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THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From CYNIC, HYPOCRISY, and More Out Today – 11/26

Plus releases from Black Label Society, Sion, Lock Up, Imperial Triumphant, and Deep Purple. Black Label Society – Doom Crew Inc. It's once again time to dig up your favorite tattered vest and chain accessories. On album number eleven under the Black Label Society banner Zakk seems to be sharing the spotlight more than ever before. Fellow guitarist Dario Lorina is getting a chance to shine and is clearly more than just a rhythm guitarist. It's still obviously Wylde's baby, so don't you fear that you're suddenly going to be missing the squeals and pentatonic scales you know and love. Max wrote words about it here.
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The Grammys Are Outdated When It Comes To Heavy Music

If this year’s metal Grammy nominees prove anything it’s that The Recording Academy is still stuck in the past. While the Grammys have rarely showcased current and prominent young talent, this year’s nominees for Best Metal Performance are especially ‘boilerplate’ and redundant compared to recent years. In fact, this is why it’s rather disappointing or at the very least a strange circumstance. Time and again the Grammys have botched the Best Metal Performance category, but in 2018, 2019, and even 2020 the Recording Academy showed progress in highlighting both younger and more current metal artists. Power Trip, Code Orange, Poppy, Trivium, and Deafheaven were all nominees across these years, and although none of these bands actually won, it marked a considerable step forward in the Recording Academy’s perception of modern heavy music. However, with the reveal of 2021’s Best Metal Performance nominees, the Grammys have seemingly backpedaled on what little progress they’ve made within the genre.
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This Lars Ulrich toilet is a dead-eyed horror from the abyss (via Florida)

Metallica might not be on the same level as say, Kiss when it comes to sticking their name on any old tat in the name of merchandising, but it's fair to say the band have been... creative over the years with lending their likeness and brand to products. But we reckon even they'd balk at the infernal horror that is the Lars Ulrich toilet.

Dianthus Are Back With The New Single “A Space In The Silence”

The twin metal duo Dianthus have just finished recording their brand new album Realms with producer Steve Evetts (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Symphony X, Butcher Babies, etc.). They had previewed the tracks “Realms” and “Creeping In” during the height of the pandemic in 2020 and now have finally been able to get in the studio and finish up their much anticipated sophomore release.

Holiday Gift Guide for Music Fans in Your Life

Gifts to please the rock and metal music fan in your life, available Black Friday and throughout the holiday season. Black Friday is upon us, and the holiday season is in full swing. If you have a music fan on your Christmas list, there are plenty of items out this year that could be a good fit. As fans of music, it’s important to support musicians by purchasing artist merchandise, physical media, digital music and more. After all, selling merchandise makes up a significant part of many musicians’ incomes, especially while touring is still slower than normal.

Cutthroat Conspiracy is first metal band in Amplify 817 catalog

North Texas is no stranger to metal music, especially Fort Worth. With various venues showcasing a variety of metal shows, such as The Rail Club and Main at South Side, and our own metal record shop, Born Late Records, there is definitely a local audience for this genre. Metal music...

25 Best Albums of 2021

While a lot of heavy music may sound one-dimensionally negative to an outside ear, metalheads know that so many of the albums we love are premised on balancing the bleak with the blissful. Whether that be seeking catharsis through sheer volume and vigor à la Full of Hell and Knocked Loose, or trampling adversity with pure force of will as Gojira and Employed to Serve did on their victoriously titled LPs Fortitude and Conquering.


As part of our annual LISTMANIA series we re-publish “best album” lists from some of the the few surviving print publications that cover metal, and from a handful of “big platform” sites that include metal in their on-line coverage, along with a range of other music genres and other aspects of popular culture.

15 Highest Net Worth of Metal Bands in the World

There are so many amazing and successful metal bands that shaped the music industry, as they have become a huge part of the culture in their ways. And during their journey, some of them sure have made a much more impact on people’s lives that earns them also a fortune. So, let’s see the metal bands that have the highest net worth in the world, as of 2021.

Employed To Serve: Command & Conquer

Rewind the clocks to March 2020. EMPLOYED TO SERVE are smashing their way across the UK in a headlining run supporting 2019’s thunderous Eternal Forward Motion. Akin to so many of their peers, it’s business as usual; show after show, pit after pit. The grind of a touring band. But it was not business as usual. As the Woking bruisers ventured from city to city, the emerging COVID-19 virus was on the precipice of exploding worldwide and as it inevitably became uncontrollable and lockdown loomed, the tour was scrapped and the band left directionless. For frontwoman Justine Jones, looking back 18 months later, she tells Distorted Sound of the bittersweet feeling when she looks back on a record that should have catapulted the band into the upper echelons of heavy music.

‘As Daylight Dies’ Becomes the First Killswitch Engage Album to Go Platinum

Congratulations to Killswitch Engage for scoring their first-ever platinum album for As Daylight Dies, as certified by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It's only the second time the metalcore icons have landed a platinum certification from the RIAA, the first being for the single "My Curse," which, coincidentally, is from As Daylight Dies, the 2006 followup to the band's breakthrough record, The End of Heartache.
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Columnus Metallicus: Heavy Metal For November Reviewed By Kez Whelan

Freewheelin', skullcrushin', topbuzzin' Kez Whelan returns with a burlap sack o'erflowing with all that is right and good in the world of heavy metal. After months of isolation, it feels good to be writing this column whilst battling through a comfortingly familiar post-Damnation hangover. Against all odds, the festival’s Leeds swansong was a fantastic send off, boasting a host of young UK acts alongside heavy-hitters like Carcass, Paradise Lost and Godflesh. The latter’s set was one of the most powerful musical experiences I’ve had in a long-time – opening with the rarely (if ever) played ‘Jesu’ from their 2001 opus Hymns, the duo really proved just how timeless and futuristic their unique brand of industrial metal still sounds.

Obscura – A Valediction (Album Review)

The struggle has been real for many musicians over the past two years who thrive on at least one major American tour per year. Showing patience, as well as persistence, Germany’s Technical Death Metal band Obscura are finally ready to take on the world once again with the release of their new album A Valediction.
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11 bands and genres that prove Black Flag are a continued influence

“When Damaged came out, it perfectly represented the depths and darkness of my particular teen angst,” Adam Grossman, guitarist for Angkor Wat, Skrew and Ministry, tells Alternative Press. “It was the soundtrack of my life at that point in time.”. Any musician involved in the most extreme forms of musical...