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Wine Out of Favor with Younger Drinkers

It has been another hectic week, with plenty of wine news flying about. However, here are some stories that might have flown under your radar. Wine popularity dropping in younger drinkers – study. The last decade has seen a significant drop in regular US and UK wine drinkers in the...
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Kerrville Hills Winery Adds a Mobile Flash Détente System

Kerrville Hills Winery is ushering in a major step forward in wine production innovation with flash détente thermovinification which will significantly improve the wine quality. The winery and winery incubator has purchased a Mobile Flash Détente OEnoSm’Art system from Pellenc America, Inc. for use beginning in the 2021 harvest. Flash...
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The 5 Kitchen Tools My French Husband Insisted We Buy (One Is Just $14.99!)

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. When you marry a French person, inevitably some of their “French-ness” finds its way into your household. When I met my husband, Fabien, our mutual love of food and wine eventually translated into him helping me outfit our kitchen with some of the most useful tools that are commonplace in France. They’re a combination of practical and chic (as far as kitchenware goes), and instantly elevated my cooking experience. If you’re looking to add a French touch to your own kitchen, look no further than these five kitchen tools my husband insisted we get.
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Chilean Wine Lineup ~ Viña Tarapacá

The fourth in a series about Sustainable Chilean Wines…. Intro – Chilean Wines that Collectively Underline Chile’s Historic Commitments. I’m in a process of learning… So welcome, especially if you’re learning somethings, too, about Chile. This story is composed from the following:. Research on other sites. Viña’s Website. My own...

The Magic Of Donnafugata

Capturing the essence of a particular terroir in a wine bottle is no small feat. And yet, the Rallo family and their talented team do it every time. Each bottle of Donnafugata wine holds the magic of Sicily, and every pour and sip transports me to this enchanting island. I have fond memories of my first trip to Sicily several years ago and cherish the time spent with the Rallo family as they graciously hosted us for several days.

German ‘flood wine’ sold to combat fallout of flood disaster

They say it is their worst year for wine — and of course, they are right. And yet a special initiative is selling a collection of six mud-covered bottles of wine for €120 ($140). Those bottles bear the seal “authentically muddied” and the funds raised by these “flood wines” will go directly to the 50 winegrowers in the Ahr Valley whose wine cellars were flooded by rising waters. It is a silver lining for people who have lost almost everything because of the disaster.   

Six proposals to discover the region in fashion among wine lovers

Not everything is a beach in Cádiz in summer. The alternatives for those fleeing the sun, sand and summer crowds are many. , a more than valid option for both wine lovers and those interested in discovering beautiful corners and historical enclaves of the Andalusian province. The. Marco de Jerez...

German “flood wine” sold to fight flood fallout | TBEN | 07.31.2021

They say it’s their worst year for wine – and of course, they’re right. And yet, a special initiative sells a collection of six bottles of wine covered in mud for € 120 ($ 140). These bottles bear the “authentically muddy” seal and the funds collected by these “flood wines” will go directly to the 50 winegrowers of the Ahr valley whose cellars were flooded by the rising waters. It is a beacon of hope for the people who have lost almost everything to the disaster.
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This is what happens when car guys move into natural wine

It started with a broken Lancia, and it ended with James Bannister and Merlin McCormack opening their own natural wine shop. Of course, they couldn’t have normal delivery vehicles – we stopped by ahead of their opening to find out more. Anyone who has visited the 'classic and supercar hub'...
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How to pair wine with ripe summer produce

Juice from the tomato — harvested less than an hour earlier — dripped down my arm as I chomped through the crunch of toasted sourdough. Sriracha mayo dappled my upper lip. I leaned over the plate to avoid squirting tomato pulp on this week’s polo shirt, my standard work-at-home attire during the pandemic. This was my third sandwich, my appetite outlasting the bacon as I enjoyed summer’s bounty. At times like these, meat is overrated.
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F&R Imports is spreading the gospel of French natural wines throughout Missouri

You’re inclined to believe everything Julie Fortney says. It could be the French accent, which lends an air of authority to the stories she shares as she reaches for bottles during a wine tasting on a balmy June evening in Kansas City. This Alsatian Riesling is from winemaker Domaine Mann – a lovely man and a friend of Julie and her husband, John-Paul Fortney, who stayed with the couple in Webster Groves, Missouri, in 2019. She talks about the wines he produces as though they, too, are her close friends, commenting on the quirks of their characters. Next to her, John-Paul pours the 2019 Banzaï, a Merlot, extending a long finger to point out the region it came from – Castillon-Côtes de Bordeaux, an appellation adjacent to Bordeaux – on a well-worn map of France.

