3 Dallas Cowboys that need a narrative change

The Dallas Cowboys are currently 8-4, which is good for the top of the NFC East and 4th in the NFC. After a rather underwhelming November, there seems to be a lot of panic about how good the Cowboys actually are? While valid, the panic might still be overkill. The...
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Saturday Teacher Retreat: Exploring Narrative through In American Waters

No matter your discipline, storytelling is at the heart of teaching. Whether you’re sharing the story of our nation’s history or walking students through the logic of a math problem, the craft of narrative has a place in your classroom. And we want to help you explore that craft through art.
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First Friday West Philly with Joshua Ruggeri

First Friday West Philly returns Friday, December 3rd with our very first solo gallery featuring neo-pop artist Joshua Ruggeri!. First Friday West Philly is psyched to introduce Josh Ruggeri as the featured artist for our first solo gallery. Join us on December 3 for an intimate look at Josh's work and exclusive access to Indie-Life x Josh Ruggeri merch. Come vibe with us at the Indie-Life Creative Studio and see how Josh uses a large arsenal of colorful mixed mediums and ‘found objects’ to give life and form to his style.
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Ed Norden: Rittenhouse — a social narrative?

What was your take on the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wis., last week?. What news sources did you rely on to form that opinion? Did you follow the case on social media, network news, newspaper accounts, or cable news talk shows? Did you form your opinion while watching Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC? While spending time at home, I took advantage of some free time to expose myself to all of those news sources.

The cascading consequences of Bad End Theater's parallel narratives

Bad End Theater follows an unlucky cast of four characters as they head towards a series of terrible endings for themselves. The actions of each will affect the stories of the others, though, creating an intertwining storyline that players may shape in unexpected ways. Maybe it can be shaped in such a way that your myriad, interlinked decisions might lead to something good.

Ukraine: Determining its destiny through the control of its narrative

Modern Ukraine will only affirm its independent sovereignty as a European state when it retains control over the creation of its historic narrative and becomes its authoritative articulator. Ukraine can longer tolerate “others” to either tell or determine its national story or shape its narrative. The story of Ukraine and...

News: Members of Karrayyu Gadaa leadership killed, several others missing amid conflicting narratives in East Showa zone

Addis Abeba, December,3/2021- The Oromia regional government today announced the killing of civilians including the Karrayyu Abba Gadaa, Kadir Hawas Boru in the East Showa zone. While Addis Standard received reports of killings and abduction of community members which point to the involvement of government forces, the Oromia regional government blamed the attacks on the Oromo liberation army(OLA) in a statement issued this afternoon. The OLA on its part yesterday issued a statement attributing the attacks to government forces.

Petrit Halilaj: transforming trauma into visual narratives

Last year, Petrit Halilaj returned to drawings he had created during a very turbulent time in his life. In 1999, when Petrit was 13 years old, Serbian troops landed in his native Kosovo, forcing him and his family to flee to a refugee camp in nearby Albania. Suddenly, all that...

Democrats Are Losing Control of the Narrative – Ravi Mangla

Joe Biden responded to the court verdict clearing Kyle Rittenhouse of all charges with the statement “I stand by what the jury has to say. The jury system works.” While Biden was certainly right that the criminal legal system is working as it was intended—to dole out punishment based on the color of one’s skin—his statement signaled a surrender to the right’s co-optation of the uprisings in Kenosha. For months, conservatives had painted Rittenhouse as the only thing standing between law and order and chaos in the Wisconsin city. They created from whole cloth the image of Rittenhouse as a cultural hero, a symbol of Second Amendment virtue and the preservation of a long-standing racial hierarchy. No doubt Biden feared alienating a base of voters who viewed Rittenhouse’s actions as more or less justified. So he did what Democrats often do when the narrative thread slips away from them: wave the white flag.
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Narratives and their impact on inequality

How often have you felt the frustration of trying to explain in vain to someone that an idea they’re embracing is flawed because it’s based on a false or biased premise? For instance, why is it taken for granted that a person is “successful” because they are a self-made millionaire? Why is it generally accepted that someone isn’t a success if they’re simply doing their best, living an ordinary life and managing to keep their houseplant alive? Why is an average life considered “average” in the first place? Who decides what is a success, what is a failure, and why it matters?
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Georgia vs. Alabama: Kirby Smart can flip narratives in legacy-defining 2021 SEC Championship Game

Kirby Smart will lead his No. 1 and undefeated Georgia team into the SEC Championship Game on Saturday afternoon to battle No. 3 Alabama. When Smart leads the top-ranked Bulldogs onto the field to square off with the defending SEC champions, he will not only be focusing on capping an undefeated season for his team heading into the College Football Playoff but also putting a stamp on his legacy as coach of the Georgia program in this era.
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New initiative ‘Transforming Narratives of Gun Violence’ launches two undergraduate courses

Emerson’s Engagement Lab is launching a new three-year initiative titled “Transforming Narratives of Gun Violence” in partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Gun Violence Prevention and the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, beginning this spring. The initiative is holding its official launch event on Thursday from 2-3 p.m. over...

Condemning one’s own narrative

It was ultimately more surprising that a government spokesperson issued a statement ‘condemning’ Anthony De Giovanni’s comments about Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination given the part government officials played in planting and encouraging the spread of these false narratives. The gratuitous claims made by Anthony De Giovanni during a radio show,...
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Letter: 'Refund' narrative is misleading and divisive

As municipal election campaigns kick into gear, it is important to clarify the facts, particularly regarding the Norman Police Budget. The “re-fund” the police narrative is misleading and derails our ability to have well-informed discussions about budget decisions. The “re-fund the police” narrative is misleading because it implies that the...

NAB debunk allegations of Chairman Javaid Iqbal moving abroad

ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau on Wednesday refuted the allegations leveled by the senior Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Ahsan Iqbal stating that NAB Chairman Justice (retd) Javaid Iqbal has left the country. In a written statement, the institution said that a propaganda is being done against the chairman and called...