KUKA Deploys 5G In Augsburg Plant

Amid all the industrial networking advances seen over the past several years—from Time-Sensitive Networking and MQTT to Ethernet APL and Single Pair Ethernet—the one technology that’s likely received the most attention is 5G. The issue with 5G at the moment is that many areas cannot yet access the technology, but that is changing quickly with widespread 5G availability expected within the next few years.
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Automating Your Home with Grafana and Siemens Controllers

Imagine that you have access to a digital twin of your house that allows you to remotely monitor and control different devices inside your home. Forgot to turn off the heater or air conditioning? Didn’t close water faucets? Wondering how long your kids have been watching TV? Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the information from multiple devices in a single place?
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An open source desk to showcase your projects, complete with swappable panels

Almost every maker has run into the problem of not being able to find a convenient display or power source for their project prototype, and thus leading to minor delays and some frustration. However, YouTuber Another Maker has come up with an open source desk concept that makes finding these things simple. The system he built uses a large grid of swappable panels that can simply slide into place within a wooden frame. Behind these are a few devices for both power and connectivity, such as power strips, an Ethernet switch (with PoE capabilities), and an HDMI switch for changing between a Raspberry Pi and a PC.
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IoT/TimeSeries Event Processing using AWS Serverless Services & Managed Kafka Streaming

In my previous article, AWS serverless design considerations were discussed for collecting and storing the TimeSeries events. The TimeSeries and IoT data share most of the characteristics except a few like the timestamp attribute. The time-series data arrival is predefined but IoT events can be in a random window. The IoT event analytics can be done either with IoT analytics or with Kafka but both have certain data processing limitations. The solution I have considered for this article has a mix of Kafka Streaming and IoT Analytics. The integration of AWS MSK with Kinesis Data Analytics or AWS Glue will be covered in detail in another article.

No-Code IoT and Future Business Models | ThingLogix's Rob Rastovich

In this episode of the IoT For All Podcast, ThingLogix CTO Rob Rastovich joins us to talk no- and low-code IoT and how they will affect the IoT landscape as a whole. Rob shares some of the use cases that benefit most from these kinds of solutions and how we’re likely to see them affect the IoT business models of the future.
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Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 Free

Cisco Packet Tracer for mac 7.1 is accessible for downloading, launching and installation for free. If the user is a student studying Cisco networking tools and equipment, then Cisco Packet Tracer is merely for the user who is a student. Cisco Packet Tracer free full version is improved by the...

Field Notes: Deliver Messages Using an IoT Rule Action to Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka

With IoT devices scaling up rapidly, real-time data integration and data processing has become a major challenge. This is why customers often choose Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) for message ingestion, and Apache Kafka to build a real-time streaming data pipeline. AWS IoT Core now supports a new IoT rule action to deliver messages from your devices directly to your Amazon MSK or self-managed Apache Kafka clusters for data analysis and visualization, without you having to write a single line of code.

Migrating connected device fleets to AWS with Custom Domains for AWS IoT Core

AWS launched Configurable Endpoints with Custom Domains for AWS IoT Core, a new capability that allows customers to customize the behavior of their AWS IoT Core data endpoints with custom domain names. Custom Domains enable customers to register their original custom domain names and associated server certificates to their AWS IoT Core endpoints.

Element 14 eBook covers IoT security trends

Element14 has released a new eBook for its members providing an overview of IoT Security trends, relevant algorithms and cryptography for security use, along with a rundown of the latest in communication, edge device, gateway server, and cloud level security. The IoT allows millions of servers, devices, and people across...

Internet of things: a multiprotocol gateway as solution of the interoperability problem

One of the main challenges of the Internet of Things is the interoperability of highly heterogeneous devices, mainly in terms of the communication capabilities and network protocols used. As consequence, the interconnection model of the different devices involves an intermediary device, known as gateway. This gateway is a centralized element for the management of the devices that make up an IoT application. In addition, it is essential for the transmission of information to the Internet, especially when many IoT devices are not IP-based. This chapter describes a proposed model for an IoT gateway that allows the exchange of data through different wireless technologies and forwarding of such data to the Internet.
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Get ready for groov RIO with Ignition 8

A new groov RIO module (MM2) has just been released that includes Ignition 8 software from Inductive Automation. As announced previously in the OptoBlog, Ignition 8 software is now part of the newest groov EPIC controller (GRV-EPIC-PR2). But, we didn’t stop there. The latest groov RIO MM2 model (GRV-R7-MM2001-10) also includes Ignition 8 and boasts increased memory and storage along with other important features.