Moon Drops Distillery opens Wednesday in Fortville

FORTVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Leaders in Hancock County are celebrating an economic milestone. Moon Drops Distillery, the county’s first distillery, will host a ribbon-cutting event Wednesday at its new facility, located at 738 W. Broadway St. in Fortville. The company will offer leaders an exclusive tour inside its...
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‘World’s first’ steam-propelled spacecraft heads to the moon and beyond

In a world first, Japan's space agency announced it successfully used steam to propel a spacecraft toward the Moon. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) water-powered CubeSat spacecraft, EQUilibriUm Lunar-Earth point 6U (EQUULEUS), was launched on its way by NASA's Orion spacecraft, which recently broke a record for the farthest distance traveled by a human-rated spacecraft.

'Rebel Moon': Plot, Cast, Filming Details, and Everything We Know so Far About Zack Snyder's Sci-Fi Epic

Streaming powerhouse Netflix will be teaming up with Zack Snyder after the unprecedented success of his movie Army of the Dead. After Zack’s lengthy run at Warner Bros and DC, he's found a new home with the streaming service promising an array of exciting new projects. His next film Rebel Moon has been touted to be an epic two-parter with the likelihood of spin-off properties. A lifelong Star Wars fan, Snyder initially intended Rebel Moon as a Star Wars movie. He had the idea to pitch Rebel Moon as a more mature take on the universe created by George Lucas. That idea was shut down after Walt Disney Co. acquired LucasFilm in 2012. Snyder then set up a deal with Deborah Snyder’s production company Stone Quarry and Netflix for Rebel Moon to be reworked into an entirely new universe.

The Moon Tarot Card Wants You To Seek Clarity

Whether it’s within the realm of astrology, folklore, or science class, the moon has always been an important symbol, and its presence in the tarot is just as powerful. While iconic and recognizable, the Moon card’s meaning is often misunderstood — which is actually quite amusing given that its presence often points to having a lack of clarity in a situation. That said, there are also many other messages that the Moon sends in the tarot that are worth exploring.
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SpaceX set to launch two spacecraft to the Moon tonight

It has been a busy second half of the year for the Moon. Since late June, three US rockets have launched payloads to the Moon, and one more is set for early Friday morning. Across these four launches—two on SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, one on Rocket Lab's Electron, and one on NASA's Space Launch System—there have been a total of 15 spacecraft sent to fly by the Moon, enter orbit, or land there. The most notable of these, of course, is NASA's Orion spacecraft, which is due to return to Earth on December 11.

SpaceX postpones mission to put Japanese lander on Moon

SpaceX on Wednesday postponed by one day a mission to launch the first private—and Japanese—lander to the Moon. A Falcon 9 rocket is now scheduled to blast off at 3:37 am (0837 GMT) Thursday from Cape Canaveral, Florida. SpaceX said on Twitter that the delay was to carry out more pre-flight checks.

Flood Warning issued for Lake, Volusia by NWS

Effective: 2022-11-30 10:40:00 EST Expires: 2022-12-01 11:00:00 EST Urgency: Expected Severity: Moderate Certainty: Likely Target Area: Lake; Volusia The Flood Warning continues for the following rivers in Florida St Johns River Near Astor affecting Lake and Volusia Counties. .The Saint Johns River at Astor remains in Minor Flood stage. It is forecast to continue a very slow fall while remaining within Minor Flood stage for the foreseeable future. Residents and interests along the river will continue to see Minor flood impacts. For the St. Johns River...including Astor...Moderate flooding is forecast. Additional information is available at The next statement will be issued Thursday morning at 1100 AM EST. ...FLOOD WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE * WHAT...Minor flooding is occurring and minor flooding is forecast. * WHERE...St Johns River Near Astor. * WHEN...Until further notice. * IMPACTS...At 2.8 feet, Docks and boat ramps covered at South Moon Fish Camp and approaching sea wall at Blair`s Jungle Den. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS - At 9:30 AM EST Wednesday the stage was 2.9 feet. - Recent Activity...The maximum river stage in the 24 hours ending at 9:30 AM EST Wednesday was 3.0 feet. - Forecast...The river is expected to rise to a crest of 2.9 feet this afternoon. - Flood stage is 2.3 feet. - Fld Observed Forecasts (1 pm) Location Stg Stg Day/Time Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon St Johns River Astor 2.3 2.9 Wed 9 am 2.8 2.9 2.8 2.8 MSG

Tonight's Moon Will Look Like It's Been Cut in Half—Here's When to Best See the Lunar Event

We're just hours away from the first day of December (and the official start of the holiday season!), but you won't want to miss these last few moments of November. Tonight, on November 30, stargazers will be able to watch as the moon transitions into its first quarter phase—which, despite the confusing lunar jargon, means that the astronomical body will look like it has been sliced in half.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds to play Manchester homecoming concert in 2023

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds have announced a homecoming concert in Manchester for summer 2023. The former Oasis guitarist, co-vocalist and songwriter will take his solo band to Wythenshawe Park for a show on August 26, 2023. It marks the band’s first full headline performance in the city since...

Your Natal Saturn Placement Moon In Astrology, Explained

Welcome to NYLON’s planetary explainer series, in which astrologer David Odyssey helps you get to know your chart and its key players, one planet at a time. No matter how well you can pretend that you’re a grownup, you’re not ready for Saturn’s unsparing audit. With the icy glare of Miranda Priestly and the bleak punctiliousness of Jamie Lee Curtis in Everything Everywhere All At Once, Saturn inspects and exposes all your weaknesses and hypocrisies. And whether you’re facing your first Saturn Return or your third, you’re in for a cosmic review of your life. But how does Saturn operate in your birth chart, and what helpful wisdom could it offer you through its hard lessons? If you’re ready to face Father Time, consult our guide below.

NASA awards contract for moon mission tech

NASA has awarded ICON, developers of construction technologies that advance humanity, a US$57.2 million contract to develop construction technologies that could help build infrastructures such as landing pads, habitats, and roads on the lunar surface. US-based ICON will work with NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre in Huntsville, Alabama, US, under...

A nuclear site on the moon with a specific date. China has challenged America

Over the years, another space race has been gathering pace, though it’s still unclear. However, that will change this decade. This time, however, it was not about who would reach the Silver Globe first and who would win it first, the contenders were not the United States and the Soviet Union, but the United States and China. Here comes the question: Whose base on the moon will be built first?

Here’s Your Supermoon Horoscope for December’s Capricorn New Moon

The second Capricorn new moon of 2022 arrives on December 23. This powerful Supermoon bookends the year with high-achieving energy. We’ve all worked hard and grown exponentially since the January 2 Capricorn new moon. Time to take stock, then reset your compass for the next round. Like a strong...

Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society ‘Gameplay’ trailer

NIS America have released the official gameplay trailer for dungeon RPG Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society. From the creators of Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk comes a new chapter in the dungeon-exploring adventure filled with charm and mystery! Summoned by the magnificent Madame Marta, you are but a wandering spirit awaiting your next command. With the help of Eureka, Madame Marta’s assistant, and an army of soul-infused puppets, you are tasked with delving into the depths of a mysterious underground labyrinth teeming with enchanted monsters to unearth the Curios d’art that lie within!