Monarch Butterflies Are Migrating… Have You Seen Them in Florida?

The monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) is world-famous for its long-distance migration from Canada and the northern U.S. to California and Mexico, and is a familiar sight in Florida as well. Monarch butterflies migrate to the central and southern California coasts, if they’re from west of the Rocky Mountains, and Mexico if...
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Climate Change and Human Pressure Mean Migration May Be “No Longer Worth It”, Say Researchers

Animals that migrate north to breed are being put at risk by ongoing climate change and increasing human pressure, losing earlier advantages for migration, declining in numbers and faring much worse than their resident counterparts, according to scientists writing in Trends in Ecology & Evolution. Many animals, including mammals, birds...
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Migrate containers from Raspberry Pi OS to Fedora Linux

This article explains how to transition a typical container setup from Raspberry Pi OS to Fedora Linux at the example of the Traefik reverse-proxy. We start with an already setup Fedora Linux to keep this one to the point, which is getting to know fundamental differences and options when first touching down on Fedora Linux and podman.
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WordHerd™ Completes 3 Years of Website Migrations From Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress

SEDONA, Ariz., October 18, 2021 ( - WordHerd™, the originators and leaders of the website migration industry, announced today their successful completion of a three-year partnership in migrating Adobe Business Catalyst websites to WordPress. Business Catalyst was a website content management system offered by Adobe as a hosted SaaS solution for the past 11 years. In 2018, Adobe announced that the platform would be shut down, this is when WordHerd™ partnered with WP Engine and Pressable as the exclusive automation technology and service provider that powered the only two Adobe-recommended options for migration from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress. WordHerd™ provided Business Catalyst customers with a world-class solution to automate the migration of their website, e-commerce store and/or CRM content to WordPress, where they could leverage the open-source platform as their new content management system.

Hawks are migrating and Grandfather Mountain staff are counting

BOONE, N.C. — When H. N. Patton graduated college, he didn't have a clear view of his future. After a few uninspiring jobs, he finally found his calling. Grandfather Mountain is one of 200 registered sites to track hawk migration. Staff watch hawks and other birds migrate throughout September. They...

[NSX-T 3.1.x] Migrating DHCP Leases from NSX-V to NSX-T 3.1.x

Is there a way to manually migrate DHCP leases from one product to another? I have a few DHCP servers still on NSX-V and am looking for a programmatical way to migrate them to NSX-T. I have looked into the REST API for 3.1.x and could not find a suitable...

Migrating a Linux VM from Citrix XenServer to VMware

We are planning to migrate all the Citrix Xen "Linux" VM to Vmware VM, what is the workable V2V converter tool we can use?. Marking this response as "Solution " or "Kudo" Marking this response as "Solution " or "Kudo" Hi,. I have followed the steps on On Migrating a...

Migrate a VM from vCloud director v10 to standalone ESXi

I have one non-critical VM and like to migrate to another standalone ESXi which has local storage. Its located on shared storage. Export&Import OVF is one option since the destination is standalone ESXi. If not add ESXi temporarily to source VC and do an SVmotion ( ensure we do proper VCD cleanup ) and remove the host after the migration.

[ESXi 7.0.2 + NSX-T] Preparing for migrations of N-VDS to VDS

So I´m reading "Migrate Host Switch to vSphere Distributed Switch" Prerequisites [...] NSX-T is no longer represented as an opaque network after migration. You may need to update your scripts to manage the migrated representation of the NSX-T hosts. => Which scripts does this refer to?. So the migration can...

Expedition Migration Checkpoint User ID

We have done a Migration from Checkpoint (R80.20) to Palo Alto with Expedition. Everything is working good and the Configuration is already imported into the new 5200 Cluster. Since there are more than 3000 Security Policies, we have done some checks to make sure that all Options and Zones are there (Auto Zone assignment worked really well!).

How to migrate data from an old iPhone to the new one

Nowadays, it’s much simpler to migrate from an old iPhone to a new one, thanks to a feature of the iOS system factory settings. This convenience allows you to transfer all your data to the new device quickly and securely. How to put the SIM chip in the iPhone. How...

Migration Of NZX Dairy Derivatives To SGX-DT - Amendments To Clearing And Settlement Rules And Procedures And NZX Derivatives Market Procedures

As previously announced to the market, New Zealand Exchange (NZX) and Singapore Exchange (SGX) have entered into a strategic partnership agreement to unlock and accelerate the growth potential of NZX’s dairy derivatives. This partnership brings together the complementary capabilities of the NZX and SGX to scale up market distribution and liquidity in the global dairy derivatives markets.

NLC seeks better migration governance – Says report

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has called for better migration governance to support returning and reintegration of migrant workers in the midst of COVID-19 in the country. Mr Bello Ismail, the NLC Acting General Secretary said this while declaring open a two-day training workshop organised for Labour Correspondents Association of Nigeria (LACAN) on Thursday in Abuja.

Twin boundary migration mechanisms in quasi-statically compressed and plate-impacted Mg single crystals

Twinning is a prominent deformation mode that accommodates plasticity in many materials. This study elucidates the role of deformation rate on the atomic-scale mechanisms that govern twin boundary migration. Examination of Mg single crystals deformed under quasi-static compression was compared with crystals deformed via plate impact. Evidence of two mechanisms was uncovered. Atomic-level observations using high-resolution transmission electron microscopy revealed that twin boundaries in the <a>-axis quasi-statically compressed single crystals are relatively smooth. At these modest stresses and rates, the twin boundaries were found to migrate predominantly via shear (i.e., disconnection nucleation and propagation). By contrast, in the plate-impacted crystals, which are subjected to higher stresses and rates, twin boundary migration was facilitated by local atomic shuffling and rearrangement, resulting in rumpled twin boundaries. This rate dependency also leads to marked variations in twin variant, size, and number density in Mg. Analogous effects are anticipated in other hexagonal closed-packed crystals.

Getting Kicked Off the Island: Migrating from Drupal 7 to 9

Drupal 7 is a large, active, and vibrant island, one that's kicking you off — with its end-of-life date of November, 28th of 2022. In this post, we break down best practices to help you make the transition off the Drupal 7 island and onto Drupal 9. Note, this post...

3 Cloud Migration Lessons We Learned After Migrating Our Systems To The Cloud

Migration to the cloud needs proper strategic planning for the successful execution of cloud migration. The most important cloud migration lesson is to learn how to manage your expenses. Avoid vendor lock-in by making sure the data is portable by your vendor. Follow batch adoption process to migrate bit by step to cloud and not get overwhelmed by the hefty investment. Migrating to cloud in batches gives you well-organized data on the cloud and leaves with enough liquid cash which can then be utilized for other business needs.