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Joe Satriani called it the worst record he ever made, but his debut EP featured his most innovative work

In 1984, Satch released his first solo recording: a wild five-track effort that used the electric guitar for everything – even drums. We all know Joe Satriani as the electric guitar innovator who put instrumental shred on the map and taught some of the brightest talents to emerge from the ’80s and ’90s. Yet his earliest solo efforts – recorded long before Surfing with the Alien made him a household name in the guitar world – show another, more esoteric side to the guitar god, and one many fans may not be familiar with.
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Snark launches the Snark Air, a rechargeable ‘hidden’ clip-on tuner

The tiny new device can be concealed behind your guitar’s headstock, and features one-touch operation and rotating display angles. Snark is a name that is pretty synonymous with the clip-on guitar tuner. The firm has sold some 25 million clip-ons since its launch and its latest effort is the Snark Air.
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Ernie Ball Music Man unveils Mike Herrara 2022 signature StingRay bass – limited to just 10 units

Ernie Ball Music Man have announced a new and (extremely) limited-edition run of MxPx frontman Mike Herrera’s signature StingRay bass. The 2022 signature guitar is finished in flat black with chrome hardware and only 10 units were been offered for general sale, exclusively via the Music Man site. These have already sold out, so it seems fans and collectors will need to watch the used marketplaces from now on.
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Meet the FloraVolt, a fruit-powered guitar pedal

Effects innovator Mattoverse has given fans a sneak peek of its latest project: an effects pedal powered by fruit and vegetables, (tentatively) named the FloraVolt. Details on the pedal are still very light, but it offers a simple 1/4” in and out connection and a single footswitch to engage the circuit. There’s also a floating drip plate, which protects the pedal from any fruit juice spills.
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What’s the best guitar album of 2022?

We’ve already asked for your thoughts on this year’s best riffs and best solos, but now it’s time for the biggie: what’s the best guitar album to emerge in 2022?. It’s been a banner year for guitar records, with pyrotechnic-rich releases from Polyphia, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, while metal heavyweights Megadeth and Slipknot made their triumphant returns, as did Red Hot Chili Peppers with two new releases featuring John Frusciante (we’d argue Return of the Dream Canteen is the stronger guitar album of the pair, hence its appearance below).
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The 30 greatest Texas guitarists of all time

In terms of actual geographical size, Texas is pretty much a pipsqueak compared to, say, Alaska. (For those keeping score, Alaska accounts for 665,384 square miles versus Texas’ total area of 268,596 square miles.) But if we’re measuring Texas’ mark on American culture, specifically through music, it’s hard to...

MusicRadar on MODO DRUM 1.5

"With some of the most expansive tone-shaping control we’ve ever handled, IK has augmented an already unparalleled drum workstation." And so begins MusicRadar's recent review of MODO DRUM 1.5 giving the virtual drum instrument 4.5 out of 5 stars. Here are the top features of MODO DRUM according to...

Donner’s DED-20 is a roll-up drum pad that fits in your backpack

As any roadie will tell you, the problem with drum kits is that they’re big, heavy and take time to set up and break down, which makes them less than ideal for taking with you and practising on when you’re out and about. Fear not, though, because Donner has a solution - the DED-20 roll-up electronic drum pad.

Get Keef T-style guitar swagger for less with the new £207 TE-53KR BL Tribute

The relentless Harley Benton machine continues to produce electric guitar temptation for those priced out elsewhere, and long may it continue – especially with this new TE-53KR BL Tribute that nods to Keef's iconic 1954 Micawber Tele. That means a humbucker in the neck and more traditional single-coil in...
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Jamie Lenman names 10 guitarists who shaped his sound

The ex-Reuben mastermind and UK alt-rock hero names his faves – from grunge and prog icons to a guitar teacher known only as “The Egg”. UK singer-songwriter Jamie Lenman made his name with noughties cult alt-rock trio Reuben, but his solo career has demonstrated his enviable ability to turn his hand to just about any musical genre.
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A guitar pedal has been sent into space for the first time

Chaos Audio's Stratus multi-FX pedal was – quite literally – launched earlier this month. Chaos Audio is claiming to be the first effects firm to have sent a guitar pedal into space. Matt is a freelance journalist who has spent the last decade interviewing musicians for the likes...

Dorian Concept says goodbye to “love/hate” Microkorg synth

Producer Dorian Concept has revealed a “love/hate relationship”, he says, with the Korg Microkorg synthesizer. In an interview with MusicRadar, the Flying Lotus keyboardist, recent Kenny Beats collaborator and solo artist who’s always championed the Microkorg, cites the instrument as a constant throughout his career. He goes on to say, however, that his time using the instrument is coming to an end.