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Police Log: Suspect Seen on Video Going to Bathroom on Driveway, Fire Damages Home

The following information was provided by the Watertown Police Department. July 19, 12 p.m.: A woman wanted to cancel a flight she had booked on Priceline and contacted a number she found online. The person she thought was a customer service representative gave her a promotional offer to rebook the flight. She was told she would have to pay $300 in Target gift cards. The woman went to Target and bought the cards, and then contacted the number and gave the person the gift card numbers. The person on the other end of the call said that the card numbers did not work and she should go back and purchase more cards. The resident got suspicious and contacted Target customer services. Then she called back the so-called Priceline rep and said she believed he was lying. The person on the other end swore at her and hung up. Police attempted to call the number and reached someone saying they were working for Cheapo Air. The person hung up on police. The incident is under investigation.
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Mississippi shipyard receives $41M contract to build barge for Navy crews to live on

A shipbuilding company on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is getting a $41 million contract to build another barge for U.S. Navy crews to live aboard. The Navy awarded VT Halter Marine a contract to build a fifth Auxiliary Personnel Lighter berthing and messing barge, the company said in a news release Friday. The vessel will include offices, classrooms, medical treatment areas, a barbershop and a fitness center and will be able to accommodate 611 people.
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UFOs are real, government says; NW Ohio a hotbed of 'visitations'

LIMA, Ohio — Sometime in the mid-2000s, as he always did, Michael Krick looked up. The craft he saw this time was a smooth capsule the size of a Volkswagen, “real bright white,” looking “like a pill you just swallow.” He’d just finished reading the meter behind the former Buckland Elementary School in Auglaize County when he spotted it, just 90 feet up and cruising so slowly it “should have fallen right out of the sky.” It had no wings and, of course, didn’t make a sound. Mr. Krick, trained by years of sightings while on the job for American Electric Power, tracked the pill as it crossed the road, descended below the treetops and then like lighting bolted away and vanished.
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Two medics among area's surviving World War II vets

Americans are running out of time to honor in person the men and women who served during World War II and to hear first-hand accounts of experiences in the European and Pacific theaters between 1941-1945. “I cherish those who can tell us their stories,” said Blue Earth County Veterans Services...
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Don ‘Gunner’ Ewoldt served in submarine in World War II

In 1945, Don Ewoldt was serving in the submarine Redfin, just off the southern tip of Japan. Using sonar, crew members were locating mines that had been set by the Japanese. The U.S. was preparing to invade Japan, so the Redfin was “plotting the minefields” to make the area safe for U.S. ships.
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Countdown to Kickoff: 34 days until Penn State football

Following a year that featured multiple stops and starts for college football, and incredible uncertainty regarding the 2020 season, Penn State is attempting to embark on a relatively "normal" 2021 campaign. The Nittany Lions rebounded from a disastrous 0-5 open last fall to finish on a four-game win streak, then used the Transfer Portal and another recruiting class to retool the roster.
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COMMENTARY: CRNAs stand ready to serve Virginia patients

This year, the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists celebrates its 90th anniversary. As president of the Virginia Association of Nurse Anesthetists, I would like to congratulate our national organization along with Virginia Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists on this occasion. Now more than ever, Virginians recognize...
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How Japan’s Zero Aircraft Surprised Its Enemies

The Zero debuted fantastically in combat in July 1940. Here's What You Need To Remember: Japan began the Pacific War with two major technological advantages over the U.S. Navy: the much more reliable Long Lance torpedo, and the Mitsubishi A6M Zero carried-based fighter, a design that defied expectations by outperforming land-based fighters when in it was introduced into service in 1940.

One man's military tribute can affect so many others

Ken Stetson talks to the sister of one of the victims at a memorial for fallen servicemen in Menifee Friday. (Menifee 24/7 photos) Ken Stetson does what others only talk about. His patriotism inspires others. His actions are calculated and deliberate, mirroring the discipline of the military personnel he honors. His words are carefully chosen – just like they were Friday afternoon on a busy Menifee street corner.
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World War Fighter: The USS Massachusetts Sailed the World Over

Here's What You Need to Know: Massachusetts and its escorts then opened fire on and sank a pair of destroyers. French shore batteries inflicted superficial damage on Massachusetts, the scars of which are still evident on its decks today. Massachusetts had the first honor of surface combat against an enemy battleship of any American dreadnought, beating out its sister USS South Dakota and its cousin USS Washington at the Second Battle of Guadalcanal by six days.