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What We Know About New York’s Mayoral Primary Results So Far

On Tuesday, New York City held the election that will effectively decide the next mayor of the most populous city in the U.S. (Technically, Tuesday was just the primary, but given how blue New York City is, the Democratic nominee is heavily favored in the Nov. 2 general election.) However, we aren’t expected to know the official winner until the week of July 12. That’s partly due to the city’s adoption of ranked-choice voting for municipal elections, but mostly it’s because New York takes a long time to count absentee ballots. (Absentee results won’t even begin to be released until July 6.)
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NYC mayoral race: What you will know on primary night

New Yorkers across the five boroughs will head to the polls Tuesday to cast their ballots in the pivotal Democratic primary elections to select the party’s nominees for mayor, comptroller, the City Council and other key posts. It’s the first citywide election to utilize the Big Apple’s new ranked-choice voting...
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When Will We Know Who Won the NYC Primary Election?

Tuesday is the last day to vote in the New York City primary, a municipal election unlike any other. But most contests are destined to drag on far after the final vote is cast. With so many positions open, so many candidates running, many voters sending absentee ballots — and...