Chatto’s Novel Solution to Vintage Woes

Put that question to a winegrower in Tasmania’s Huon Valley, or to a Kiwi winemaker in Central Otago, or indeed to just about any Pinot Noir producer on the planet and the response is bound to be unanimous. “Burgundy, of course!”. That’s hardly surprising. This part of central France had...


Just outside the city center of Gent you’ll find Astro Boy, a Japanese inspired Izakaya where you can get delicious foods, cocktails and natural wine. When crossing the river Leie you’ll already see the restaurant due to the orange school chairs on their terrace. The small corner store bar/restaurant is therefor also a perfect place for an outside dinner. I’ve ordered a refreshing Wilder Satz wine from Germany and asked them for the bestsellers on the menu. So I’ve ordered the Mapa Dofu, a spicy tofu dip with chicory, razor clams and a fried cauliflower. Perfect dishes to share.

Basic Wine Vocabulary

Ever heard the word “effervescent” and had no idea what it means? What about “tannins” or “fruit-forward”? These are all words that wine experts throw around and expect the buyer to understand without any explanation, even though it’s like a foreign language. I am here to break all of these terms down for you so that you don’t have to feel stressed the next time you walk into a wine shop. Buying wine should be fun and easy!

Handling wine pomace: The importance of drying to preserve phenolic profile and antioxidant capacity for product valorization

For detailed information please refer to the original article:. Journal of Food Science, doi:10.1111/1750-3841.15652, 2021. Like other industries, winemaking produces waste. Wine pomace (WP), composed of stems, seeds and skins of grapes, is the main solid organic by-product and it represents approximately 25% of total grape weight used in the winemaking process 1. WP is commonly valorized for the production of distilled spirits (e.g. Grappa), tartaric acid, and animal feed 2,3. Still, the most common practice is to use it for composting and agriculture spreading, which comes with environmental drawbacks. WP is rich in phenolic compounds, which are slightly acidic molecules but in high volumes and concentrations they lower the pH of the soil and increase oxygen demand in ecosystems 1,2. Phenols are also known for their antioxidant capacity and are associated with the prevention of certain chronic diseases 4,5. As such, there is an economic opportunity for valorization in the fields of health and nutraceuticals as the consumers’ demand for bio-sourced products is on the rise.

Stags' Leap Winery Invites Wine Lovers to Take the Leap into Unexplored Worlds Through New Interactive Campaign

Napa Valley, CA (July, 29, 2021) – Stags’ Leap Winery, one of California’s earliest wineries admired for its elegant wines made in the heart of Napa Valley’s Stags Leap District, unveils today its Take the Leap campaign across multiple platforms, including Web Augmented Reality, streaming and social media. Take the Leap invites wine lovers on a journey anchored in augmented reality through storytelling, world-building and artistry, as the prestigious winery looks to speak to consumers in a way that has yet to exist in the luxury category.

Napa Natural Wine Business Has Job Posting Go Viral — Higher Vibrations Required

Welcome to p.m. Intel, your bite-sized roundup of Bay Area food and restaurant news. Tips are always welcome, drop them here. While some restaurant owners seem pretty much desperate to find workers, one Napa Valley natural wine business appears unphased and unwilling to compromise when it comes to finding the perfect addition to its team. Of course, Twitter users have thoughts about the many, many qualities the ideal candidate for Dry Farms Wines’ Loyalty Coordinator must possess. The very long job posting requests applicants be both “data-driven” and “a lover,” as well as “passionate,” “resourceful,” “empathetic,” “flexible,” “calm under pressure,” and “a wine-lover and health-advocate.” What’s more, it goes on to include that candidates must be on board with the company’s Code of Creation (“At Dry Farm Wines, we believe in a connected source energy. We tap into this energy by thinking, creating, and vibrating at a higher frequency.”), able to travel “on very short notice,” “willing to be vulnerable,” and practice group meditation with the rest of the team daily. Perks include unlimited free wine and “many all expense paid meals and parties!” If it all seems a little off in a very Rajneeshpuram way, then you’re not alone. One Twitter user mused, “I truly did not know that joining a cult required so much paperwork.”

Sulfites, Legs and Other Misinformation Campaigns in Wine

As with diet advice and vaccine science, wine professionals aren’t immune to the human tendency to cling to misinformation. Myths abound. Bad information is passed from consumer to consumer, restaurant manager to fledgling wine pro, and marketing companies to the masses. They stick, because it’s often easier to remember bad information than investigate everything. It’s a situation complicated by the intimidating and esoteric nature of wine.