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Watch The Green Knight online: Netflix, DVD, Amazon Prime

A spooky, surreal take on Arthurian legend, The Green Knight is (finally) arriving on the big screen. Prepare yourself for a creepy magical adventure into the legends of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Written, edited, produced, and directed by David Lowery, The Green Knight is a brand-new epic fantasy film from A24, the acclaimed independent entertainment company.

Why Movie Theater Seats and Curtains Are Red

We love nothing more than learning new things, especially when it comes to subjects that impact our design and lifestyle choices. Case in point: Have you ever wondered why movie theaters feature red curtains and seats? Why not blue, green, or even pink? Turns out, there's a specific and fascinating reason behind this color choice.
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Ever Wonder Why Movie Theaters Have Red Seats & Curtains?

Image via ID 24255384 © Denis Raev | Dreamstime.com. Step into a movie theater, and you’ll see rows upon rows of plush red chairs, along with red velvet curtains adorning the sides. Have you ever wondered why theater seats and curtains sport this color? Well, it seems that the answer actually has to do with science.

How to watch 'Jungle Cruise' movie online for free at home and release date

The Rock and Emily Blunt are in for the adventure of a lifetime in Disney's Jungle Cruise. Here's everything you need to know about how to watch Jungle Cruise online. "Jungle Cruise" is a new movie inspired by the classic Disney theme park ride. You can stream the film with Disney Plus Premier Access on July 30.