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Protect your Devices from Pegasus Spyware using VMDR for Mobile Devices’ Proactive Approach

Pegasus spyware is in the news, and it has been used to target devices of critical people from different sectors and countries including journalists, activists, politicians, and business executives. It has been said that a leaked list of 50,000 phone numbers of potential surveillance targets was obtained by Paris-based journalism nonprofit Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International.
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Targeting the 'transportation desert '

The Kootenai County Transit Services Department wants to connect residents with education, employment, recreation and health care not just locally but around the state. To do that, Fixed Route Services manager Chad Ingle said the department is using a $15 million federal grant to develop an integrated mobility application. In...
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Identity V Survivors Patient and ‘Psychologist’ Are Made For Each Other

NetEase has revealed the character trailers for the new Identity V Survivors, Patient and “Psychologist,” through the official Twitter account. Basic information about their kits are already on test servers. Additionally, they are the first characters to have buffs that are exclusive to them as a pair. When Patient and “Psychologist” are near each other in-game, they can quickly run up to each other.
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SaskTel offers 3 new plans in compliance with CRTC

SaskTel and other large communications corporations like Bell, Rogers and Telus, are now offering low-cost and occasional-use wireless service plans. The direction came from the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission of Canada as part of a decision they released on April 15, 2021, to provide Canadians with better access to affordable wireless services for their cell phone/mobile devices.
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4 Examples Of Mobile Learning For Skills Training

Mobile learning is the most preferred mode of learning in digital learning methods. It helps you deliver digital learning anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Mobile learning helps employees learn at their own pace by enabling them to access the courses or modules on their devices. Through repetition and smart pacing, learners benefit in terms of better understanding and increased productivity. We all know that employees spend ample time every day on their mobile devices. Why don’t you use mobile learning to train your employees in learning new skills? You may wonder how mobile learning solutions can be used for specific “skill training,” which generally happens within classrooms and ILT sessions. But certain methods help you achieve your goal.
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Pokémon Unite: Best Moves and Items for Zeraora

If you’re looking for an excellent Pokémon to main in Pokémon Unite, Zeraora is undoubtedly a formidable pick. Zeraora is a Speedster, someone who switches between ganking lanes and roaming the jungle. Your goal is to move in fast, hit hard, exploit enemy weaknesses, and create opportunities for your team to seize the upper hand. As a nimble, high-damage Electric-type Pokémon, Zeraora is best utilized by players who competently understand its kit and role in a match. In this guide, we’ll go over the best moves and items to focus on in order to take advantage of this legendary Speedster.
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What Kind Of GPU Are You?

In the old days, big computers often had some form of external array processor. The idea is you could load a bunch of numbers into the processor and then do some math operations on all of the numbers in parallel. These days, you are more likely to turn to your graphics card for number crunching support. You’ll usually use some library to help you do that, but things are always better when you understand what’s going on under the hood. That’s why we enjoyed [RasterGrid’s] post on GPU architecture types.
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How to enable cross-save in Genshin Impact and unlock Aloy early

“Step into a vast magical world of adventure.” That’s been the slogan of Genshin Impact since it launched in September 2020. That slogan came with an invisible caveat of “...but don’t try to play on other consoles.” Players were unable to partake in cross-saving, meaning they were sequestered to playing on a single platform. Cross-saving was finally added in Genshin Impact Version 2.0. You can now start your adventure on PlayStation and continue on mobile or PC.

DoD to employ 5G testbeds and AR/VR technology to inform training operations

The Defense Department has begun to roll out 5G-powered augmented reality/virtual reality systems at some of its 5G testbed sites, which are part of a broader $600 million initiative to expand DOD's 5G capabilities that was first announced in October 2020. GBL Systems Corp. and Samsung will demonstrate 5G-enabled AR/VR...