MKW Blast-off episode 39: Supreme Shut Down

Things start off with a cold open promo getting us ready for the Supreme Societies championship main event. Little Johnny stands behind MKW champion Coldray as he speaks, saying that while Wangtao was indeed able to win The Coldray games, the game ends tonight for Wangtao when Coldray crushes his dreams.
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MKW Blast-off episode 38: Turns and turmoil

This week is unique in that we head straight into the action of a match rather than promos. This match has some history and subplots. Since Mamba turned on his former partner Bamboo Crusher (who hasn’t been seen in weeks), he has developed a rivalry with the returning Wan. Mamba...
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MKW Blast-off episode 37: Irish Whips come up short

Things start with a backstage message from the Irish Whips, a warning for the Tag Team Champions C2NY that they are coming for their titles. We immediately cut to a response from the champs who say they didn’t forget about what happened last week and tonight they will regret it.
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Development Notes where were at on the wellington

BMBM and Mkw are working on the artwork of the Wellington, turning the proverbial wrenches to get the construction solid and updating the textures, polys and everything in between. Today we'd like to show you a bit more of the exterior and continue to mention that this vehicle is a high priority item for CRS to get completed along with the Ju88 for the German forces (which needs a flight model next). The Production team at CRS is finalizing some bits and pieces for a pretty significant release coming soon (sorry, had to do it) focusing on implementing Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs). Reminder: All of your subscriptions to WWII Online go to support developments like these and keep services operation, please consider subscribing for only $9.99 at

MKW Blast-off episode 36: Coldray Game

The show begins with a cold open backstage promo from champion Coldray as his Supreme Society associate Little Johnny stands behind him. He introduces the Coldray Games. A lottery machine appears on screen and 4 wrestlers are randomly selected from the roster: Aegon, Curry Kid, Black Mamba and Wang Tao. The wrestlers will face off later today.