MLB Rumors: Players Association Upset With Latest CBA Proposal

As MLB and the Players Association (MLBPA) met this week to continue collective bargaining agreement (CBA) negotiations, it appeared from the outside that some progress was being made even though they still have a lot more to work out. During the negotiations on Monday, the union dropped their request for...
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MLB lockout: Terms every fan needs to know

Is your head spinning trying to figure out what’s going on in Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations between MLB and its players association? Do your eyes glaze over when you try to pick through all the technical language?. We have the solution. Here’s a glossary of terms baseball fans need...
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Batting Around: Where will the Athletics and Rays play in the future?

The Atlanta Braves are World Series champions and now baseball is in the middle of its first work stoppage since the 1994-95 strike. MLB and the MLBPA were unable to agree to a new collective bargaining agreement prior to the Dec. 1 deadline, so the owners locked out the players, and the hot stove has been put on hold for the foreseeable future.

Type of splash Miami Marlins make rests on playoff expansion

The Miami Marlins seem poised to make a splash once baseball resumes: how big and what kind depends entirely on playoff expansion. The Miami Marlins want to add another big bat. That has been the sentiment since the moment Avisail Garcia signed. Garcia would help, as would Jacob Stallings and...
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New report suggests Mariners are among the favorites to sign OF Seiya Suzuki

After a Japanese Yahoo! Sports article made headlines yesterday for seemingly linking Seiya Suzuki to the Red Sox, a new report from Japan’s Nikkan Sports suggests the Mariners are still in the running as one of four front-runner teams: the Mariners, Cubs, Giants, and Padres are all reportedly spots of interest for Suzuki.

Inside the Clubhouse: Power ranking the worst MLB offseason moves so far

The MLB offseason was interrupted by a lockout which could drag on for some time. While we’re waiting we can assess some of the shakiest moves so far. Major League Baseball and the MLBPA are finally talking about a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, but there has been little progress in discussions and the lockout is likely to drag on for weeks.

Will the Red Sox spend if the Competitive Balance Tax threshold rises?

Will the Boston Red Sox spend if the CBT is raised?. MLB and the MLBPA are starting to shift through the minutia regarding a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and this, to not shock anyone, means the Boston Red Sox. I was part of a union negotiations team in another life, and it always came down to the money. Both sides would have “chips” to play that could be negotiated away and usually were. To quote Rod Tidwell, it invariably was “Show me the money.”

Collective bargaining issues: Draft lottery

As part of ongoing collective bargaining deliberations, Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association have kicked around the possibility of implementing some form of draft lottery. With both sides willing to put a lottery in place, it seems likely to be included whenever the next CBA is finalized. The...
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Owners, MLBPA still far apart as February looms

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, MLB and the MLBPA held back-to-back bargaining sessions to discuss some of the core economic issues in the next CBA. These meetings came on the heels of MLB’s initial proposal to the union on January 13th — the first talks between the two sides in 43 days after the start of the lockout — and that increase in the volume of contact between sides is progress in and of itself. Unfortunately, any cause for optimism pretty much ends there.

4 people working hardest to ruin 2022 Yankees season

Before we get started … is anyone, right now, actively working to make the 2022 New York Yankees‘ season better rather than ruin it?. Giancarlo Stanton ended 2021 with positive momentum. Gerrit Cole didn’t, but he’s theoretically on a mission from God to prove his worth. DJ LeMahieu’s gotten healthy. So had Jonathan Loaisiga. Joey Gallo, Lifelong Yankee Fan, doesn’t want to go down as a two-month joke.

The Fast Lane – January 27th, 2022

2:00 – What will be different tonight than on Monday?. 2:15 – If the MLBPA doesn’t get earlier free agency or arbitration will the CBA be considered a loss for them?. 2:30 – Kevin Weekes on this Blues team being better than the 2019 Stanley Cup winning team.

MLB official tells MLBPA that league is willing to lose regular season games as lockout drags on, per report

On Monday, MLB and the MLB Players Association held their most substantive bargaining session of the lockout, with the players withdrawing their proposal for earlier entry into free agency, among other things. The two sides will meet again Tuesday and meeting on back-to-back days qualifies as progress, though they remain far apart on many issues.