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Kalama Heritage Festival returns to the port next weekend

The Kalama Heritage Festival returns next weekend to the Port of Kalama’s Marine Park after organizers canceled the three-day event last year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Heritage Festival is Friday through Sunday at the port. The festival, held by the Pacific ‘Ohana Foundation since 2005, celebrates the town’s Hawaiian...
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Saginaw Grant, 'Breaking Bad' and 'Lone Ranger' Actor, Dead at 85

Saginaw Grant, a longtime Native American character actor, died on Wednesday, July 28. Grant, who was also the hereditary chief of the Sac and Fox Nation of Oklahoma, was 85. Grant began acting in the late 1980s and played Native American characters in episodes of Breaking Bad, Shameless, American Horror Story, and Community in recent years. He also played Chief Big Bear in the 2013 Johnny Depp movie The Lone Ranger.
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Saginaw Grant, Native American Actor Known for Roles on Breaking Bad and The Lone Ranger, Dead at 85

Saginaw Grant, a Native American actor known for various television roles on shows including Breaking Bad and The Lone Ranger, has died. He was 85. On Wednesday, Grant died "peacefully in his sleep of natural causes," his publicist and longtime friend, Lani Carmichael, said in a statement to the Associated Press. He died at a private care facility in Hollywood, California.
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The story of Native American in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS, MO – Long before the explorers and pioneers came to St. Louis, there were 20,000-people thrived in the region, home of an enormous city named Cahokia from AD 700 until after AD 13,000. However, the great city of Mound Builders was abandoned when European explorers mapped the Mississippi River in the 1500s.

Saginaw Grant, Breaking Bad Actor, Has Passed Away Aged 85

Saginaw Grant, a well know Native American character actor best known for Breaking Bad, has died this past Wednesday in Holly wood. According to Variety, Lani Carmichael, Grant’s publicist, confirmed that Grant died peacefully in a private care facility. He was best known for his roles in Breaking Bad and Lone Ranger.

New Mexico no stranger to scandal

Corruption scandals are nothing new for New Mexico. It is home to Albert B. Fall, the first U.S. Cabinet secretary to be charged and convicted of a felony in the infamous “Teapot Dome” scandal. Fall was elected to the U.S. Senate from New Mexico in 1912 and served until his...
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Andy Schmookler: The absurd — and ugly — denial of racism

On so many levels, the big right-wing outrage these days about the assertion that racism has been a powerful force in American history and society is such a crazy thing! (And so ugly.) No honest student of our nation’s history could deny that racism has played a major role in...
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Book excerpt: "Sound of the Sea" by Cynthia Barnett

Cynthia Barnett investigates shells and the way people around the world have regarded them in her fascinating scientific and cultural history, "The Sound of the Sea: Seashells and the Fate of the Oceans" (WW Norton). Read an excerpt below. For all their color, gloss, and architectural flair, the allure of...
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5 relaxing spa resorts in Scottsdale

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Scottsdale has the best spa treatments. From facials to massages, every service they give is anything but ordinary. Consider visiting these spa destinations whenever you're planning to indulge in some well-deserved self-care:
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Hiking with Hailey: Historic Blakeley State Park

SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WSFA) - We’ve talked all summer about the history that’s laced into Alabama’s parks and wildlife, and Blakeley is no exception; when you step foot in this state park, you’re transported back in time. “Blakeley is an over 2000-acre park. We’re the site of Alabama’s largest Civil...
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Enbridge’s Pipeline 3 Threatens An Endangered Species — Contact The EPA

I’ve written about Line 3 before, but for those of you just catching up on this, you can read what it’s all about here. The nutshell version is that my drinking water and that of millions of Americans is at risk of being poisoned by Enbridge, an oil company that is using stolen Native American lands to install a pipeline for tar sand oil for China.
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Climate change fears spur more Americans to join survivalist schools

Manhattanite David D’Alessio spent a recent Saturday cobbling together a shelter out of muddy leaves and twigs in a wooded stretch 75 miles north of New York City. While the wilderness training on the 90-acre grounds of the Mountain Scout Survival School has traditionally attracted outdoor enthusiasts, the musician was among several of the 18 attendees who weren’t learning to drink water out of a vine or set traps for rabbits just for fun.