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Razer Hammerhead True Wireless X gaming earbuds Review

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless X exists given the multi-billion dollar mobile gaming industry. At £69 (AUS $116), the Hammerhead True Wireless X offer impressive ultra-low latency audio, 24-hour battery life, IPX4 splash and sweat resistance, and a glowing Razer snakehead logo. 'But surely Bluetooth is terrible for gaming?' I hear you and so did Razer which is why the Hammerheads have a sort of overdrive called Game mode which lowers the latency to just 60ms. More on that later as we need to get one major sticking point out of the way.
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Pokemon Unite Review

The concept of a free-to-play Pokemon MOBA probably sounds like a dream come true to some people and a shameless cash grab to others. As a longtime fan of both Pokemon and Dota 2, I had my doubts about whether Pokemon Unite could successfully mix the best parts of these disparate gaming worlds, but my skepticism turned to delight after seeing how much fun this mobile brawler could actually be... at least for a little while. Unfortunately, Pokemon Unite only partially sticks the landing, resulting in an enjoyable casual MOBA with some dubious microtransactions and little interest in pushing the boundaries of the genre.
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Pokémon Unite feels a little too ‘pay to win’ for some players

Pokémon Unite, The Pokémon Company’s popular free-to-play MOBA on Nintendo Switch, has a system that many players are criticizing as “pay to win” and unfair for the competitive integrity of the newly released game. Early on, players can earn Aeos Coins (capped at 2,100 per week) and Tickets. Either of...
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The video game industry is bracing for its Netflix and Spotify moment

Subscription services are coming for the game industry, and the shift could shake up the largest and most lucrative entertainment sector in the world. These services started as small, closed offerings typically available on only a handful of hardware platforms. Now, they're expanding to mobile phones and smart TVs, and promising to radically change the economics of how games are funded, developed and distributed.
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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 242: Pokémon Unite Review, Nintendo Mobile Game Shutdown

This week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, Cameron Daxon, Marc Kaliroff, and Campbell Gill pick up their phones for a mobile-centric extravaganza highlighting the Pokemon Company’s biggest addition to the Switch and mobile library, Pokemon Unite. Before that, though, the gang kicks things off by paying their respects to the recently-deceased Dr. Mario World, the latest sign of Nintendo’s changing and shifting approach to mobile game development. With the Big N’s success in the mobile landscape being mixed at best, just what lies on the horizon for Nintendo titles beyond the Switch?
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Rec Room begins its early roll out on select Android devices

Rec Room is a free-to-play social game that lets players hang out or play games together. It started out as a VR-only game but has expanded to major non-VR platforms, including Steam, iOS, and Xbox. Players can also create their own worlds and make real money off in-game purchases, which...
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Square Enix Will Shut Down Katana Maidens Mobile Game in October

Square Enix announced that it will shut down its Katana Maidens: Toji no Miko mobile game in Japan on October 29, 2021. A limited offline version of the game will be available to existing players after the closure. [Thanks, Game Watch.]. Katana Maidens: Toji no Miko first appeared as a...

Is the Activision-Blizzard Lawsuit the Beginning of the End for the Games Industry?

I wish things were different. I wish I could play games that weren’t built by the labour of burnt-out, broken people. I wish that the CEOs, Presidents and Directors of some of the largest game studios in the world weren’t abusive psychopaths. I wish that blockbuster video games weren’t released as broken lumps of code only rendered playable 6 months after launch. I wish data mines weren’t burning unholy amounts of coal on altars built from GPUs to mine a fluctuating currency named after a dead meme. But the world, and by-proxy the gaming industry, doesn’t run on wishes. It runs on greed and on cruelty and on the coal used to run the doge coin mines. These are not the end times but they are fast approaching.
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The Witcher: Monster Slayer Brought in Over $500K in One Week

According to Sensor Tower's estimates, within a week of its release The Witcher: Monster Slayer achieved a revenue of over $500 thousand and was downloaded at least a million times. Will the creators manage to maintain the game's popularity?. The Witcher: Monster Slayer is becoming more and more successful. Yesterday,...

Phoenix Games Interview: Klaas Kersting explains the risks and rewards of the F2P model

With 6 studios under its name, Phoenix Games is well known in the mobile games industry for pushing the small and midsized studios to the next level with its vast industry expertise. We recently had the chance to interview the Phoenix Games CEO, Klaas Kersting where he discussed the risks and rewards of the free to play models of the mobile games.
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Half-Life: Blue Shift Full Version Mobile Game

Half-Life: Blue Shift expansion pack is for Valve Software’s science-fiction first-person shooter videogame Half-Life. This game was created by Gearbox Software and Valve Corporation. It was published by Sierra On-Line on June 12, 2001. Blue Shift, an expansion pack for Half-Life, is a first-person shooting game. Blue Shift’s gameplay is similar to Half-Life. Players must navigate the levels, defeat hostile characters, and solve various puzzles to progress. This game follows Half-Life’s unbroken narrative.