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Restaurant inspection update: moldy roast, dead mice and ‘an imminent health hazard’

In the past four weeks, state and county food inspectors have cited Iowa restaurants and grocery stores for hundreds of food-safety violations, including moldy roasted food, dead mice and corned beef that was more than three weeks old. One eatery agreed to halt all food service after the inspector determined it posed “an imminent health […] The post Restaurant inspection update: moldy roast, dead mice and ‘an imminent health hazard’ appeared first on Iowa Capital Dispatch.
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Celebrity chef Rick Bayless says omicron will devastate Chicago restaurant industry without federal relief: ‘Nobody knows what to do at this point.’

For 35 years, celebrity chef and restaurateur Rick Bayless has packed his Frontera Grill on New Year’s Eve, an annual tradition for scores of longtime customers at the acclaimed Mexican restaurant in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. But as 2022 dawned, dashed hopes and empty tables were on the menu at Frontera and restaurants across the city and suburbs, as diners stayed away in droves amid ...

Hawaii’s Kitchen on the Road: Waipio Shopping Center

It’s another edition of Hawaii’s Kitchen on the Road at Waipio Shopping Center. Mikey Monis gets a taste of what this centrally located center has to offer guests. First stop is Acapulco Mexican Restaurant that serves up authentic Mexican food with a local twist. Website: Acapulco Restaurant and...

The greatest flavors of Mexico come alive at Santa Ana’s new Three Roots Mexican Cocina

Irvine’s loss turned out to be a big win for Santa Ana. Three Roots Mexican Cocina was located in Irvine mostly because they got a good deal on their rent. However that deal ended and their landlord sought to triple their rent. So they moved to the MainPlace Mall – into the pad that had been abandoned a while ago by Olive Garden when they moved across the street to the City Place.

10 Hidden Gem Restaurants in Miami Worth Seeking Out

With so many restaurants in South Florida, how does one decide where to eat? While Instagram provides some mouth-watering photos, there is no guarantee the food is actually good — and not all restaurants have social media. Welcome to 2022’s list of some off the radar and hidden gems that may not have a huge social media presence or PR teams behind them but should not be passed up.

Recipes from the Point – Chili Verde Pork Stew

Today we meet Antonio Sule, Point Roberts’ own Mexican chef!. Antonio came to Point Roberts just to help a fellow chef out in her time of need and, as many of us did, just fell in love with the place. Antonio grew up in southern California watching his grandma...

La Esquina Brasserie

At Disneyland, a corn dog costs roughly $10. Ask someone who isn’t currently at a theme park in Anaheim if that's too much, and that person will probably say yes. But that stranger isn’t factoring in the feeling you get when you’re eating your food in the shadow of the Matterhorn, several feet from a Mickey Mouse impersonator who’s about 75% too happy to see you. At Disneyland, you’re willing to pay more because it’s an experience - and the same can be said of La Esquina.
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Cuates Grill Now Serving Mexican Meals in the Little City

Come inside the bright and happy new Mexican-style restaurant at the corner of Broad and North Lee and take a brief trip anywhere south, south of here to enjoy warmer climes and sunny skies and escape the cold and blustery winter to enjoy a delicious meal at Cuates Grill. Streams...