Halo Infinite Devs Share New Details on Multiplayer Progression, Challenges

Halo Infinite players now know a bit more about how the game's multiplayer mode and progression system work with one another thanks to new details shared by 343 Industries. The game won't have a traditional experience system that gives players more points based on kills and in-game performance and will instead award battle pass experience by completing weekly and daily challenges. The developers also assured people that it would take many hours to fully complete these challenges in case players were worried about running out of things to do too quickly in a season.

Deathloop’s multiplayer sounded cooler than it actually is

Deathloop is a fantastic game, but there’s one element that’s just kind of there — the player versus player combat. Every time I start Deathloop, I’m given an option. I can either try to break the loop as Colt, or protect it as Julianna. This is an intriguing premise. While the game’s other antagonists are all locked into the same routines and schedules, Julianna is free of the cycle; she’s controlled by a human player I cannot predict and sometimes cannot outplay. But the execution of this executioner is just so-so, and it stands out like a useless appendage in an otherwise spectacular experience.

343 Responds to Halo Infinite Criticism, New Details on Multiplayer Progression

Halo Infinite is handling player progression far differently from any previous game in the series by removing per-match XP and instead focusing solely on a battle pass at launch. There will be no separate XP progression system for outside of the battle pass, meaning players who do no purchase the battle pass will have no sense of progression in the multiplayer.

Forza Horizon 5 multiplayer details revealed: Battle Royale, Co-op, and more

The next Forza Horizon game is launching soon, and is perhaps one of the most anticipated games of the year already. So far we’ve seen lots about the new location, the single player campaign etc., but what about multiplayer? Thankfully, the latest stream with the developers touched on all things online, and what you can get up to in the revamped multiplayer.

New Halo Infinite Multiplayer Tests Announced

Check your inbox Halo fans, the new Halo Infinite multiplayer technical test was just announced. 343 Industries are sending out emails to those who have registered to participate in the upcoming multiplayer test. Back-to-Back Halo Infinite Multiplayer Test Previews. The Halo Infinite multiplayer test will span across two back-to-back weekends....

‘Forza Horizon 5’ debuts new multiplayer modes and car sharing

A recently uploaded gameplay video for Forza Horizon 5 has revealed three new multiplayer modes and a newly refined car sharing feature. Playground Games hosted the livestream, which is now available to watch on YouTube, showing fans 50 minutes of Forza Horizon 5 and its multiple multiplayer modes. The racing...