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Microsoft’s giant 85-inch Surface Hub 2S will arrive in January 2021 for $21,999.99

Microsoft is starting to take preorders for its 85-inch Surface Hub 2S today. The large screen device, originally unveiled in April 2019, will now go on sale in January 2021, just missing Microsoft’s initial target of releasing the hardware at some point in 2020. Microsoft is pricing the 85-inch model starting at $21,999.99.
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Microsoft's Project HSD is all about holographic storage for the cloud

It's possible thanks to modern smartphone cameras. Microsoft is looking beyond flash storage and hard drives to handle the seemingly unstoppable demand for cloud storage. Yesterday at its Ignite conference, the company announced Project HSD (via ZDNet), a new research initiative that’s exploring how holographic storage could eventually be used for the cloud. And while it may sound far-fetched, the notion of holographic storage has been around since the 1960’s. But now, Microsoft thinks it may be possible to use the medium effectively thanks to the rise of smartphone cameras.
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Microsoft Won't Announce Any Studio Acquisitions At TGS, Sega Or Otherwise [Update]

[Update: Sticking to its word, Microsoft didn't have anything related to acquisitions to share at the Tokyo Game Show. Instead, it detailed a new Japan-focused update coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator and showed off new trailers and gameplay for upcoming Xbox Series X titles.]. Earlier this week, Microsoft announced another...

How Microsoft's CEO, Xbox head say they won't screw up Bethesda

Microsoft may be known as a business software giant, powering most of the world's PCs and building backroom technology and tools. But it's also spent more than $10 billion buying development studios behind some of the most popular video games in the world. To Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, it's all about the future of software.

Bethesda founder on Xbox exclusivity, 'Elder Scrolls 6,' and more

The surprising news that Microsoft will acquire Bethesda parent company Zenimax for $7.5 billion raises a whole slew of questions. Will franchises like Doom, Fallout, and Skyrim become Xbox exclusives? What does this mean for upcoming games like Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI? And what does Zenimax even gain from moving under the Microsoft umbrella?

Bethesda may not be Microsoft's last big Xbox Studios purchase

It was perhaps the biggest shock announcement of this end-of-cycle games console war: Microsoft has confirmed it will be buying ZeniMax Media, the company behind games developers including Bethesda Softworks and Id Software. And it may not be the last purchases it makes. Speaking to CNET, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella...

ServiceNow embeds workflows into Microsoft Teams

ServiceNow is embedding native workflows in Microsoft Teams for self-service, case resolution and service agent collaboration. The ServiceNow effort, which just launched the Paris release of its Now Platform, comes as Microsoft kicks off its Ignite virtual conference. Microsoft announced a bevy of products, roadmaps and services. ServiceNow outlined the...
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Microsoft’s new Outlook for Mac design launches in October

Microsoft has been testing a new Outlook for Mac design over the past year, and it’s now ready to roll out to all users next month. The new design includes Microsoft’s Fluent icons, rounded corners, and changes to make the email app ready for macOS Big Sur. Microsoft’s Ribbon interface...
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Microsoft will replenish more water than it consumes by 2030

Water is essential to life. We depend on it for our survival. The basic need has shaped how human societies have advanced over time. Explorers from pre-Columbian times and the age of antiquity to NASA have lived by the motto “follow the water” as they have sought and continue to seek to discover new opportunities for the expansion of human civilization.

Investing in Microsoft Stock (MSFT)

Microsoft Corp., one of the world's biggest tech companies, sells personal computing devices, cloud systems and services, software and other products. Microsoft is listed on the Nasdaq exchange under the ticker symbol, MSFT. The company was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in a garage in Albuquerque,...
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Microsoft exclusively licenses OpenAI’s groundbreaking GPT-3 text generation model

Microsoft has expanded its ongoing partnership with San Francisco-based artificial intelligence research company OpenAI with a new exclusive license on the AI firm’s groundbreaking GPT-3 language model, an auto-generating text program that’s emerged as the most sophisticated of its kind in the industry. The two companies are already entwined through...

Microsoft unveils Azure Orbital, competing with Amazon to connect satellites to the cloud

Microsoft will offer a new service called Azure Orbital that connects satellites directly to its cloud computing network. The service will begin in a "private preview" for a select group of Microsoft customers. Satellite companies Amergint, Kratos, Kongsberg Satellite Services, and Viasat are partners for the service. Microsoft will offer...
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Shell and Microsoft form alliance to help address carbon emissions

Both companies will expand their deep existing technology collaboration to create and deliver new solutions to help customers, suppliers and other businesses lower emissions. Redmond, Washington – 22 Sept. 2020 – Shell International Petroleum Company Limited and Microsoft Corporation, building on a history of three decades of working together, are embarking on a new strategic alliance to support progress towards a world with net-zero emissions. This builds on the strong foundation of decades of technology collaboration between the two companies. This type of strategic alliance is a model for how companies can work together to achieve their net-zero ambitions.

Cisco SD-WAN ‘Turbocharges’ Microsoft Office, Azure Environments

Cisco Systems is now letting customers further extend their WANs to Microsoft Azure Cloud, while adding more application experience metrics for better Office 365 experiences, according to the two tech behemoths during the week of Microsoft‘s Ignite 2020 virtual conference. The announcements this week build on Cisco‘s existing partnership with...

Microsoft's forthcoming Outlook for Mac should boost WFH

Microsoft has been watching what remote workers need and seems to have introduced some of these necessary features in the planned October release of Microsoft Outlook for Mac, which adds new tools, customizations and more for Mac users working in Outlook-based enterprises. Feels like a Mac app. Microsoft moved fast...