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Pre-Snap Reads 12/25: Merry Christmas!

Spend a part of your Christmas Eve with Matty F. Brown and Griffin Sturgeon as the duo discuss the Seahawks' offensive performance versus the Rams in the latest episode of "Seattle Overload." The Seahawks may be missing out of the playoffs, but a win Sunday over a struggling and depleted...
San Francisco Chronicle

Are Muslims allowed to wish their Christian friends ‘Merry Christmas’?

Every year around this time, some segments of Muslim social media light up for the season. But it’s not to wish each other “Merry Christmas.”. For some Muslims, there is an ongoing debate on whether they can wish their Christian friends and neighbors “Merry Christmas.” Some believe that saying these words is a sin, while others proclaim it is a religious obligation to wish people well during their festivities. Like all things rooted in scripture or law, it can be subjective to one’s interpretation and approach. Some may even argue it is a question of intention.

Saturday Headlines: Merry Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas from all of us at A Sea of Blue! We hope you and your family are having a safe and wonderful holiday season!. While you’re hopefully at home opening Christmas presents and enjoy a warm fire, many people in Kentucky aren’t as fortunate this year due to the tornados that hit Western Kentucky, so please consider giving to the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund.
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Weekend BP: Merry Christmas!

I couldn’t find a single San Francisco Giants Christmas picture to use in this article. I suppose that’s the downside of having the holiday smack dab in the middle of the offseason — we don’t really get pictures of players rocking Santa hats on their way to the games, or large trees adorning the outfield. Bit of a bummer, really.
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Merry Christmas open thread

Well it was 70 degrees in Kansas City yesterday, more baseball weather than Christmas weather (it will actually be warmer today than it was on Opening Day). And the grinch owners are still locking the players out, leaving baseball fans no new gifts this Christmas morning. But we can still...

Merry Christmas from CougCenter!

Good morning Coug fans, and Merry Christmas! I’m sure all of you are smiling at your WSU Christmas Tree ornament today, and we won’t waste your time so you can get back to your family and trying to keep track of the instructions for all the stuff you need to put together.

Merry Christmas, ‘Dawgs

For behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy. It’s Christmas morning, and you are still a Georgia bulldog fan. Which beach just about every other Christmas gift around. And while we would like to give each one of you a gift, well, we don’t know any of your sizes.
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Merry Christmas!

I hope this morning finds you having a happy and peaceful Christmas, and that you got things that make you happy for the holiday. We as baseball fans still have the lump of coal Rob Manfred and team owners gave us at the beginning of this month — a lockout. Hopefully things get settled soon so that we have the only collective baseball gift we need — a full 2022 MLB season.