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Why John Ridley Doesn’t Explain Time Travel in Needle in a Timestack

Screenwriter John Ridley didn’t feel the need to explain time travel in Needle in a Timestack, his romance drama starring Orlando Bloom, Freida Pinto, Cynthia Erivo, and Leslie Odom Jr. as two sets of couples who find their pasts and futures disrupted by that very thing. The 12 Years a...
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FREEZE FRAME: “The Last Duel” (R), “Needle in a Timestack” (R), “The Velvet Underground” (R)

If the classic Japanese film “Rashomon” were set in medieval France, it would have looked a lot like “The Last Duel.” Matt Damon, Adam Driver, Jodi Comer and Ben Affleck star in the true story of knights who battle to the death when one accuses the other of raping his wife. What’s intriguing about this examination of historical misogyny is that the story is told three times, from three different perspectives: one from that of each knight and one from that of the victim. Ridley Scott directs from a screenplay by Damon, Affleck and Nicole Holofcener. The production values are impressive, and the cast is fine. The pacing, however, is erratic, which hobbles this overlong epic a bit. Even so, “The Last Duel” is an involving costume saga that should resonate with the “Me Too” generation.