301 redirect after migration content from wordpress

We are currently writing a script for migrating content from wordpress to forem. The site on wordpress has more than 1000+ articles that rank well in google, so we want to make 301 redirects from old pages to new ones. During migration, all links changed their url, making one general...
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Getting Kicked Off the Island: Migrating from Drupal 7 to 9

Drupal 7 is a large, active, and vibrant island, one that's kicking you off — with its end-of-life date of November, 28th of 2022. In this post, we break down best practices to help you make the transition off the Drupal 7 island and onto Drupal 9. Note, this post...
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[ESXi 7.0.2 + NSX-T] Preparing for migrations of N-VDS to VDS

So I´m reading "Migrate Host Switch to vSphere Distributed Switch" Prerequisites [...] NSX-T is no longer represented as an opaque network after migration. You may need to update your scripts to manage the migrated representation of the NSX-T hosts. => Which scripts does this refer to?. So the migration can...

Wildlife Biologists Studying Migration of the American Shad

BOSTON (AP) – Massachusetts state wildlife biologists are participating in an ongoing study of the American shad–a fish that spends more of its life in the ocean, but returns to fresh water to spawn. During these migrations, shad can face barriers like dams. While there has been long-term monitoring of the upstream… .


Migrations (LA Review of Books, 2021) is a collection of short stories by the Puerto Rican born writer and now retired university professor J. L. Torres. Each story condenses a bit of the experience of a cross section of Puerto Rico: the rich who treat it like a playground, the stereotypical macho men, the shanty town dwellers. The ramifications of the stories are deep and the varied tales range from climate change and the destruction of natural ecosystems by tourism, to the Puerto Ricans of the diaspora who struggle in dysfunctional families and who long to be part of the mainstream but have weathered the subtle racism of American society that has taken a toll on their inner lives. Torres’s stories bring alive Puerto Rico to us, its natural beauty but also try to show the colonial economy that the country is.

Dynamics of scientific collaboration networks due to academic migrations

Academic migration is the change of host institution by a researcher, typically aimed at achieving a stronger research profile. Scientific features such as the number of collaborations, the productivity and its research impact tend to be directly affected by such movements. In this paper, we analyse the dynamics of the collaboration network of researchers as they move from an institution to the next one. We specifically highlight cases where they increase and when they shrink, and quantify the dependency between the collaboration networks before and after such a movement. Finally, we drill down the analysis by dividing movements depending on the career stage of the researchers. The analysis shows a remarkable dynamism of collaboration networks across migrations. Interestingly, not always movements result in larger collaboration networks, while the overall similarity between networks across movements is quite limited on average. Qualitatively, the same effects can be found at all career stages, while, clearly, the magnitude of them might vary. These results are based on a dataset extracted from Scopus, containing detailed scientific information for the publications of 84,141 researchers.

Scasca Soars With ‘Migrations’

The secretive and selective Scasca once again proves quality over quantity with his newest release, “Migrations.” The Saint Petersburg producer’s first single, “Long Distance Call,” dropped a year ago and he had been waiting for just the right time to bring us with a new track. And let’s just say, he did not disappoint.

Earth Notes: mule deer fall migration

It’s fall and mule deer are on the move from summer to winter range on the Colorado Plateau. These large charismatic mammals are faithful to fixed routes during their seasonal travels. And it turns out a few are doing marathon migrations. In 2008, biologists with the Arizona Game and Fish...

Metroparks Meetup: Fall Migration Underway

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - With the days getting shorter, migratory birds are heading south for the winter. And many of them come through northwest Ohio on their way. Each spring birders flock to northwest Ohio to witness hundreds of species on their way north, and right now those same birds are heading in the opposite direction. However, there is a noticeable difference between the two annual migrations.

Wildlife Window: Witness to the spectacle of hawk migration

Dark specks clustered the distant sky. The young bird came in a box. Someone found it, assumed it was abandoned, caught it and brought it to me. I was in sixth grade but had earned a reputation as a person who could care for baby animals, especially birds. The specks...

Messy Migrations

The southbound migration is complex. Winter residents are now arriving, migrants are passing through from further north, breeding season residents are departing, and there are vagrants from elsewhere that are only occasionally seen here. Most notable of the arriving winter residents is the Lapland longspur that Mariah Ben David found...

Dragonflies may migrate across the Indian Ocean

Globe skimmer dragonflies (Pantala flavescens) are too small to be fitted with radio or GPS tracking devices like birds. Researchers, however, suspect the little insects might be doing something very birdlike – migrating thousands of miles. In 2009, marine biologist Charles Anderson hypothesized that the globe skimmers were migrating from India to East Africa, and scientists are now testing that hypothesis.

SRM Upgrade from 8.2 Windows to 8.4 Appliance

I see in the Matrix that you can upgrade from SRM 8.2 to 8.4 but was not sure if the Migration from Windows is supported?. I see docs on how to Migrate from 8.2 Windows to 8.3 Appliance and docs on Migrations from 8.3 Windows to 8.4 Appliance but can you Migrate/Upgrade 8.2 Windows to 8.4 Appliance?