beat the market and the index funds that track them. The numbers don't lie: Only one-fourth of all actively managed funds in the U.S. topped the average of their index fund counterparts over the 10-year period that ended in June, according to the latest Active/Passive Barometer report by Morningstar.

Spotify debuts 'Netflix Hub' for all the songs that you love from popular shows and movies

Spotify today announced the launch of a new hub dedicated to Netflix. This new hub contains all the popular music and soundtracks from famous Netflix TV shows and movies. The company says that the new Netflix hub is accessible to all the Spotify free and premium tiers, and the users can access the library by simply searching “Netflix” on Spotify.