Mindfulness Isn’t Enough

Mindfulness-based interventions can help reduce stress, decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, and improve overall quality of life. Mindfulness is only one tool in the mental health toolkit. It’s important to remember that every person is unique and will require a different modality of care for their mental health condition.
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Premiere: Calgary’s Uyemi Drops “Mindful” and Talks Her Upcoming EP ‘Butterfly Effect’

Calgary alternative R&B singer Uyemi is finding her purpose and reflecting on being her best self with her new single “Mindful.”. In the accompanying video for the track, Uyemi takes a retro journey to align with her higher self through orange and yellow ’70s psychedelic sequences. The trippy imagery focuses on her transition away from toxicity and into a freeing and positive state of mind. She tells Complex Canada that it’s about healing: “’Mindful’ is a plea to protect your energy from unhealthy relationships and negative thinking,” she says. The new track appears on her upcoming EP, Butterfly Effect, due out Dec. 8.
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7 Mindful Writing Prompts to Foster a Deeper Connection with Yourself

Sometimes the hardest thing about having a mindfulness or meditation practice is just making time. With 24 hours in a day, things to do, places to be, people who need us, things we need to take care of, we all ask ourselves, how do we make time? What I found is I can’t overthink it or it won’t happen.
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Paul Jozsef

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Therapist in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. My name is Paul. I am a counsellor and psychotherapist based in Westmount, Montreal. I work with clients to help them identify and tackle the obstacles blocking them from enjoying a healthier, happier and more meaningful life. I am also an experienced mindfulness...

Mid-Day Mindfulness

Join Student Wellness for a weekly mindfulness meditation to increase and continue your meditation skills. Each Tuesday at Noon, one of the Koru Teachers will lead a meditation to practice being present in the current moment without judgment. Join us at this link:

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Understand your brain and understand your mind

In-Mentis Psychosynthesis describes how our brain can deal with and address certain unconscious reactions. Things happen to all of us every day, but the way we deal with them depends on many different things. In our normal life, we are in a calm or active state. We are either relaxed (watching a movie or reading a book) or ready to act and do things (cooking or work). However, there are actions, events, movements, noises, locations, and / or images that can be put into alert mode. These signals can be interpreted by our nervous system as dangerous, a threat to our lives.

A Mindful Child: Activities to Build Mindfulness with Children

Mindfulness has definitely become a buzzword in recent years. There are websites, books, classes, and apps galore on the topic. All geared towards helping you increase your awareness of the present moment and calmly recognize and accept your emotions, thoughts, and patterns. As a former yoga and mindfulness teacher, it’s...
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Hurry! This $299 Cyber Monday Apple Watch 6 deal won't last long

Stop what you're doing because Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals just discounted the Apple Watch 6 to $299. Although that's not quite lowest price we've ever seen for this version of smartwatch, it's the best Cyber Monday deal happening for the Apple Watch today. Right now the Apple Watch 6...

How To Be A Better Person, According To Science

Mindfulness is the practice of living in the present moment. It allows us to actively observe and be aware of everything around and within us. It increases our attention and enables us to overcome preconceived mindsets. Being mindful can be especially helpful when you are learning how to be a better person. According to a 2018 study titled “Mindfulness increases prosocial responses toward ostracized strangers through empathic concern,” being mindful allows us to better regulate our emotions and be nicer, more kind and helpful towards others. The researchers found that living mindfully can motivate us to be empathetic towards people who are being victimized.

Lucy Kennedy ‘shouts, vents and breathes’ to be better mum in moments of mindfulness

Virgin Media star Lucy Kennedy has opened up about the moments of mindfulness she employs in her day to day life. She credits her acts of self care with helping her a better parent, as she gives herself the time to relax and organise her own worries in her head. Lucy is married to husband Richard Governey, and together they have three children - ten-year-old Jack, nine-year-old Holly and four-year-old Jessica.

Mindful Mist

Live in the now with my Mindful Mist – handmade right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters! This mist is the perfect sacred fragrance to spritz during ceremony, healing work, or in your meditation space. Let this clean, lightly sweet, harmonizing scent empower your spiritual practice. My Mindful Mist contains notes of rose and lavender – sources of deep peace, joy, and love. Each bottle is also infused with a clear quartz chip stone to amplify these centering properties. Work with this mist when you need to be your most present, balanced, and attentive self.

Quick Mindfulness Tricks to Deescalate a Terrible, Stressful Day

We’re living in stressful times, so experiencing a terrible anxiety-inducing day (or two) is pretty common now. Like most of us, you’re probably looking for any stress-busting technique that can quell your swirling mind and land you in in the present moment in a more peaceful state — stat! Enter mindfulness. Mindfulness is the ability to be totally present, fully engaged in where we are, what we’re doing, free from distraction and judgment. Mindfulness practices are known to regulate our emotions, decreasing anxiety, stress and helping cope with depression. Unlike other stress-relieving practices, like yoga and transcendental meditation, mindfulness is...

You’re Not Doing Mindfulness Wrong

Mindfulness meditation is not about turning off your mind. Practicing mindful awareness can be an important step in reducing avoidance and control. You can practice mindful awareness by noticing what's inside, what's outside, and the experience of noticing itself. Mindfulness is hard to get your head around. But being mindful—consciously...

How People Misunderstand Mindfulness

Awareness and acceptance of whatever comes to mind are components of mindfulness. Sometimes people practice mindfulness so that the two components are unrelated or even at odds with each other. Those who equate mindfulness with stress relief may misunderstand the concept and potentially undermine its long-term benefits. Mindfulness is a...

Priorities and Mindfulness Can Help Us Thrive During the Holiday Season

As we enter another holiday season, it is not uncommon to feel a mix of joy and dread. Along with the usual stresses that tend to come with the holidays, we are still navigating the ever-changing dos and don’ts of COVID. So, with all the things that life requires of us, how do we manage our mental health during this time of year? With a variety of things that we can do, it’s important to know where to start. Let’s start in the place of expectations — our own and of others. Whether it’s splitting time with family and friends, gift-giving, or giving of your time elsewhere, it’s important to evaluate what those expectations are and determine if they are realistic. At times we can feel obligated to do what’s always been done, but it is OK to adjust your life and to slow things down. Take a moment to reflect and determine what can be taken off your list of “to-do’s” while prioritizing the “must-dos.” This can help in creating balance, not only in your life but in your mental health.

No-fuss Ways to Implement Mindfulness and Gratitude

During a month notoriously known for thanksgiving and sharing kindness, I wanted to share a few ways to practice mindfulness and gratitude to go along with the November theme. With the holiday season upon us, sometimes it’s difficult to find time to pause and notice all the moments that bring joy to our daily lives.