6 Best Fast-Food Hacks That Can Shave Dollars Off Your Order

6 Best Fast-Food Hacks That Can Shave Dollars Off Your Order. "Menu hacking," while not the most ethical practice, is an effective way to save money at many fast-food chains. Are you a fan of the Big Mac, but wish it didn't cost quite so much? You might consider trying "the Big Mac hack"—a set of ordering instructions that will get you a Big Mac (more or less) for half the price.
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Best Line Work: minimalist designs from the Wallpaper* Design Awards

Our monochrome mix of minimalist designs includes several graphic lighting options, starting with BIG’s ‘Vine’ table light, a loopy design for Artemide (below). With only two joints but maximum flexibility, it features two incomplete rings, one as the light and the other as the stand. It’s a pure and balanced design that leaves you free to shape the lamp as you wish and is available in a variety of options, from lamps for your home office desk to floor and wall lights.
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How to roll and change your race in Reaper 2

Roblox Reaper 2 is a game based on the anime and manga, Bleach. In this world, you have a lot of different races, some are demons and others are on the side. If you have a specific race and want to be in Reaper 2, there are several options available to you that can change what you currently have. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about your rollback and change of race in this guide.
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Port Arthur News

ON THE MENU — Toasted Yolk to spice up menu with crawfish dishes

One of the area’s favorite brunch locations will join the crawfish party next month as Toasted Yolk adds multiple dishes to the menu. Toasted Yolk opened in late 2021, and franchisee Brett Baumgartner said the first quarter for the Port Arthur location went well. He also owns the Beaumont...

New on the Menu: Burmese tea leaf salad and a Lebanese taco

It’s not surprising to have two cauliflower dishes in two weeks in New on the Menu, because having the brassica vegetable pose as meat is one of the trendiest things to do these days, which is why last week’s pan-roasted cauliflower is being followed by this week’s cauliflower filling in for shawarma.

How to Display HTC Vive on TV

This guide will walk you through setting up a mirror of what you see in an HTC Vive headset, to a TV, so others can see it, too. You absolutely can. In the exact same way you can mirror your view to a PC monitor, you can do it on a TV too. It's just a matter of connecting the headset and your TV to the same PC.

How to Make Your iPhone's Voice Memos Sound Better

The iPhone’s Voice Memos app is easy to use to record anything from a college lecture to a podcast—but not all recordings turn out to have the quality you’d like. You might end up with wind noise in the background, or a speaker’s voice that is barely audible. With patience (and some audio editing skills), you might use something like Audacity or GarageBand to fix it up—or you can go the simpler route and use the Enhance Recording feature in iOS 14.

February 2022 at Melt Bar and Grilled

Grilled Cheese: General Tso’s Delicious Manchu Dynasty Melt- Cispy fried chicken slathered in General Tso’s own sweet & spicy sauce, crisp broccoli egg foo yung, rangoon-style cream cheese, muenster cheese, sesame seed garnish – vegetarian available. Features Sides: Kung Pow Broccoli- Fresh roasted broccoli / spicy kung...

Back by Popular Demand…MEAL KITS!

For kitchen novices and amateur chefs alike, Farmstead Table Meal Kits are the perfect addition to your winter dining routine! With weekly rotating menus, cocktail pairings, and Friday pickups, you’ll have everything you need for the perfect night(s) in. Each kit includes an appetizer and entree, serves 2, and can be prepared in 25 minutes or less! PLUS, our very own culinary goddess, Amanda Howell, will provide a video tutorial with each week’s kit to help you along!

Here’s what’s new in Firefox 96.0.2

Mozilla released Firefox 96.0.2 on January 20, 2022 to the Stable channel. The new version of the browser fixes three issues affecting Facebook, LastPass, and audio playback on Linux. Firefox 96.0.2 is already available. Firefox is configured to download and install updates automatically, but users can speed up the process...

Menu revealed for Jiko The Cooking Place ahead of reopening

Please note: some posts may contain affiliate links which means our team could earn money if you purchase products from our site. Another great Disney World dining location is opening soon! Jiko – The Cooking Place is reopening at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge on February 17th!. You can...

GrandPa Heritage

Your grandpa gave you some useful recipes and skills. Also changed items stacks, trader open time, skillpoint rewards for lelel up and others... Youtube channel "Krabo Land Games" is dedicated. Permissions and credits. Donations. Your grandpa gave you some useful recipes and skills:. Shepherd's kebabs - are natural, tasty and...

How to Plan a Menu & Free Printable Menu Planners

Planning a weekly Menu can seem a bit overwhelming at first, after all, that’s 3 meals a day, 21 meals per week, 1,092 meals per year and if you have a family of 4- that’s a whopping 4,368 meals! There are numerous ways to plan menus, the evening before, a week in advance, 2 weeks in advance, or monthly.

Top 15 best Farm to Table Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

Whether you’re more concerned about sustainability or just the taste, locally sourced food is on the rise. There’s also arguably no better place to find eateries that work directly with local farms than the eco-focused Oregon city, Portland. If you want to try the freshest foods in the city, here are some of the best farm-to-table restaurants in Portland…

What’s on the Menu: The Taj

CEDAR CITY — Highly aromatic and thoroughly unique, Indian food is a culinary experience like no other. While recipes vary by region, the typical Indian dish contains about seven different ingredients and an infinite array of fresh spices, each bringing their own distinctive flavor to the table. In this...

A gluten-free, dairy-free restaurant is coming to Nazareth

Felicia Rocchino of Allentown knew she wanted to give the Lehigh Valley something it was missing. “I think for people who have food challenges it’s really about being able to go somewhere and be able to eat everything on the menu,” Rocchino said. “We never have that opportunity in a normal restaurant and that’s something a lot of people take for grant. I want to provide a space for people to feel normal.”