Say Hello to Starbucks’ Latest Blinged-Out Merch: Jeweled Cold Cups

When Rihanna first told her fans to "shine bright like a diamond," I'm 99 percent sure she was preemptively advising us to splurge on Starbucks' forthcoming release. Ahead of the holiday season, the coffee chain is dropping some new merchandise, including a trio of jeweled cold cups that are so sparkly, we just might need sunglasses to admire them. Not to be confused with Starbucks' gridded or fan-favorite studded tumblers, these drinking vessels have more of a diamond-like texture, with squares of varying sizes covering the entire surface except for the crowned siren logo.
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Spotify Adds Virtual Merch Tables for Music Artists in Pact With Shopify

Perhaps it was inevitable that Spotify and Shopify — with their similar-sounding monikers — would eventually join forces. Spotify on Wednesday announced a new partnership with ecommerce provider Shopify to let artists list merchandise directly on their profiles on the audio-streaming giant’s platform. Any artist globally can already link to their Shopify store if they have one from their Spotify profile. But now Spotify users will see featured product listings from Shopify on the service; during the initial beta period, Shopify merchandise will only be visible to Spotify listeners in five countries: the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. To set...

This Spooky Season, I'm Going All Out With "It's Frickin' Bats" Merch, and You Can't Stop Me

TikTok might be the reigning video app right now, but back in the day, there was a little thing called Vine, and it was extraordinary. One of the gifts that Vine gave us in a moment of viral glory was the 2013 "Look . . . it's frickin' bats! I love Halloween" video. Even though the hilarious little girl who so effortlessly said the most relatable statement of the century is now closer to being a teenager than the toddler she was in the original viral video, her phrase still pops into my head every year as soon I see fall decor appear on store shelves: Everything is frickin' bats, and I love Halloween.

4 ways you can buy UAB merch

Want to buy licensed UAB merchandise but aren’t sure where to go? Find convenient options in Protective Stadium, on campus, online and in the community. UAB Bookstore pop-up shops in the northeast corner near Section 130 and southeast corner near Section 120. Buy merch in-person at these local locations: three...

Spotify Partners With Shopify for Artist Merch Sales

Spotify is partnering with e-commerce giant Shopify as part of a new beta integration launching Wednesday (Oct. 20) to allow artists to sell merchandise directly through the streaming service, the company tells Billboard. The move will allow artists across the world to earn additional revenue from the streaming service, which...

PBA retro jersey maker takes the leap into Voltes V merch

JERSEY Haven PH has always loved nostalgia. For almost a decade, it has been the official manufacturer of the PBA retro jerseys, as well as a few team uniforms. But over the pandemic, it found time to leap onto other ventures. At the start of the pandemic, they began producing PPEs. They also tried their hand at activewear to round out their three brand pillars of sports, lifestyle, and medical.