26 Cult-Favorite Fashion Brands Every Industry Insider Owns

It's my job as an editor to scour the market for the brands to know (and love) in the industry. This includes emerging brands, new luxury labels, vintage shops—the works. Today, I'll be giving you the rundown on brands that have amassed a cult following from the fashion community over the years. These aren't your average, widely known designers, but I promise they're worthy of the same amount of hype. These brands have garnered a large following for many reasons, and their unique approach to design is a large part of it. If you name-drop any of the labels below to someone in the industry, they'll know exactly what you're talking about before you can even finish speaking. Some have been around for years and are staples in the style set's closets, and some only began their journey recently but have reached heights that will make you think they've been around for much longer.
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15 Chic Leather Outfits to Wear in 2021.

Many people have many different opinions when it comes to style, but here’s one of the most universal truths: everyone wants to look expensive. Shopping for $10 tops is one thing, but actually looking like is another—which is why you may have noticed that I talk about deceptively inexpensive basics ad nauseam. Going for minimalist separates is a tried and true approach to achieving this goal, but here’s another one I found courtesy of my feed: faux leather.
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If You Buy a New Coat This Year, Make It One of These

A good coat is the very core of any fashion person's cold-weather wardrobe and can last for years, if not decades. That sounds like a pressurising task, but the truth is our team is currently narrowing down our own extensive coat-shopping lists to secure The One, and many of us here at Who What Wear UK are finding that our top choices for 2021 are quickly selling out.
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Ryan’s black square neck top on Batwoman

Ryan Wilder (played by Javicia Leslie) on Batwoman on The CW was spotted wearing this black square neck top on Batwoman on episode '' (3x02) in Oct 2021. Ryan's Top is the Naia Top by Nanushka. For shoppable links visit

I'm Not Wishing Autumn Away, But These Winter-Ready Dresses Are So Good

As the daily decision of going bare-legged and coat-free versus dusting off our trusty opaques and grabbing a cosy cover-up becomes ever more apparent (along with the contents of our handbag expanding to fit an umbrella, sunglasses and an extra emergency layer), it's no surprise that we all feel slightly confused during the autumn/winter season. This seems to be the case with dresses, too.

11 Cult Fashion Brands I Never Knew You Could Find at THE OUTNET

If you consider yourself a fashion fan, I would guess that you've heard of THE OUTNET, the Net-a-Porter group's indisputably chic contribution to the discount clothing market. Most fashion editors I know have at least one story about a particular bargainous designer buy that they tracked-down on the site. While we all know you can find plenty of big-name brands within the new-in section, I recently discovered that it's a hidden gem for some of the industry's coolest up-and-coming names.

12 best winter coats for women that are worth braving the cold for

The clocks going back is an unpleasant surprise every year. But now British summertime is nearly over (we see you, 31 October), it’s time to turn our attention to our winter wardrobes. If you’re anything like us, this change in season triggers your internal winter vibes klaxon, and you’ll be ready to light autumn candles, drink mulled wine and hunker down. And if you step outside, you’ll need to have your outerwear game on point.A good coat is the very foundation of a winter wardrobe, and the best thing is it can (and should) last for years. But finding...

Sara’s red ribbed polo top on The View

Top: Lance Ribbed Top by A.L.C. Sara Haines on The View on ABC was spotted wearing this red ribbed polo top on The View on Oct 18 2021's episode. Sara's Top is the Lance Ribbed Top by A.L.C. . Sara's Skirt is the Malorie Long Skirt byu Nanushka. For shoppable links visit
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We Have an Exclusive Discount for the Affordable Brand That's Racked Up 211 Million TikTok Views and Counting

I was born in the '90s, so the name Polly instantly reminds me of playing with my Polly Pockets on my bedroom floor. Now, they're considered vintage, and they go for way more on Etsy than the $10 they cost back in the day. But Gen Z has a new Polly they're just as obsessed with: Princess Polly. It isn't anything like Polly Pocket, namely because it isn't a toy. Rather, Princess Polly is a widely popular affordable e-tailer that focuses on trendy pieces, often inspired by the styles from the '90s and the Y2K frenzy.