The Hour Has Come (PC)

Thanks to Obadiah D Luna for sending us a review copy!. I always do a quick bit of research when writing up reviews, and googling for “The Hour Has Come” returns verses related to Jesus’ crucifixion. It seems strangely appropriate to me that a psychological horror game should call to mind the fear of the scattered disciples as the Messiah was taken from them. This appears to be Obadiah D Luna’s first serious attempt at developing a game, and it’s quite a commendable effort in that context.
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Former Congresswoman Carrie Meek Dies At 95

Former Rep. Carrie Meek, the first Black woman elected to Florida’s state senate, has died in her Miami home. She was 95 years old. A family spokesperson said in a statement that the former legislator passed away after a "long illness” adding, "Carrie Meek was our family matriarch who fulfilled this role for the entire South Florida community. She was a bridge builder and healer, a unifier with a legacy defined by selfless public service. Forever the educator, the Congresswoman taught us all lessons about justice and morality. Her approach was rooted in kindness and humility. Carrie Meek made our society stronger and more equitable — an outcome that is an everlasting tribute to our beloved mother. She was guided by her faith, always inspired by the outpouring of love and community support. We humbly ask for your prayers at this time."
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Parents can parent their own children, but not an entire school’s

Not content to restrict which books her own offspring are permitted to read, Fairfax mother Stacy Langton has taken it upon herself to ensure that the reading choices of everyone’s children be constrained by her own personal biases [“Targeted books get all-clear in Fairfax,” Metro, Nov. 24]. Opinions to start...
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Cornell Should Decriminalize Masklessness

Despite some concerns over variant strains abroad, worries of a COVID-19 outbreak at Cornell have been ebbing. With the Cornell population at a 97% vaccination rate and daily new cases consistently in the single digits, Cornellians are coming to find that they can live with COVID-19 risk. This acceptance of risk was apparent in the reports of widespread masklessness at Saturday’s men’s hockey game (which was hosted in Madison Square Garden).
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Pace Pictures Edits and Finishes Crime Thriller "For the Love of Money"

--(SPW)-- Pace Pictures provided editorial and post-production services forFor the Love of Money, the new crime drama from executive producer Melvin Childs, director Leslie Small and Freestyle Releasing, about a single mother who takes desperate action to save her teenage daughter from gangsters threatening her life. Pace’s Heath Ryan edited the film, which draws audiences into a murky world of crime, violence and unlimited cash, and explores the morality of doing whatever it takes to protect the ones you love.

6 Traits Every Christian Should Have

There are Christians in all parts of the world, and they all desire to be more like Jesus. We strive to live according to the wisdom and commands of God given in the Bible. The Bible is the perfect guide on how to be more like Jesus. However, obedience requires an understanding of what to obey. If you don’t understand what you must abide by, you’re just a lost sheep without a flock. While no Christian is excellent, we will continually grow due to the Spirit’s work in us. Still, there are some traits that every Christian should have to be more like Jesus.

Why the 10-80-10 Rule Is Key To Achieving Success

The 10-80-10 rule is an extension of the Pareto principle that says 80% of productivity/wealth is generated/owned by 20% of the population.[1] This ratio is often observable in various statistics and studies. The 10-80-10 rule takes this principle and applies it more specifically to human behavior. It is also malleable,...

The Universal Structure of Storytelling

Editor's note: what follows is a lightly edited excerpt of The Story Paradox: How Our Love of Storytelling Builds Societies and Tears them Down, by Jonathan Gotschall, published by Basic Books (November 2021). In the mid-2000s I set out, along with my colleagues Joseph Carroll, John Johnson, and Dan Kruger,...

DeJONGHE: We all need a giggle

Life is not always easy or much fun. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. We get so wrapped up in making a living, take care of those we love, keeping things clean and neat, making sure everyone is OK, we often forget to take time to relax, laugh, sing, dance or even to simply have a giggle.

Facing the Childfree Challenge Over the Holidays

Being a childfree woman is never really a straightforward experience, and it becomes even more complicated during the holidays. There is a major increase in the pressure that’s put on these women, both from society at large and their families at home. They are questioned, judged, and even outcast and excluded. Choosing to be a childfree woman is a hard path, and it only gets harder as the holidays approach. Does this sound like you? Stay strong and protect your wellbeing and the noble choice you’ve made.

#733 The Rise Of 6ixBuzz And The Death Of Debby Parkway

#733 The Rise Of 6ixBuzz And The Death Of Debby Parkway. Did an Instagram account kill a vulnerable teenager? 6ixBuzz has unparalleled clout in Toronto with young audiences and it used that influence to make "Debby Gang" or "Debby Parkway" (real name Alexis Matos) a certain brand of local celebrity — the kind that is repeatedly filmed when spotted on the street, and is then is the subject of mockery and scorn.

True Morality is Not Found in a Government Program

We should never equate compassion or morality with a government program. True morality is seen in voluntary actions; i.e., freely chosen sacrifice. Never cede the moral high ground to those that want to crowd out voluntary acts of compassion with politicized government welfare. One of the most prophetic quotes attributed...
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Opinion: Forget drones; frogs are the future of warfare

The United States has been the world hegemon since the end of the second world war, with a military that has dominated all others during even the most turbulent times. Indeed, being at the cutting—if not bleeding—edge of military technology is America’s top priority as the threats of China, North Korea and Russia loom ever larger.

Doctor Who: Flux Goes Around The World In Too Little Time In The Penultimate Survivors Of The Flux

The fifth and penultimate episode of "Doctor Who: Flux" feels like the closest to Marvel that "Doctor Who" has ever been — and that's not just because "Survivors of the Flux" throws around words like "multiverse" and gives UNIT an origin story ripped straight from the HYDRA infiltration of SHIELD (don't even get me started on the Division revelations and its parallels to "Loki"). It's because this fifth chapter of "Flux" feels like skimming through the pages of a comic book: alternately chaotic, cosmic, ambitious, and kind of a mess.

Roblox Heroes Legacy Codes (November 2021)

Roblox is a pretty huge game that only continues to get bigger with new modes and experiences. For a good sample of those experiences, check out Funky Friday, Pet Simulator X, Tower Defense Shinobi. If you're looking for the latest Roblox Heroes Legacy codes, this is what you should know.