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People with chronic pain may find it harder to regulate emotions

More than three million Australians experience chronic pain: an ongoing and often debilitating condition that can last from months to years. This persistent pain can impact many parts of a person’s life, with almost half of people with chronic pain also experiencing major anxiety and depression disorders. Now, a new...
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Opponents say change to Montana Medicaid programs would harm people

Those who spoke Wednesday in opposition to a proposal to end continuous eligibility on part of the state’s Medicaid program said it would cut people off from accessing life-saving medical care. Opponents at a public comment hearing also questioned what Montana’s new plan for checking if people are qualified to...
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GH Star Maurice Benard Supports Olympian Simone Biles

Many Summer Olympic spectators were shocked with American gymnast Simone Biles — widely favored to be the winner in most of the events she was scheduled to participate in — withdrew from both the team and individual all-around competitions earlier this week, citing a need to focus on her mental health and psychological state. Public reaction has been mixed, torn between whether Biles was letting her team down by pulling out or if she deserved kudos for making a choice that was in her personal best interest. But one person who has fully supported Biles’ decision is GENERAL HOSPITAL’s own mental-health advocate, Maurice Benard (Sonny).
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Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka: 4 Olympic-level Lessons

Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka both dropped out of Olympic competition this week, citing mental health reasons. Naomi Osaka also dropped out of the French Open earlier this year, and in an essay for Time, she wrote:. “Life is a journey…literally everyone either suffers from issues related to their mental...
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Pandemic rollback precautions can lead to increase in mental health issues

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — As the Delta variant continues to surge cases and hospitalizations throughout Southern Nevada, medical professionals are warning of another lingering impact: that a fear of getting sick coupled with a rollback towards stricter pandemic measures could lead to increases in mental health needs throughout the community.
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Pharaohe Monch Unmasks His Struggles with Mental Health

The veteran rapper appears in the latest video from Sound Mind to discuss his mental and emotional struggles. This is branded content created in partnership with Sound Mind. Community is what drives Troy Donald Jamerson, better known as Pharaoahe Monch. The Queens-born MC known for his decades-long career built on complex, interlocking lyrics and rhymes credits his intimate knowledge of Black America’s struggle for stability as a formative force in his life. Troy’s mother and father both worked punishing early shifts, and Troy saw how that hard work provided stable ground in the face of adversity.
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Erin Reiland of InBody_Love Coaching: “Set up a schedule for yourself”

Block out times for things you need to do, want to do and then also time for self- care. It has helped me a lot to keep to my schedule and not push myself too far in one area. Many successful people are perfectionists. At the same time, they have the ability to say “Done is Better Than Perfect” and just complete and wrap up a project. What is the best way to overcome the stalling and procrastination that perfectionism causes? How does one overcome the fear of potential critique or the fear of not being successful? In this interview series, called How To Get Past Your Perfectionism And ‘Just Do It’, we are interviewing successful leaders who can share stories and lessons from their experience about “how to overcome the hesitation caused by perfectionism.
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Mental health support for our sports stars is improving, but it still has a long way to go

Watching gymnastics this week reminded me of how dangerous the sport is, despite somehow looking effortless and graceful. The athletes who compete risk injuring themselves every time they step out, from broken bones to the real risk of permanent disability. It’s no surprise to me that Simone Biles stepped back when she realised her mental health was affecting her focus. A moment’s loss of concentration at any time carries serious risk for Biles and her peers.

How Does Social Media Affect Teens' Mental Health?

Social media has a huge influence over our lives - of that there is no doubt. The negatives are well known - it can sow division, propagate misinformation, stir up hatred and open the door to all manner of negative influences. But - it can also be fun, informative, socially engaging and actually drive real change. It all depends how you use it and what you are exposed to.