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Bail Set at $100,000 for Centralia Woman Who Allegedly Set House on Fire

A woman is being held on $100,000 bail after she allegedly set her own house on fire in Centralia Thursday afternoon. The Riverside Fire Authority responded to the fully-involved structure fire on East Third Street at about 12:30 p.m. on July 29 alongside an officer with the Centralia Police Department. A witness told the officer “a lady who started the fire was running up the street,” according to court documents.
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Kodak Black, Lil Durk Displeased With The Way People Use The Internet

Kodak Black and Lil Durk Are Both Displeased. Despite what your personal use of the internet may be, it’s still a place that is highly capable of weakening your mental health. Social media, or the internet as a whole, makes the user transparent to lives, and as a result, millions...
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How to Stop Procrastinating

Success results from consistent action taken over long periods of time. Practicing good daily habits will help you make steady progress towards your goals. Keeping a log of your progress will help you maintain a healthy perspective during difficult times. In our fiercely competitive society, achievement is often seen as...
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The instant mood-boosting hack that’s now backed by science

Several studies prove what should have been obvious all along: Giving and receiving compliments are essentially immediate mood boosters, and we should be be praising people more often.“Compliments are the easiest way to make other people – and, as a result, ourselves – feel better,” Nicholas Epley, a professor of behavioural science at the University of Chicago, told BBC. “But when a kind thought comes to mind, people often don’t say it.” But all parties could benefit from actually expressing these thoughts, as proven by a slew of recent studies on the phenomenon.In 2010, Naomi Grant, a psychology professor...

4 Photographers Who Overcome Adversity and Are Truly Inspiring

For more stories like this, subscribe to The Phoblographer. Every photographer has hurdles to clear throughout their journey. For hobbyist and pro alike, difficulties arise. Most struggles relate to a level of skill or a difficult client. However, some photographers have to grind through a host of barriers. From difficulties with mental health to working with a physical disability, some photographers overcome great adversity. The Phoblographer has published some powerful stories over the years, with many of them highlighting photographers’ strengths. Below are some of our more memorable and inspiring stories.

Local Olympian weighs in on Simone Biles' withdrawal from Olympic events

It's been days since Olympic gymnast Simone Biles announced her withdrawal from certain Tokyo games to support her mental health. Her decision continues to spark buzz around the importance of athletes checking in on their mental stability before performing. Local Olympian Manteo Mitchell shared his take on the matter with...
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What Simone Biles Is Teaching High Achievers

Rates of anxiety are elevated among high achievers because they view their success as a personal obligation. The more you desire to achieve in this lifetime, the more meaningful and consistent your self-care plan should be. According to the National Institute of Mental Health 19 percent of adults in America...
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Three Easy Ways To Loosen the Grip of OCD

Not everyone is ready for the rigors of ERP. Working on psychological flexibility is a relatively easy way to weaken OCD. ERD can often help people get ready for ERP and is a powerful method in itself. OCD is a potentially crippling condition that if left untreated can straightjacket a...
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School leader discusses students heading back to the classroom, anxiety

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) — The start of school is just just around the corner and it can be a stressful for some students. Marbrun Academy the associate head of school Jennifer Martin-Gledhill discusses ways parents can help their kids deal with back to school anxiety with Good Day Columbus’ Jackie Orozco and Maria Durant.
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Kevin Stefanski speaks on the importance of mental health

The Cleveland Browns, and their fans, believe they have the right man leading the team on the field in Kevin Stefanski. Since his arrival in Cleveland, Stefanski has been steady and consistent. As a first-time head coach, during a COVID-19 restricted season, Stefanski was able to lead the Browns to an 11 -5 record and a playoff victory.
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Simone Biles isn't alone: Olympic athletes face a mental health crisis

TOKYO — Even before Naomi Osaka appeared on stage to light the Olympic torch, these Games were aflame with the issue of athletes’ mental health. Osaka had inserted it into the conversation in the runup to Tokyo, with her honest fragility and withdrawal from the French Open and Wimbledon. Then...

Choosing Mental Health, Simone Biles Has Already Won

Simone Biles has already won. Tokyo will have no say in the matter. These Olympics will not be the last word. Her professional resume speaks for itself. Her physical prowess, preserved forever. Her athletic achievements, inarguable. We are witnesses. Our eyes themselves have recorded her greatness. For years, we have...
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The 2021 Trending Yosuda Bikes are Bringing Evolution In Health Sector

Many of us are quite well aware that exercise and health share a covalent bond, and exercise carries a significant number of benefits. Still, the hardest part is not just to find the right discipline to take a start but to stick with it no matter how drastically changing is the scenario. Whether you are a beginner towards the fitness track or in a dead-end need some sort of motivation to stay on that track towards body shaping,