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Incoming Republican Oversight chairman vows dozens of investigations into Biden and his administration

The incoming chair of the powerful House Oversight Committee promised a slew of investigations into Joe Biden, his family and his administration on Sunday.Speaking with NBC’s Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, Congressman James Comer predicted that his committee would launch “40 to 50” separate probes after Republicans take power and control of the House’s various committee’s in January.His remarks are a sign that the GOP plans to utilise their new, albeit slim, majority in the lower chamber to present as much of a political headache to Joe Biden as possible as he prepares for a potential reelection bid...
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Herschel Walker has controversial message on young people, voting

Herschel Walker is definitely not afraid to share controversial opinions. Case in point: Walker, who is competing in a runoff election Dec. 6 against Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock, shared some very curious thoughts Sunday on what he thinks about young voters. In a video produced by Creative Destruction Media, a conservative media group, journalist Christine Read more... The post Herschel Walker has controversial message on young people, voting appeared first on The Comeback: Today’s Top Sports Stories & Reactions.
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Minnesota Republicans reckoning with midterm losses ahead of 2024

MINNEAPOLIS -- The election results were a disappointment for Minnesota Republicans after they failed to capture any of the statewide races and they lost control of the State Senate. Minnesota Republicans have not won a statewide race since 2006, and this midterm election was supposed to be their breakthrough. But Republicans not only lost the governor and secretary of state races, they also lost two races they thought they could win: the attorney general's race and the race for state auditor. Even worse, Republicans lost control of the Minnesota Senate, giving the DFL a rare trifecta -- control of both houses...

In Arizona, election deniers refuse to back down

Nov 28 - As Arizona counties face a Monday deadline to certify their midterm election results, Republican candidates and activists promoting false theories of voter fraud are refusing to back down. State Senator-elect Jake Hoffman, head of Arizona’s Freedom Caucus, a group of largely pro-Trump Republican state lawmakers, told Reuters...

Is possible impeachment of Philadelphia DA a political power grab or a lawful check on policies?

On Tuesday, just weeks after Pennsylvania voters took control of the state House of Representatives away from Republicans for the first time in more than a decade, Speaker Bryan Cutler took to the main hallway of the Capitol and defiantly defended one of his leadership team’s most controversial decisions: the impeachment of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner.

U.S Midterm Elections Donation by FTX CEO Can Be Recovered

SBF was reportedly the biggest crypto industry contributor and the third greatest donor. FTX had given $70 million to different lawmakers just before the bankruptcy filing. The ultimate responsibility is now on SBF’s political contributions, despite predictions from experts that he would likely face prison time for misusing crypto cash. Sam Bankman-Fried’s contributions to the U.S. Midterm Election 2022 made news in the first week of November, just days before the FTX collapsed. SBF was reportedly the biggest crypto industry contributor and the third-greatest donor overall.

Political Hobbyism Has Entered the Workplace

In a 2005 episode of The Office, Michael Scott, the office manager, requires his employees to choose an upside-down index card from a tray and place it on their forehead. The cards bear a racial or ethnic label—Black, Jewish, Italian, and so on—and Michael tells the employees to treat one another according to the label listed on the card and to “stir the melting pot” by playing to racial stereotypes. The scene, which ends with Michael getting slapped in the face, mocks corporate America’s ham-handed approach to diversity training. Back in 2005, almost no one saw the C-suite or the human-resources office as an engine of progressive change. Indeed, the idea that workers would look to their employers for leadership on any delicate social or political matters seemed risible.

Green Party shows the path for providing voters more choices

You may not have noticed, but on the November ballot in Wisconsin, voters in one race had more than two choices. That race was for Secretary of State, typically a sleepy contest, but this year it was between longtime Secretary Doug La Follette and Amy Loudenbeck, who disagreed over the certification of elections. The other choice was Sharyl McFarland, running in the Green Party. She captured only 1.5% of the vote, but that was enough. Not to win, but to ensure the Green Party will be able to field candidates in the 2024 election. She wasn’t trying to win the race, but to prove a point. That is because state law says if candidates get at least one percent in any statewide election during a midterm election, they earn ballot status for the next four years. That means in 2024, we will see Green Party candidates on the ballot in contests from President on down. This is progress for voters, giving us more than just two choices. Maybe the Green Party isn’t your thing, but the process shows that those committed to a cause can follow the rules and make it possible for their candidates to earn a spot on the ballot. Maybe that could be the playbook for members of the Not Joe Biden or Not Donald Trump parties to give voters more than just the same old choices.

Dougherty Co. starting early voting Monday

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Voting for the Georgia Senate Runoff has begun. A total of 27 counties in the Peach State have early voters taking advantage of the extra day to vote this weekend. For other counties, early voting begins Monday, including Dougherty county. Bennie Hand, a county elections board...

UR students react to 2022 midterm election results

As 2022 midterm election results poured in last week, University of Richmond students closely followed the races all over the country. In response to historically low approval ratings for President Joe Biden and concerns about the US economy, many early election forecasts predicted Republicans easily taking control of both chambers of the legislature. However, on Election Day, many key races tilted toward Democrats, with other key races still too close to call. By Sunday, Democrats had maintained their majority in the Senate, with Republicans flipping the house a few days later.

Oregon GOP sees hope in the 2022 election results, despite lack of a ‘red wave’

When Christine Drazan, the Republican candidate for Oregon governor, conceded the race earlier this month, she pleaded with her supporters: “Do not lose hope.”. This was supposed to be the year the GOP broke its 40-year losing streak and won Oregon’s highest office. Everything seemed lined up in Republicans’ favor: Oregonians were angry at the status quo, Republicans expected to do well nationally, and a well-funded unaffiliated candidate, Betsy Johnson, caused even Democrats to momentarily question their political dominance.