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National Geographic Details New Evidence on Missing Ancient Continent Submerged Beneath New Zealand

National Geographic has just published a new article that takes a closer look at the mysterious eighth continent Zealandia, or Te Riu-a-Māui. The idea of the eighth landmass presented itself as early as the mid-’90s, where Zealandia, a continent almost the size of Australia is submerged with New Zealand its only part to exist above sea level. “Continents are sort of like icebergs,” says study author Keith Klepeis, a structural geologist at the University of Vermont. “What you see at the surface is not really the full extent of the beast.”
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Disney Plus Added 10 New Movies/TV Shows Today

It’s Friday, so you know what that means, Disney Plus users – time for another haul of new content to arrive on the Mouse House streaming platform. These days we’re treated to two hauls per week, what with original TV titles debuting on Wednesdays now. So if you’ve already binged the latest episodes of Marvel Studios Assembled and the Turner & Hooch premiere, then here’s what’s fresh on D+ for you to catch this weekend.
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The Surprising Grocery Shortage Happening At Costco

Costco is a huge store that is a go-to option for many loyal customers across the country, who depend on the brand for their everyday essentials. However, for many stores like Costco, the pandemic has been really tough to deal with. For example, the supply chain for beef was impacted in a major way last year across the country that ultimately to big losses for the industry as a whole (via National Geographic.)
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Sling TV price and packages: see the cost of the deals you can get in 2021

For the low Sling TV price, this budget-friendly platform provides an excellent all-round entertainment solution. You can watch the most-bingeable series live across a plethora of popular TV networks, stream thousands of classic movies and TV shows on-demand, and enjoy dozens of hours of live sports, including an Olympics live stream on channels like NBC, NBCSN, and the USA Network. It should guarantee you a sensational summer of streaming, and thanks to Sling TV deals, its currently only $10 for your first month..
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New landmark coming to Alderson, clock will replace original that burned

ALDERSON, WV (WOAY) – The town of Alderson has a rich history as it was once featured in National Geographic, where you can see their town clock in the background. However, that 40-year-old clock then perished as a fire encased the C.D. Hanger Jewelry store where it was mounted. But now, locals say a new clock to place the old landmark will be a staple for economic development.
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Nassau County steps up marine patrols due to shark sightings

It’s a shore thing they’re playing it safe. Nassau County stepped up helicopter and marine patrols following coastal shark sightings on consecutive days. On Thursday, a pair of sand sharks measuring up to five feet in length were spotted at Jones Beach, ABC News reported. A day earlier, a shark was spotted roughly 75 feet off Nickerson Beach.
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Is climate change happening faster than expected? A climate scientist explains.

Climate scientists have long warned that global warming would lead to extreme heat in many parts of the world. But the 120 degree Fahrenheit temperatures brought on by the heatwave in the Pacific Northwest in June were more in line with what researchers had imagined would occur later this century. “Astonished” is the word Michael Wehner, an extreme weather researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, used to describe his reaction to the heat in an interview with National Geographic. He was one of two dozen extreme weather and climate researchers who conducted an analysis in the days following the heatwave that found it would not have occurred in the absence of anthropogenic climate change.
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PHOTOS: Angelina Jolie causes a buzz in chic beekeeper suit in France

Angelina Jolie is continuing her mission to save the bees. The Hollywood actress and humanitarian, 46, looked chic as she wore a full beekeeping suit, complete with the white protective clothing and full head net, on Wednesday while presenting graduates of the French Apidology Observatory with their diplomas, Page Six reports.
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The fearless woman who filmed the real 'Jaws'

(CNN) — She's become one of the most passionate and fearless shark advocates in the world, but Valerie Taylor had little interest in the predators during her younger years. The pioneering Australian diver left school at the age of 15 with the intention of becoming an animator, and says she would have chosen to work with tigers if she hadn't "gotten to know sharks."
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It’s All Pure Michigan on Upcoming Gordon Ramsay Show ‘Uncharted’

Yoopers are about to get their culinary fill thanks to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. The episode of Ramsay's popular National Geographic show, Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, that was filmed in the Upper Peninsula is finally going to air. The episode, that was filmed last summer, called “Michigan’s Yooper Cuisine,” will feature Ramsay experiencing everything the UP has to offer thanks to guide Michigan chef James Rigato.
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How many continents are there and what are they?

THERE are various continents that stretch between different regions of the Earth. While continents were formed similarly, various elements differentiate these landmasses. There are seven continents across the world. From largest to smallest, the continents are:. Antarctica. North America. According to National Geographic, the continents add up to approximately 57million...
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Frequency, Intensity of Extreme Weather Surprises Climate Scientists

From the West Coast of the United States to Canada, from Russia’s Siberia to Europe’s Rhineland, the past months have seen a series of extreme weather events — including abnormally high temperatures, forest fires and deadly flooding claiming the lives of hundreds of people. In Canada, the coroner of British...

A True-Life Jungle Cruise with National Geographic: The Nile River

In celebration of the “gnu” excitement coming to the Jungle Cruise attractions at Disneyland Park and Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom this summer, along with the Disney’s Jungle Cruise, in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access on July 30, D23 is teaming up with the National Geographic Image Collection to explore some of the real-life rivers that have inspired Adventureland over the years! If you missed our adventures on the Mekong River or Congo River, be sure to check them out!
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What’s Coming & Going From Hulu in August 2021

Hulu is gearing up for a major month of programming this August as the streamer launches several new originals and welcomes the return of network favorites. On the originals front, don’t miss out on two star-studded newbies including Nine Perfect Strangers with Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy as well as Only Murders in the Building starring Steve Martin, Selena Gomez, and Martin Short. Plus, network musts Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Bachelor in Paradise make their returns with new seasons.

This Is a Cautionary Tale About Playing With Wildlife

The coyote pup in the picture is small, barely large enough to halfway fill the live trap containing it. It sits with its back pressed against one wall, ears perked, mouth halfway open in mid-pant, fuzzy ears perked, eyes staring straight ahead. Around its neck is a chunky black collar, with a leash hanging off of it.