The Importance of Learning Quran Online

As you know, all educational institutions are closed because students cannot learn properly in this pandemic. That’s why here we offer you different online Islamic courses. So now you can easily learn the Quran just sitting at home without any hindrance. This way you can follow all the steps.
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The Jewish Press

Report: Children in Iranian London School Video Sing about Massacring Jews

According to a Jewish Chronicle report (Children chant massacre-Jews song at North London school), an Iranian propaganda video showing dozens of children singing about massacring Jews was filmed in the playground of the Islamic Republic of Iran School (IRIS) near Queen’s Park station in London. The Iranian school is also a short walk from the New London synagogue in St John’s Wood.

RIP! Champion Of Jews In Africa Harriet Bograd Dies At 79

Recently the news has come on the internet that the champion of Jews, Harriet Bograd has passed away repeatedly. She was a very famous woman who was a champion of Jews in Africa. She died at the age of 79 on Saturday. Currently, her passing news circulated on the internet and untold reactions started hitting the headlines on the internet. Many people have mourned her death and expressed their heartfelt condolences to her family. This time many people are searching for her name on the internet as they want to know her cause of death. Here we have more information about the news and we will share it with you in this article.

Shallow Polemics? Really? A Response to Allan Ruhl

A Catholic apologist named Allan Ruhl has been waging a one-man campaign against my small book The Church and the Pope, about why I left Catholicism and returned to Orthodoxy. In doing so, he has never actually even attempted to address the central points it makes. He made a video to which I was asked to respond, but haven’t had a chance; he has now added an article in which he makes many of the same points. As I’m far more comfortable with the written word than with video, I’ll respond to that article now, and in doing so will cover the points he makes in the video as well.

Chris Christie Calls Trump Dinner with Nazi “Untenable” – In Other News Water is Wet

Well, I suppose this news story at least makes it perfectly clear what ex-New Jersey Governor and once prominent Trump supporter Chris Christie absolutely cannot defend. Finally, after the Orangeutan has called Mexican immigrants rapists, bragged about grabbing women “by the pussy”, singled out Muslims for a preemptive travel ban, hosted the Russian Ambassador and Foreign Minister privately in the Oval Office, threatened to pull out of NATO and submitted like a trained monkey to Putin in Helsinki, caged children, called White Nationalists fine people, Pooh-poohed a virus that would go on to kill a million plus Americans, refused to peacefully transfer power when defeated and gone on to incite an insurrection – Christie thinks now drumpf has gone too far:

9 No-Nonsense Tips Assist Your Business Face A Hostile, Angry Or Urgent Media

Juan Williams, a best selling author of several books on the civil right movement in America, was fired from his job at National Public Radio for comments he made across the O'Reilly Factor located on the Fox News Sales channel. Williams, an African American and self-proclaimed moderate liberal, spoke in answer to a question from Bill O'Reilly as to whether O'Reilly was right when he said the previous week on "The View" that Muslims attacked us on 9/11. After O'Reilly made his remark, both Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, stood up in anger and stomped over set.

Eid al-Fitr in UAE: Upcoming Dates, History, and More

Every year, Eid al Fitr in UAE marks the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting. This festival is one of the most significant festivals in the Islamic calendar. Eid al-Fitr in UAE is a time for Muslims to feast and celebrate, so UAE residents get four days of holiday for the grand celebration. This festival signifies the end of a month-long fasting period for all Muslims. In 2023, the Eid al-Fitr holidays in UAE begin on the 20th of April.

Woman gives birth at Prophet's Mosque in Medina

Woman goes into labour, gives birth at Prophet's Mosque in Medina. The woman was assisted by a SCRA volunteer team working at the holy site, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported. A woman gave birth in a courtyard of the Prophet's Mosque in Medina after suddenly going into labour at...

Mysterious Golden Gate of Jerusalem: Countdown to the end of days

(ORDO NEWS) — In the eastern part of Jerusalem there is an ancient gate, which to this day remains walled up and impassable. Millions of Jews, Christians and Muslims believe that they will miraculously open at the end of days, when God and the Messiah will appear at the Judgment of all mankind.

Ramadan in UAE: 2022 & 2023 Time Table & More

Ramadan in UAE is a time of joy and celebration. Families come together for nightly “iftars” and eat a meal after sunset after breaking their fast. Ramadan in UAE is the most important month in the Islamic calendar, dating from March 23 to April 21, 2023. This is the month when the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. This is a time of spiritual reflection and increased religious devotion.

“Very Seriously” Considering Uniform Civil Code: Chief Minister of Karnataka

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said today that the state government is considering “very seriously” the implementation of a uniform civil code – a controversial issue among Muslims as it will abolish religion-specific laws. Addressing party workers in Shivamogga district, he said the state must have it.

No one will stay in power forever owaisi beats shah over his rebels lesson learned note rah mgb | Pro IQRA News

All India Majlis Ittehad Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi slammed Union Home Minister Amit Shah for his remarks saying that no one stays in power forever. Home Minister Amit Shah said the BJP has taught a lesson to the perpetrators of violence in 2002. Owaisi also accused Shah of being full of power. Addressing an election rally in Gujarat on Friday, Shah had said that anti-social elements had stopped indulging in violence after learning a lesson in 2002 and that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would bring lasting peace in the established state.

20 Best Islamic Quotes in English from Quran

Quran is close to every Muslim’s heart. Here are the 20 best Islamic quotes from Quran about life, success, faith, and love. Islam is the second-largest religion in the world, with around 1.8 billion followers all around the world. The word Islam means submission (to God). The religion revolves around the teachings of the Holy Quran that covers the Islamic way of life. The religious text of the Quran is considered by Muslims to be the direct word of Allah. After Quran, the secondary documented account Muslims follow is Hadith which collects the teachings and practices of Muhammad (sunnah).