Tactical Mod SWAT: Back to Los Angeles Version 1.5 Goes Live

The excellent SWAT 4 mod SWAT: Back to Los Angeles has received a new version. The project increases realism and tactical gameplay to make the game more similar to SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle from 1999. . A new version of SWAT: Back to Los Angeles, one of the most...

Kena Bridge of Spirits is visually spectacular, however it may be much more so thank you to those mods

It is only been available on the market for a couple of days, however modders were fast so as to add new choices to the sport. Kena: Bridge of Spirits arrived only a few days in the past on PC, PS4 and PS5, and with it, the primary mods to make stronger the gaming enjoy on PC. After a primary legit replace that fastened a number of insects that led to issues of development, modders were fast to supply a number of unofficial updates to offer us get entry to to reinforce Extremely Large, along with having other choices for the box of view (FOV) y 48 FPS for kinematics.

SIONRDA | QP Design | GM Mods

Here’s the thing, at the end of the day, the SION is a good RDA that vapes really well and has some top-tier level flavor. The trade-off is it’s a BIG RDA that can only house small coils comfortably. If you own the SION RDA and your top cap is getting uncomfortably hot… 25mm, pull em out a little bit, make a passage through the wick.