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Mountain Dew brings you Battle of Bangis: Cong vs. Ivana

Two teams—one led by Cong and the other by Ivana Alawi—will slug it out in the Mountain Dew Battle of Bangis, a series of challenges that will test their physical, mental and emotional strength, plus teamwork. This is the challenge to watch out for. In the true sense of supporting...
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Here’s How to Win Mountain Dew in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with WTUG

Mondays are made for Mountain Dew. I’m just going to say it. Mountain Dew is one of the best beverages ever. So, I’ve teamed up my love of Mountain Dew and my love of giving away Mountain Dew together for Mountain Dew Mondays. You can win a case of Mountain Dew for you and your crew. So, you can be refreshed and “charged for anything.”

Gingerbread-Flavoured Mountain Dew Is Coming For The Holiday Season!

Mountain Dew is releasing a gingerbread pop for the holidays. It’s called Mountain Dew Gingerbread Snap’d. On the bottle, it’s described as Mountain Dew with a, “blast of artificial gingerbread flavour.” They haven’t revealed a release date yet. All we know is it’ll hit shelves before the end of the year.

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Just in time for the holidays, Mountain Dew is releasing a Gingerbread soda: ‘Mountain Dew Gingerbread Snap’d’ Think you’ll give it a try? Check it out here.

Why Mountain Dew Once Apologized To The State Of Michigan

The premise was simple. Mountain Dew would design a bottle for each state in the United States. They would be like the personalized Coke bottles, but they would celebrate regions instead of names. The 50 bottles would be filled with the soda's newest flavor, Liberty Brew. Best of all, the brand could name the promotion the Dewnited States.

Mountain Dew Bringing Gingerbread Flavor For Christmas ’21

Over a year ago, pictures of a gingerbread-flavored soda with Mountain Dew branding started popping up online, but nothing was ever confirmed, until now. Mountain Dew Gingerbread Snap'd is on its way, with the description of “DEW with a Blast of Artificial Gingerbread Flavor” written across the bottle. Of course, the label is as festive as you can get with icing, gingerbread man, and Santa hats.

Mountain Dew Gingerbread Will Be Here For Holiday Season | Kayla

PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew holiday flavored soda will be here soon folks. Mountain Dew Gingerbread Snap’d is described as “DEW with a Blast of Artificial Gingerbread Flavor” on the bottle. The packaging is as festive as could be, complete with gingerbread men, red and green icing, and Santa Claus hats. “Pop...