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Netflix: the 68 new series and premiere movies for August 2021; The Witcher in anime

Today is August 1st. We start a new month and with it 4 weeks of new premieres, series and movies to see. And as it usually happens, Netflix, the queen of VOD -although Disney + is getting very close-, is one of the ones that releases the most content. Let’s go over what he brings for the last month of summer before September and back to normal.
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Jewish Film Institute Unveils 2021 Grant Recipients (EXCLUSIVE)

The Jewish Film Institute has selected six projects for its second cycle of Completion Grants Program, Variety has learned. JFI, the Bay Area curatorial voice for Jewish film and media, announced the grants at the virtual awards ceremony for the 41st San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. This year, JFI has awarded $100,000 in film completion grants, ranging from $5,000 to $30,000, to filmmakers who are expanding and evolving the Jewish story for audiences “everywhere in every genre — narrative, documentary, short, episodic program and web series.” Recipients include “Remember This,” “1341 Frames of Love and War,” “The Liegnitz Plot,” “Sons of Detroit,” “A Reel...
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Reflecting on the Mental Health of Immigrant Children Like Myself

We have just reached the end of Minority Mental Health Month. Not all minorities are immigrants, but many, including myself, are. By definition, an immigrant child is one who was born to at least one foreign-born parent. As a sexagenarian, I don’t often talk about myself as an immigrant child, but I am.
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Holy cow! History: The woman who kissed Hitler at the Olympics

The 2020 Olympic Games are finally here! Though they’re some 12 months behind schedule due to the pandemic, it’s ‘better late than never’ as the world’s greatest athletes come together to make history. That’s certainly what happened in Berlin in 1936. We’ve all done something impulsive. A spur-of-the-moment decision that...

Treblinka: The Uprising the World Forgot

In some ways, we’re more aware of the Holocaust than ever before. Memorials to it stand in cities around the world. Oskar Schindler and Anne Frank are familiar names to school children across the United States. There’s a cottage industry of novels, TV shows, and movies set in Auschwitz. Why...