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GOP blaming Dems for Michigan school shooting fits its midterm election strategy

It didn’t take long for the right to blame the left for America’s deadliest school shooting in three years. Just four days after the tragic shooting that left four people dead and seven others injured at Oxford High School in Oxford Township, Michigan, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro put the blame on “liberal school personnel” who, she said, had seen enough warning signs from the 15-year-old suspect not to send him back to his classroom but to suspend him from school.
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African-American Struggles Show In Presidential Approval Ratings

I am a cable TV contributor, radio host, and millennial messaging expert who focuses on humanizing policy issues across the intersections of race, class, and gender. Like most hard-working Americans, Willie Cousins is burning both ends of the candle to maintain housing, food and other necessities for his wife and two children. In 2020, this lifelong resident of Illinois and his family voted for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.
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Second Amendment rights are not merely a privilege

For years, the radical Left has worked to undermine our Second Amendment liberties. Leftists see the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones as a privilege instead of the right that it is. Fortunately, patriots are readying for the most consequential Second Amendment ruling in over a decade next...

Communities of Color Give NV Redistricting Process Mixed Reviews

CARSON CITY, Nev. -- Nevada's new political maps are drawing criticism from Latino groups, who say they have diluted their influence as voters, especially in Congressional District 1 in Las Vegas. Good-government groups complain the legislative session on redistricting proceeded at lightning speed, taking testimony and approving the new voting-district...

President Biden Visiting Kansas City To Tout Infrastructure Package

President Joe Biden is visiting Kansas City, Missouri, Wednesday to push his signature infrastructure package, which was signed into law Nov. 15. Since the bill passed, we've seen the president along with other cabinet secretaries and members of his administration hitting the road to meet voters and talk specifically about how this massive spending bill is going to impact local communities.

Democrat Max Rose Eyeing Comeback In NYC’s Only Conservative Congressional District

Former United States Rep. Max Rose (D-New York) announced that he will challenge incumbent Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-New York) in next year’s midterm election, setting up an ideological showdown in a rare conservative New York City congressional district that includes the southwestern tip of Brooklyn as well as all of Staten Island, the southernmost of the Big Apple’s five boroughs. “I’m running for Congress in NY11 because I can’t sit by while Republicans tear us apart just to hold onto power. The America we believe in is possible – one that is safe, affordable and fair. All we need are lead…

Beto O’Rourke’s message is connecting with one key demographic: young voters

The rhythmic banging of drums pulsated through the thousand-person crowd at Austin’s Republic Square Park on Saturday night. Sign-waving attendees danced and chanted, their voices ringing across the downtown gathering ground, which was ensconced in the glow of brightly lit skyscrapers. It felt like a party. And it looked like one, too.

WSJ Poll: Voters Pick GOP Over Dems on Far More Issues

Republicans have some strong signals for momentum with President Joe Biden’s first year in office wrapping up, as voters mostly siding with Republicans over Democrats to handle the key issues heading into 2022, a midterm election year, according to the latest The Wall Street Journal poll released Tuesday. Republicans...

Another Dem Fleeing The Democrat Party

The Democrat party is a dumpster fire. 19 congressional Democrats have already retired before the 2022 midterm election. A New Mexico State Senator has announced she is leaving the Democrat party. From Epoch Times:. A state senator in New Mexico has left the Democrat Party, upset over actions by Gov....
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Tune out those 2024 presidential race predictions

“Go Ahead, Sucker, Bet on Reagan’s Reelection.”. That was the headline that ran on the front of this newspaper’s Outlook section on May 22, 1983. Just about a year and a half later, Ronald Reagan would romp to a second term by winning 49 states, in one of the biggest landslides in U.S. history.

Matthew Dowd, former Bush strategist, ends campaign for lieutenant governor in Texas

(CNN) — Matthew Dowd, a former George W. Bush strategist and Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor in Texas, announced on Tuesday he was ending his campaign. "A diverse field is now emerging in the Democratic primary for this office," Dowd wrote in a statement, adding, "I do not want to be the one who stands in the way of the greater diversity we need in politics."

With filing open, midterm candidate fields begin to take shape

Candidate filing for all North Carolina midterm election races began at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, December 7, after a NC Court of Appeals panel brought down a decision to temporarily suspend filing for the NC House, NC Senate and US House races before the whole court reversed the ruling hours later.