Amazon Games investigating New World invulnerability exploit

New World players have found an exploit that lets you turn invincible, which is certainly not the sort of exploit you want in your PvP-focused MMORPG. According to players who've encountered the bug, it's pretty easy to replicate, and folks are calling for wars to be disabled until there's a fix. Amazon Games say they're aware of the problem and are investigating, so hopefully they'll patch the game soon to make sure everyone's staying vincible.

Final Fantasy XIV Talks Changes Coming To Scrips And Allagan Tomestones

As part of patch 6.0, Final Fantasy XIV players will start to see some changes to Scrips and Allagan Tomestones. The FFXIV team took to their website today to outline those changes, giving players plenty of notice before the patch hits. Effectively, Allagan Tomestones of Poetics will still be an...

Astellia And Astellia Royal Shuttered Early, Both Games Now Sunset

Closed Now, Though Supposed To Last Until October 29th. So it looks like Astellia and Astellia Royal have shuttered early, as spotted by Connor over at MMO Fallout. The two MMOs were slated to sunset on October 29th, but it seems the switch got flipped early, as both games are unreachable now.

Six months after launch, Outriders hits Game Pass on PC tomorrow

Six months after its launch, Outriders is looting and shooting its way to Game Pass on PC tomorrow, Tuesday, October 19. Square Enix and People Can Fly's multiplayer shooter enjoyed a successful launch back in April, but its player base has dwindled considerably since then. As our pals at PC Gamer suggest, it's possible that Square Enix planned its late launch on Game Pass PC to reinvigorate interest in the game.

New World: All Dungeons and Where to Find Them

New World is an MMORPG that features both PvP and PvE for players to engage in. While many thrive on fighting other players in small duels or large-scale wars, joining a small group and venturing through a dungeon is also a common way to play alongside others. Like many MMOs, New World has dungeons, known as expeditions in the game, that you can discover and explore with other players to progress through the game and find rare items. By the end of this guide, you will learn all of the dungeons, or expeditions, in New World and where to find them.

Game-Breaking New World Invincibility Exploit Discovered

A player has discovered a game-breaking New World invincibility exploit, and that's just part of the problem -- left unchecked, this exploit could cause serious problems for Amazon's fledgling MMORPG. New World has had more than its fair share of problems in the lead-up to launch. Amazon has been focused...

RuneScape’s final Elder God Wars front revealed as Zuk and his TzekHaar army

That’s right, Zuk is coming to RuneScape. Those familiar with Old School RuneScape may know Zuk as the final boss of the retro-styled MMORPG’s ultimate challenge, The Inferno. But now he is being added to the main game as the boss of the final Elder God Wars front, the TzekHaar. RuneScape players will have to overcome Zuk and the TzekHaar front to save Gielinor.

Ultimate Delusion 14 on Xbox continues to be imaginable: its arrival is in dialogue with Microsoft

Naoki Yoshida, director and manufacturer of the sport, has left the door open to Xbox consoles. Ultimate Delusion XIV This is a international phenomenon. The MMORPG continues to win over new gamers, to the purpose that it has already grow to be probably the most winning recreation in franchise historical past. The name is to be had on PC, but additionally on recreation consoles. Sony, with its arrival on PS5 closing Would possibly. And what about Xbox?

New World: How to Get Amrine Tuning Orb

New World is an ambitious pirate-themed MMORPG developed and published by Amazon Games, and it’s been making waves on Steam ever since its official release a couple weeks back. Aside from the large scale PvP wars you can take part in, there’s also plenty of PvE content you can get into as well. Here’s how to get the Amrine Tuning Orb in New World.

Square Enix Still in Discussions With Xbox About Final Fantasy 14, But Talks Are 'Positive'

Final Fantasy 14 director and producer Naoki Yoshida says that discussions between Square Enix and Microsoft to bring the game to Xbox are 'positive', but still ongoing. In an interview with Easy Allies, Yoshida talked further about the current status of an Xbox version of Final Fantasy 14. While the director was hesitant to confirm any new details surrounding the game, he did point out that talks between Square Enix and Microsoft have taken a positive turn.

Battle Bards Episode 202: Silkroad Online

Piggybacking on a historical lifeline, Silkroad Online has enjoyed a long run in the MMORPG market. But how is its music? To find this out, the Battle Bards begin a long trek through desert and rainforest to discover the truth of Silkroad’s soundtrack. Battle Bards is the world’s first, best,...