How Weta’s VFX Team Plotted the Scenes for ‘Mulan’

“Mulan” lands on Disney Plus for subscribers at no extra charge this weekend. The live-action remake directed by Niki Caro is an adaptation of Disney’s 1998 animated film and based on Chinese folklore. The film stars Yifei Li as Mulan. Weta Digital crafted hundreds of visual effects shots to reinforce...
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The Top 10 Disney+ Films of 2020

Disney+, Disney’s direct-to-consumer streaming platform, was only a few months old when the coronavirus threw the entire world into disarray. As the landscape changed on an almost daily basis, Disney+ became the most important element of the vast company’s portfolio. Disney+ became a place where new offerings, originally intended for theatrical exhibition, could be shown to a potentially wider audience without losing any of its inherent specialness. Just think about the size and scope of what movies premiered on Disney+ this year – a new Pixar animated marvel, a massively hyped Broadway performance, two musical documentaries by pop music’s reigning queens, and one of the bigger live-action adaptations of the company’s animated classics all made their debut alongside a robust line-up of movies that were already intended for the platform. It was truly an embarrassment of riches. And for everyone who was feeling alone and scared, it gave a welcome reprieve from the horrors of the outside world. Disney+ did the impossible: it brought magic to quarantine.
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Twitter Mocks Disney After Warner Bros. Sends 2021 Movies to HBO Max at No Extra Cost to Subscribers

Twitter users are mocking Mulan in response to Warner Bros. sending its 2021 movies slate to the HBO Max streaming service without any additional cost to subscribers. After Disney delayed its live-action Mulan remake, pushing its theatrical release from March to July and then to August amid the coronavirus pandemic, the big-budgeted blockbuster released on Disney+ in September as the first title offered through its Premier Access model. This PVOD option allowed subscribers of the service to rent Mulan for an additional cost of $29.99, giving Premier Access customers the ability to stream the movie with unlimited viewing during a three-month window ending December 4.

If You Haven't Watched It Already, Mulan Is Now Free On Disney+

Mulan was one of the most affected films by the pandemic, moving release dates many times before ultimately coming to Disney+ as a "Premium Add-On" a couple of months ago. After releasing digitally and on Blu-ray the last couple of weeks, the subscriber's to Disney+ as of today can now watch Mulan free with their subscription with no added cost. Here is What our own Kaitlyn Booth had to say about the film: "Mulan is the best of the live-action remakes so far, so the fact that it is always going to have the specter of "straight to PVOD" hanging over its head is a shame. This cast and crew put out a great movie that is absolutely worth the price. We all know what will happen if this fails; the blame will be put on the fact that this is a female-directed, female-focused, and POC leading that failed and not just a possible misstep when it comes to market demand."

Mulan Can Now Be Streamed for Free on Disney+

Mulan is now available for Disney+ subscribers to watch for free. Disney's live-action adaptation of the beloved animated classic was previously only available to purchase for an additional $30, which kept a decent amount of prospective viewers away from watching it. The movie was originally supposed to open in theaters back in March of this year, but that's right when the global public health crisis took over and shut down movie theaters all over the world, forcing studios to delay their 2020 movies.

Mulan Is Now Finally Free To Stream On Disney Plus

Three months after its groundbreaking debut under the Disney Plus Premier Access label, Mulan is now finally available for all subscribers to watch at no extra cost. The live-action remake of the beloved 1998 animated flick landed on the streaming service on September 4th for the controversially high price of $30. Since then, it’s become available on other platforms and on physical media, so the cost had dipped. As of December 4th, though, it’s now completely free to view to anyone with a D+ account.

Mulan Is Now Free to Stream on Disney+

For fans that have been holding out to watch Disney's live-action take on Mulan for free, your chance has finally arrived. Disney moved the film from theaters to a released on Disney+ back in September, utilizing a new "Premier Access" program that required users to pay an additional $30 to watch it. Since that debut, Mulan has moved to other on-demand platforms and a physical release, making the movie available at a slightly cheaper price. Now, however, you can check out Mulan for free on Disney+.

Mulan live-action remake now free for Disney Plus subscribers

Disney's live-action remake of the 1998 animated film Mulan skipped a theatrical release in the US, being made available to stream on Disney Plus. Initially Disney's Mulan remake cost you an extra $30 on top of your new or existing subscription, but that period is almost over. As of today,...

Mulan hits general release on Disney Plus

The live-action remake of Mulan will be available for all to stream as part of their standard Disney Plus subscription from Friday. The film landed on Disney Plus as the first piece of Premier Access content back in September but it's now ready for a more general release. Up until...
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Disney’s live-action Mulan will be out on Blu-ray next week

Disney’s live-action adaptation of Mulan, one of the company’s biggest streaming titles this year, will finally be available on physical media next week. You’ll be able to get it on 4K UHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD on November 10th. Mulan’s physical media launch marks the end of a whirlwind release...

Disney CEO hints at plans for more PVOD releases on Disney+ in wake of Mulan

The announcement last month that Pixar's Soul would debut on Disney+ free for subscribers, without the $30 "premier access" price tag attached to Mulan, led to speculation that the live-action remake's performance had been underwhelming. However, Disney CEO Bob Chapek claims this was not the case, and in fact hinted that more films could receive the premier access treatment in the near future.

Is ‘Mulan’ Based on a True Story?

It’s finally the day Disney+ subscribers have been waiting for: the live-action remake of Mulan is now available to stream for free on the platform. No more Premier Access $29.99 rental fee. Every Disney+ subscriber will be able to watch Liu Yifei do impressive martial arts to protect her home.

Disney Will Try More Releases Like "Mulan"

Media powerhouse Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) has been forced to try out some new ideas in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic closed down movie theaters for several months and Disney kicked a lot of planned movie releases over into 2021. The company also skipped movie theaters altogether for a couple of important titles. The live-action remake of Mulan was perhaps the most daring experiment, premiering directly on the Disney+ streaming service with a $30 premium surcharge for the first three months.

How Mulan Star Feels About The Movie Not Getting To Be Seen On The Big Screen Or In Movie Theaters

When it was announced back in August that the live-action version of Mulan would skip movie theaters and go straight to Disney+, it caused quite a stir. As you can imagine, that decision also affected the cast and crew and now one Mulan star shared how he felt when it didn’t get a chance to be seen on the big screen. And now one such cast member has opened up about these complicated feelings.