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Moon Knight marks the return of Marvel’s resurrection machine

Before Marvel fully committed to building out its cinematic universe with an overarching narrative and a series of cameos meant to keep audiences coming back with the promise of deeper character development down the line, the studio found success by reframing how we saw the original Avengers. Though Moon Knight is the latest in Disney Plus’ current wave of superhero shows, it often feels like a throwback to Marvel’s classic approach to reworking lower profile comic book characters into household names meant to become key players within a larger cinematic universe.
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Moon Knight Recap: Oscar Isaac Makes Marvel-ous Debut in Series Premiere

Click here to read the full article. Television has given a platform to a great number of lunar-related heroes through the ages, from Neil Armstrong to Sailor Moon. Thanks to Marvel and Disney+, we can now add one more name to that celebrated (albeit extremely specific) list. Enter Marvel’s highly anticipated (and well-reviewed!) new series Moon Knight, easily the most refreshing departure from anything we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since WandaVision. In fact, as director and executive producer Mohamed Diab recently told TVLine, “A lot of people are telling me that if there was no MCU logo at the...

Oscar Isaac gets to be a hero, dork, and Egyptian god in Moon Knight

The first moments of Moon Knight alert you that our protagonist, British gift shop worker Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), is a little unusual. Granted, “unusual” applies to most Marvel superheroes — Thor is a himbo demigod; Captain America is actually an old man trapped in a young person’s body; the Guardians of the Galaxy include a talking tree and a raccoon who doesn’t like being called a raccoon — but in Grant’s case, it all feels a bit more dire.

Moon Knight: How Mohamed Diab Directed Multiple Marvel Personalities

There are a lot of things that make Moon Knight different than other Marvel heroes. Not only is he the vessel of an Egyptian deity charged with safeguarding those who travel at night, the character also deals with dissociative identity disorder. There are multiple people living in the same body. The upcoming Moon Knight series on Disney+ puts those personalities front and center, as Oscar Isaac stars as both timid gift shop worker Steven Grant and gritty mercenary Marc Spector.

Fortnite Rumor Hints at Moon Knight Skin

Although many more people are surely looking forward to Moon Knight's debut on Disney+ this week, it sounds like the Marvel hero could also end up coming to Fortnite in the future as well. More than any other company, Marvel has shown that it is willing to partner with Epic Games on a regular basis to bring characters like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Prowler, and numerous others to the battle royale title. And while no such collab with Moon Knight has been revealed just yet, an interesting rumor has now emerged suggesting that a crossover could be in the cards.
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Moon Knight: Meeting the many faces of Marc Spector

By the end of this month, Disney and Marvel Studios will embark on their most radically different mainline MCU project with Moon Knight. The upcoming Disney+ TV series features an impressive main cast featuring Oscar Isaac (Dune, Ex Machina, the Star Wars series) as the titular nocturnal hero and Ethan Hawke (Dead Poets Society, Boyhood) as villain Arthur Harrow.

Moonshot, Moon Knight, and Moonfall: Moonsplaining the Moon trend

The moon: so hot right now! Actually, the moon is an eternally cold and lonely rock orbiting a planet on fire. But it certainly is popular. The spaced-out romcom Moonshot hits HBO Max on March 31, one day after the premiere of Marvel's eerie Moon Knight on Disney+. Don't forget about Moonfall, the latest from catastrophe auteur (catastrauteur?) Roland Emmerich, which is still in (some) theaters and arrives on VOD April 1. Here's your guide to culture's sudden Moonaisssance.