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Netflix Acquires Its First Game Studio, ‘Oxenfree’ Developer Night School Studio

Netflix, still in the early innings of its video-game strategy, announced that it has acquired Night School Studio, a game developer best known for its critically acclaimed debut game, the supernatural mystery adventure title “Oxenfree.” It’s the first games-related acquisition for Netflix. Founded by Sean Krankel and Adam Hines in 2014, Night School Studio titles include “Oxenfree” (pictured above), “Afterparty” and “Next Stop Nowhere.” Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. Regarding the pickup of Night School Studio, Mike Verdu, Netflix’s VP of game development — the video game veteran who joined the streamer this summer — said in a statement, “We’re inspired...
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Pokémon Unite is an intense MOBA with a friendly skin

I never knew it would feel so good to do a slam dunk as Pikachu until I picked up Pokémon Unite. As I hold the button, I can almost feel the energy inside my Pokémon welling up and then bursting out as I dunk a glowing orb into the opposing team’s hoop.
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Netflix's Next Three Games Take Aim At the Casual Market

Netflix is continuing its foray into video games with three new titles aimed at casual audiences. However, most people around the world still can't try out the service. As reported by TechCrunch, Netflix subscribers in Spain, Italy, and Poland can access three new games starting today: Shooting Hoops, Teeter Up, and Card Blast. Users in these regions can find the titles under a new 'Games' tab in the Netflix app, but only on Android devices.
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Netflix Just Acquired the Award-Winning Studio Behind Oxenfree

Netflix big foray into games is now underway in earnest, and one of its first major acquisitions is a darling from the indie space. In a blog post on its official site, Night School Studio announced it would be bringing its adventure game expertise to the streaming service. "Night School...

Netflix Expands Gaming Rollout, Adds New Games

Netflix officially expanded its rollout of video games available on the streaming service today to include two new countries, Spain and Italy. This brings the number of areas with access to video games on Android devices to three alongside the previously announced Poland. Notably, it would appear that more games have been added to the lineup alongside the previously revealed Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game.

Playco acquires Goodboy for HTML5 game engine PixiJS

Playco raised $100 million last year for instant games, and now it’s putting some of that money to use with the acquisition of Goodboy Digital, a maker of an HTML5 game engine. United Kingdom-based Goodboy is the creator of PixiJS, a game engine used to create games based on HTML,...
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5G-enabled billboard in Time Squares briefly brings interactive game to masses

If you’ve ever wanted to play a game with random strangers while standing in the middle of Times Square, well, your prayers were briefly answered on September 8 and 9. Using the Mega Screen billboard located at 1500 Broadway and West 43 Street in Manhattan, bystanders could scan a QR code with their smartphones to participate as an “interactive spectator” in Streamline Studios’ 2020 co-op game Bake ‘n Switch. Those who did so were able to jump in and play part of the game without having to download or install it.

Genshin Impact anniversary: 'Unheard of for a game like this to be so successful'

When we were stuck indoors during the pandemic, millions of people escaped lockdown to explore Teyvat, the fantasy world of Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game about a mysterious traveller in search of their lost sibling - and the bright, intricately designed characters you meet journeying through a sprawling fantasy land.

Analysis: Should games subscription services be concerned about Netflix?

Netflix has a long-running interest in games, games devices and those who play them. Developing an understanding of the gaming audience has been a natural evolution for the company as it’s scaled its video-on-demand offering, expanded its device support and broadened its demographic reach. The company has already interacted with...

The best free iPad games 2021

Page 1 of 10: Best new game and the best free iPad arcade games. Perhaps you've just bought an iPad, or just been given one for the first time. Or maybe you're thinking that your Apple tablet is old and boring and there's nothing fun left that it can do.

Netflix rolls out mobile games to users in select European markets

(Reuters) - Netflix on Tuesday rolled out five mobile gaming titles to its subscribers in select European markets, as part of its efforts to diversify revenue sources amid intensifying competition in the booming video-streaming space. The company has introduced “Stranger Things: 1984”, “Stranger Things 3: The Game”, “Card Blast”, “Teeter...

Amazon Fire HD 10 with 64GB is down to $96 (all-time low)

Amazon's big Echo and Ring event is set for today at 9 a.m. PT (noon ET). The company will undoubtedly release a raft of new gadgets and updates to existing models, which might explain why some older gear in other categories are on big discount. These include Amazon's 2019 Fire HD 10 -- the biggest and most powerful tablet that the company offers. The HD 10 normally starts at around $150 but for today only, you can get the HD 10 with 64GB storage for just $96. That's 49% off the list price and, according to our Amazon price tracker, a full $10 cheaper than the previous low.

Netflix buys first video game studio, rolls out mobile games

Sept 28 (Reuters) - Netflix has bought video game creator Night School Studio and rolled out five mobile gaming titles in select European markets, the company said on Tuesday, as it looks to diversify revenue sources amid intensifying competition in the streaming space. Night School Studio, the company's first gaming...

Amazon’s gaming future depends on New World

This week in Protocol Gaming, your weekly guide to the business of video games: Amazon's long-awaited MMO releases, Activision Blizzard settles one of its many lawsuits, and the TV-game industry crossover continues to pick up steam. The Big Story. Amazon's gaming future depends on New World. Amazon's New World launches...