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Fox News’ Peter Doocy taken down in White House press conference clash: ‘That is not an accurate take’

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy received a polite rebuke for suggesting the Biden Administration favoured oil drilling in Venezuela while disadvantaging US domestic producers.Last week, the Treasury Department announced it was easing sanctions against the Nicolas Maduro-led regime and would allow Chevron to resume “limited” energy production there.The decision, which came after talks between the Venezuelan government and opposition parties resumed, has been slammed by rightwing commentators as being too soft on the pariah state.At a White House briefing on Monday, Mr Doocy asked: “Why is it that President Biden would rather let US companies drill for oil in...
Picture for Fox News’ Peter Doocy taken down in White House press conference clash: ‘That is not an accurate take’

Biden monitoring China Covid unrest as US rallies pop up

US President Joe Biden is monitoring unrest in China by protesters demanding an end to Covid lockdowns and greater political freedoms, the White House said Monday, as rallies popped up in solidarity around the United States. Around the United States, notably on university campuses, rallies sprang up Monday in support of the protests in China.

White House says it Disagrees with China in Enforcement of Lockdowns

The White House lambasted China’s government for imposing severe Covid lockdowns, which sparked countrywide demonstrations. The White House statement backed up the demonstrations by Chinese people. It said that the government must protect citizens’ rights to peaceful protest. According to the US government, the Chinese government’s current plan is unsuccessful and unrealistic. Furthermore, it paved the path for rare protests in essential sections of the country.

Mixed messages from the US as Turkey attacks SDF positions

The US has emphasized the need for de-escalation in Syria while offering ‘support’ for Turkey’s right to self-defense following the deadly terror attack in Istanbul earlier this month. "Turkey continues to fall victim to terrorist attacks, whether its near that border or elsewhere inside the country. And...