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Regal, Yet Also Ridiculous

King Henry VIII had a bum-wiper. And if you're wondering what the heck that has to do with a somewhat strange photo of an elk, hang with me because we're going on a bit of a ride. Back to Henry. Silk shirt, velvet robes, jewel-studded gold crown and there he...
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Refuge's Natalie Fath wins national honor

Natalie Fath stood at the entrance to the National Elk Refuge on a recent Friday morning and asked a simple question:. The volunteer coordinator was surrounded by refuge staff members, representatives from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Dave and Mary Bucy of the Oregon-based consulting agency Bucy Associates.
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Field Notes

Bernie McHugh reports from Wilson that Saturday morning they had a pair of evening grosbeaks (one each male and female) feeding on aspen buds in the yard. Later, on Antelope Flats Road, Bernie found one long-billed curlew, several singing western meadowlarks, vesper and savannah sparrows, Brewer’s blackbirds and nine pronghorn.
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Geologists counting sheep

In a report this month, the Wyoming Geological Survey Office responded to a question about identically named mountains. It turns out that Wyoming has a veritable herd of Sheep Mountains. The Geological Survey points to Sheep Mountain located above the National Elk Refuge (also known as the Sleeping Indian), three...